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Xbox One Cheats - Thief

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Moral Victory (100 GP) --- Finished the game without a single kill or knockout
All That Glitters (15 GP) --- Stole 5 collectibles
Cache Dispenser (100 GP) --- Used 40,000 gold
Child of the Shadows (10 GP) --- Finished a single chapter without alerting anyone
Clear Headed (30 GP) --- Reached the final chapter without using the focus ability
Dark Archer (20 GP) --- Completed 10 optional Thieving Objectives
Dastardly Deeds (80 GP) --- Completed all Basso Jobs in The City
Finders Keepers (40 GP) --- Discovered all secret areas
Focus on the Tasks at Hand (5 GP) --- Picked a pocket and a lock using the focus ability
Hail of Glass (10 GP) --- Shot a bottle in mid-air with an arrow
Hard Times (60 GP) --- Finished the game on Master difficulty
Health Hazard (25 GP) --- Killed or knocked out 10 people using the environment
Hidden Agenda (20 GP) --- Discovered 15 secret areas
Legend in Leather (75 GP) --- Completed 25 optional Thieving Objectives
Mint Condition (10 GP) --- Finished 3 consecutive chapters without taking damage
Modesty Denied (30 GP) --- Scored an epic 5,000,000 or more in a Challenge Map
More Heist Less Speed (30 GP) --- Finished the game in 15 hours or more
Obsessive Compulsive (5 GP) --- Stole all loot and collectibles in a single chapter.
One Step Ahead (20 GP) --- Disarmed ten trap mechanisms
Priceless (20 GP) --- Completed a collectible set
Quickly Pick a Lucky Lock (10 GP) --- Picked a lock with masterful speed
Sleight of Hand (20 GP) --- Picked 100 pockets in a single playthrough
Something to Prove (100 GP) --- Finished the game with a custom difficulty of 700 points or more
What's Yours is Mine (40 GP) --- Completed all collectible sets
Working Overtime (40 GP) --- Completed all Client Jobs in The City

Secret Achievements
Complete one of the following Secret achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Friend in Need (5 GP) --- Finished Chapter Four.
A Man Apart (5 GP) --- Finished Chapter Six.
Dirty Secrets (5 GP) --- Finished Chapter Three.
Dust to Dust (5 GP) --- Finished Chapter Two.
Happy Birthday (15 GP) --- Sweet sixteen. Snuff said.
Lockdown (5 GP) --- Finished Chapter One.
Old Habits Die Hard (10 GP) --- Found all the secret stashes in Moira.
The Dawn's Light (15 GP) --- Finished Chapter Eight.
The Drop (5 GP) --- Finished the Prologue.
The Forsaken (5 GP) --- Finished Chapter Five.
The Hidden City (5 GP) --- Finished Chapter Seven.
Two Faced (5 GP) --- Uncovered Lyegrove's secret.

Easy "Two-Faced" Achievement

Go into the Stonecutter's Court then discover the Jewelry Store to the left of the guards that are speaking with each other, standing in the light. Go into the store, knock out the guard to the left of the entryway and then turn to the right. Discover the 3 cabinets below the red drapes. Use a lockpick on the center cabinet to obtain