Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Monster Truck Rally

View Credits
Do not press any buttons at the title screen and leave the game idle until the credits appear.

ColecoVision Cheats - Smurf: Rescue In Gargamel's Castle

Extra Points
Play a game of level 4 difficulty. Move back and forth between rooms 1 and 2 and you'll score lots of points. Do the same in level 4 at the two forest screens to score even more points.

Easier Game Play
If you come to a screen that looks difficult, go back to the last, then re-enter the difficult screen and it will usually become less difficult.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Mission X

View Credits
To view the credits, hold 9 on controller 1 and 6 on controller 2, then press Reset at the title screen to display the name of the programmer, John Tomlinson.

ColecoVision Cheats - Root Beer Tapper

Warp to the front of the bar
Move the control stick when taking a tip and you'll warp to the front of the bar.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Mattel Intellivision Hardware

Slower game play
Press 1, 2, or 3, instead of using the Directional Pad to start a game. Various games will play at a slower speed when started using these buttons.

Pause game play
To pause a game, press 1 and 9 or 3 and 7 simultaneously during game play.

ColecoVision Cheats - Q*Bert's Qubes (Also Known as "Q-Bert's Qubes" & "Q-Bert 2")

Start on level 2
Press # on the game difficulty screen to start on level 2.

Slower Game Play
This cheat requires the use of a Super Action controller. At the beginning of a level when the qubes are being set up, press all 4 Trigger Buttons. The game will play slower.

Other button functions
Press 0 to pause the game.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Lock 'n' Chase

Warp across screen
While standing inside the upper tunnel, continuously move back and forth while partway off the screen. You will eventually disappear and re-appear on the other side of the screen after a period of time.

Extra points
For extra points, lose your last life at the exact same time as you pick up a coin or other bonus item.

Alternate Exit
Clear all of the coins from a maze, then lock the door directly below the upper exit. Now, run into this locked door from above to freeze to it, then press Up to complete the level without touching the exit.

ColecoVision Cheats - Power Lords

Extra Points
When you shoot an enemy and the word "Splat" appears, shoot it and the game will act like you just shot an enemy.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Hover Force

View Credits
To view the credits, press 0 at the title screen.

Hidden Message
Hold 2 and 3 on controller 1, and hold 2 and 6 on controller 2, then press Reset. A hidden message from the programmer to his family will be displayed.

ColecoVision Cheats - Pitfall!

Go through walls
Try jumping at a few walls and you might go through them.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Diner

View Credits
Don't press any buttons at the title screen and leave it idle for a while. Eventually, the credits will appear.

ColecoVision Cheats - Omega Race

Control Both Ships Simultaneously
Play a two player game using a Roller Controller and you can control both ships at the same time.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Dig Dug

Deadly Dogs Mini-game
Press 4 and 7 on both controllers, then press Reset. The Deadly Dogs mini-game will begin - a modified version of "TRON: Deadly Discs" starring the hot dogs from "BurgerTime".

ColecoVision Cheats - Mr. Do!'s Castle

Stuck Unicorn
If the last unicorn gets stuck down a hole, Mr. Do can jump on it without losing a life.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Chip Shot Super Pro Golf

View Credits
To view the credits, press 0 at the title screen.

Hidden Message
Press 2 and 3 on controller 1, press 2 and 6 on controller 2 and press Reset to view a hidden programmer message.

ColecoVision Cheats - Mr. Do!

Freeze Enemies
When the extra apple at the top of the screen is on a red letter, collect the prize, then the enemies will be frozen.

Flatten Mr. Do
If you make two adjacent apples fall and get underneath the first apple, Mr. Do will be flattened. He won't lose a life but the game must be restarted to continue.

Other button functions
Press * to pause the game.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Bump 'n' Jump

Hidden Road
To find a hidden road, jump off to the side and land outside the screen. This may also result in landing on the opposite side of the screen.

ColecoVision Cheats - Jungle Hunt

Other button functions
Press * to pause, # to reset. Once reset and game select screen appears, you can press * or # to change colours.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Beauty And The Beast

Extra points
Climb to the top of the first building, then, instead of moving to the next building, intentionally fall off. One life will be lost, however, game play will become easier, allowing an extra life and more points to be gained when the first building is climbed again.

ColecoVision Cheats - Galaxian

View a hidden Message
Load the cartridge's ROM image into a hex editor program and look at the end of the code.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - B-17 Bomber

Restored Bomber
While you are flying at high altitude and get hit with a large amount of enemy fire, the damage counter will increase by such a large amount that it will reset before you hit the ground and allow you to continue flying.

Strange score
Begin playing in practice mode and keep bombing targets over England. After a while, the score will begin to display text and graphic blocks rather than numerals.

ColecoVision Cheats - Frenzy

View the credits and a hidden message
Press * to pause and # to reset.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Auto Racing

Hidden Basketball Mini-game
To play the hidden basketball game, hold 4, 7, 8, 9 and 0 then press Bottom Left at the title screen. This cheat will only work with the white-labelled version of the game.

Drive on other tracks
Intentionally drive off the track you are currently driving on and steer between the trees to reach one of four other tracks or a hidden drag strip.

ColecoVision Cheats - Donkey Kong Jr.

Invisible Vine
Start the game on the "springboard birds" level. Jump to the top ledge on the right and approach the gap. Walk off the ledge and you will grab an invisible vine that you can use to climb to the top of the screen.

Climb through the dirt
In the "pelicans" level, position Donkey Kong Jr. directly under a dirt section. Climb to the top of the dirt, then move him left, then right, then left. Now move him left, right and left again and he will climb through the dirt section.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Astrosmash

Play Original Astrosmash
To play the original Astrosmash game (more of an Asteroids clone), hold Reset for at least 3 seconds to restart the game with the original version available on the game select screen. It may take a few tries to get it to work.

Scrambled score display
Gain a score of over 9 999 999 points to display letters and other characters in place of a normal score.

ColecoVision Cheats - Donkey Kong

Level Warp to Stage 2
In stage one, climb halfway up to first ladder then back down again. Take two steps back, then go ahead and jump at the same time. Mario will now fall right down to the bottom of the screen, and end up in stage 2.

Extra points
Jump when a barrel is passing directly overhead. You are awarded points even though you didn't jump over the barrel.

Faster ladder climbing
Start climbing up or down a ladder then stop for a moment. Start climbing again and you will climb faster.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Armor Battle

Ghost Tank
Move a tank to the bottom of the screen and deactivate it. Then, shoot another tank once or twice to force it to move down. Now, re-activate the first tank and position it so it faces directly downward. Drive forward until it re-appears at the top of the screen.

ColecoVision Cheats - Centipede

View the credits and a hidden message
Load the cartridge's ROM image into a hex editor program and look at the end of the code.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Mattel Intellivision Cheats - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Pause game
To pause the game, press 1 and 6 during game play.

Duplicate monsters
When you reach a situation where a slow-moving monster is above you in a lengthy vertical hall, move downward until the monster is almost off the screen, then quickly move back up. If timed correctly, then monster will have been duplicated.

ColecoVision Cheats - B.C.'s Quest For Tires II: Grog's Revenge

Level Skip
Enter one of these codes at the location indicated and you will warp to a new level:
Level - Code
Mountain 1, cave 3 - 2, 2
Mountain 1, cave 5 - 3, 3
Mountain 1, cave 1 - 4, 4
Mountain 2, cave 1 - 5, 5
Mountain 2, cave 1 - 2, 2
Mountain 2, cave 1 - 2, 3
Mountain 2, cave 1 - 4, 4
Mountain 2, cave 5 - 4, 5
Mountain 2, cave 10 - 6, 2
Mountain 2, cave 5 - 7, 8
Mountain 3, cave 5 - 3, 1
Mountain 3, cave 7 - 4, 1
Mountain 3, cave 8 - 5, 9

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Zero Divide: The Final Conflict

Fight as Zulu and Xtal:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or higher difficulty level.

Fight as Neco:
Unlock Zulu and Xtal, then accumulate twelve more hours of game play.

Fight in Neco's stage:
Unlock Neco, then hold L + R while selecting Xtal's stage at the stage selection screen.

Time attack mode:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or higher difficulty level.

Neco Hammer mini-game:
Enter the "Key Config" option and change all the buttons to "No Use". Use the "Test 2" option that appears to play a mini-game that involves hitting Neco's head with a hammer.

Phalanx mini-game:
Unlock the Neco Hammer mini-game, then accumulate three more hours of game play. An option to play Mini-Phalanx will appear after that time.

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game with any character. Highlight the same fighter at the character selection screen, then hold Select and press anAttack button or combination of Attack buttons. Sixteen new costume colors may be selected.

Alternate title screen:
Accumulate 200 hours of game play to unlock an alternate "Congratulations!" title screen.

Versus mode stage select:
Start a match with Zulu against Xtal in "2P VS" mode. Have each fighter win with an elapsed time less than five seconds. The following stages may now be selected in versus mode.
Stage --- Number
Cygnus --- 04
Draco --- 05
Eos --- 06
IO --- 03
Neco --- 09
Nereid --- 01
Tau --- 00
Wild 3 --- 07
Xtal --- 09
Zero --- 02
Zulu --- 08

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Zero Divide

Tiny Phalanx Game:
To play a small version of the  shooter  Phalanx, turn the game on and wait for the Zoom logo. At the  Zoom  logo, press and hold  Start  and Select on controller 2. Now you can play Tiny Phalanx!

Watch Mode:

To watch two  computer  controlled  opponents  fight each other at the Title  Screen, press  and  hold  L1, L2, R1, and R2.  With  "1 Player" highlighted, press and hold Down.  The cursor  should be on "VS Play." With the four buttons and  Down  still held down, press Start. Now you can pick any two  fighters  you want and watch the  computer  fight it out.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Zero 4 Champ Doozy J Type-R

View development team:
Press Down + L + R + A at the title screen.

Always get 777 on slot machines:

Pause game play while the slot machine is spinning and press Up, R, A, C. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Zap! Snowboarding Trix

Alternate costumes:
Finish the game in first place under championship mode using any character. Then, hold L1 when selecting that same snowboarder at the character selection screen.

Play as Mr. Chicken:

Unlock the alternate costumes for all characters to access Mr. Chicken on the character selection screen.

PC Cheats - Anno 1701 (Also Known as '1701 A.D.')

Cheat Codes (European version)
Rename your warehouse to one of the following case-sensitive names to activate the corresponding cheat function:
Result --- Name
100,000 gold --- BonanzaCreek
Warehouse filled with tools --- Linlithgow
All (current) research completed when you build the correct building --- SiliconValley
Warehouse filled with all custom goods your people need to stay happy --- ParadiseCity
Plant trees and other plants using the pipette --- MariaDelTule

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Yellow Brick Road

Music mode:
Successfully complete the game under the Normal difficulty setting. You can now listen to and edit the music tracks. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Full combo gauge:
Complete the first five team matches in arcade mode with a hyper combo finish. Then, defeat Gouki. A selection for a full combo gauge will now appear on the options screen.

Continue attacking:
Press Start immediately after winning the match to continue hitting the defeated character.

Alternate costume colors:
Complete the game one time. Press C or Z at the character selection screen.

Speed select:
Complete the game one time. Ten different turbo settings may now be selected (from minus two stars to eight stars)

Random character select:
Highlight Magneto and hold Left on the character selection screen.

Same character on team:
Highlight Wolverine and hold Left at the character selection screen. The pointer will randomly jump between characters. Stop the pointer when it lands on Wolverine again. Any character may now be chosen more than once for the same team. Alternatively, the same character can be selected in arcade mode after the game is completed one time under the 2+ difficulty setting.

Immediate rematch:
The losing player can immediately replay the match by pressing L + R before the winning quotation appears. The word "Fight" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Fight as Street Fighter Alpha 2 Chun Li:
Highlight Chun Li on the character selection screen. Hold Start for at least five seconds and press any button.

Fight as Gouki:
Highlight Magneto, Juggernaut, Dhalsim, or Vega and press Up at the character selection screen.

Enhanced audio:
Highlight the "Audio" selection on the options menu and press L or R. Select the new "Sharpen SE" option to enhance the sound effects in the game.

Alternate background music:
Change the "Music" selection on the options menu from "Stereo" to "Mono".

Quick credits:
Hold Start while the credits are scrolling.

Continue attacking:
Press Start immediately after winning the match to continue hitting the defeated character.

Hint: Apocalypse's moves:
Projectiles: Down,Down/Forward,Forward + Kick.
Punch: Any Punch.
Drill attack: Down,Down/Forward,Forward + Punch.
Fist Blast: Forward, Down/Forward, Forward + Punch.
Remote Laser: Fired automatically when an enemy approaches too closely.
Note: Apocalypse can only be used in versus mode, through a GameShark code.

Hint: Level 3 supers:
Gouki (Raging Demon): LP, LP, Forward, LK, HP.
Rogue (After kissing Gouki): LP, LP, Forward, LK, HP

Hint: Secret character's partners:
The secret characters always have the same partners, as follows.
Shadow/Vega (M.Bison )
Evil Sakura/Gouki
Mega Zangief/Mephisto
US Agent/Spider-Man (silver armor)

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - X-Men: Children of the Atom

Play as Akuma:
For Player One: Put the  cursor  on  Spiral  and let it rest there for three seconds. Then move the  cursor  over the  following  fighters in this  order  without  stopping:  Silver  Samurai,  Psylocke, Colossus, Iceman,  Colossus,  Wolverine,  Omega  Red, then move the cursor  onto Silver  Samurai and let it rest for three seconds.  Then press buttons A, C, and Z simultaneously. Akuma drops down.

For Player Two: Put the  cursor  on  Storm  and let it rest  there for three seconds.  Then move the cursor over the  following  fighters  in this  order  without  stopping: Cyclops,  Colossus,  Iceman, Sentinel, Omega Red, Wolverine,  Psylocke,  Silver Samurai, then move the cursor onto  Spiral  and let it rest for three seconds. Then press buttons A, C, and Z simultaneously. Akuma drops down.

Short Cut Mode:
Note: This  only  works  in the  "Versus Mode."  To take a  short  cut between matches that almost completely eliminates the load times, wait until you get to the  "Result"  screen after a match.  At the "Result" screen, highlight the  word "Continue," and  press  and hold the top L and R buttons.  Keep the buttons held down and press Start. This takes you to a "Short Cut"  screen where you can switch fighters, change the handicap, and select the stage.

Screen Sizes:
At  the  title  screen,  highlihgt  Options, then  choose  Difficulty. Repeatedly press Up, then Down until a new option, Screen Size, appears at the bottom. Now you can play with Saturn or Arcade screen sizes.


Fight as Akuma:
Select 2 Player Vs. mode.

For player one, highlight Spiral, then move to Silver Samuri, Psylocke, Colossus, Iceman, Colossus, Cyclops, Wolverine, Omega Red, Silver Samuri. Wait one second, then press the Weak Kick + Fierce Punch + Fierce Kick.

For player two, highlight Storm, then move to Cyclops, Colossus, Iceman, Sentinel, go left to get to Omega Red, Wolverine, Psylocke, Silver Samurai, Spiral. Wait one second and press Weak Kick + Fierce Punch + Fierce Kick.

Finally, hold L + R + X + Y + Z and press Start at the continue screen. Alternatively, select versus mode and use the "Quick continue" code to select Akuma.

Fight as Gouki:
Enable the "Fight as Akuma" code. Hold L + R and press Start at the stats screen. The name "Gouki" will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Fight against Gouki (Akuma) as the "Alpha" Boss:
The Game must be on "manual". Fight with no continues. Defeat your opponents two rounds in a row (do not lose a round), having "first attack" on each round. You must use "Hyper-X" six times or more and it must connect to the opponent each time. No missed or blocked "Hyper-X" nor blocked or "cheesy" one-hit "super finish" will be accepted. You must get a maximum number of combos hits from your character's Hyper-X at least once. If done correctly, Akuma will appear as the sixth opponent, before Juggernaut. His stage is the "Danger Room" and he fights like he does in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

Fight as Juggernaut (North American version):
Select Vs. mode and enable the "Fight as Akuma" code. Fight and finish the match, but do not use the "Quick continue" code. Immediately pressUp/Left(2) at the character selection screen. Juggernaut's face will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Fight as Juggernaut (Japanese version):
Select Vs. mode and enable the "Fight as Gouki" code. Fight and finish the match, but do not use the "Quick continue" code. Immediately pressUp/Right(2) at the character selection screen. Juggernaut's face will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Quick continue:
Hold L + R when continuing to keep the same characters.

Quick select:
Hold L + R in 2 Player Vs. mode to avoid choosing the game options again.

Marvel Super Heroes screen (Japanese version):
Press Start + A + C on the controller two.

Beat up a defeated opponent:
After you have defeated your opponent, press Start to move and continue fighting.

Hidden options:
Pause a fight and press A or C. A menu that allows controller and sound options to be adjusted will appear.

Screen size:

Hold L + R, and press [Up, Down] six times on controller one at the options screen to choose between the Saturn and Arcade (wider) screen sizes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Xevious 3D/G

Play as Heihachi:

At the  title  screen, simultaneously  press  and hold Left, u, p, and Start until your ship turns into Heihachi.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - WWF Wrestlemania

Random select:

Highlight Doink (for player one) or Razor Ramon (for player two) on the character select screen, then hold Up and press Start.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - WWF In Your House

Random wrestler:
Press Start + Up at the wrestler selection screen.

Automatic super-pins:
Pause game play and press Down(4), L. The code may be entered again to return to normal.

Wrestle as Mankind:
Press L, R, A, Down, Left, A, Down at the Acclaim logo.

Wrestle as Mr. Perfect:
Press Down, Left, A, B, C, L, A, R, Down at the Acclaim logo.

Wrestle as Stone Cold:

Press L(2), R(2), A, C(2), R, Down, Left, L at the Acclaim logo.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Worms (Also known as "W.O.R.M.S.")

More Weapons:
At the title screen, enter the "Worm Options." Once  inside  the "Worm Options," enter "Weapons."  At the  "Weapons  Options"  menu, move the cursor off any of the options, including  "Exit," and  press  Z and  C simultaneously ten  times.  This  adds  new  weapons, including Banana Bombs, Sheep, and Miniguns to the Weapon Options.


Secret weapons:
Highlight any selection except "Exit" at the weapon option screen and press C, Z(2), C, Z(2), C, Z(2). Banana bombs, the mini-gun and exploding sheep will be available for use.

Free movement:
Highlight any selection except "Exit" at the weapon option screen and press C(2), Z, C(2), Z, C(2), Z. Begin game play, select the ninja rope, aim all the way down, and press C. Press Down when the rope appears to float in the air. Use the D-pad to float in the corresponding direction.

Wide view:
Press Z(2), during game play.

Non-tracking view:
Press X(2) during game play. Press X to resume tracking.

Configure grenade, banana bomb, and cluster bomb:
Select the weapon and press L to adjust the number of seconds and R(2) to maximize bounce.

Christmas mode:
Enter JINGLEBELLS as a password.

Flat terrain:
Enter 00035907 as a password.

Random Hell level:
Enter 666 as a password.

Forest levels:
Enter FOREST as a password.

Candy levels:
Enter CANDY as a password.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Worldwide Soccer '97

Back Flip
press Away, Toward, B when running.

Side Step
Press Left, Left or Right, Right when running.

Rainbow Kick

Sweep the D-pad in a counter-clockwise ½-Circle starting from Left, then press Right + B. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Worldwide Soccer

Flag wave:

Hold L or R and press the D-pad in any direction to move the flags on the "Flag vs. Flag" screen. 
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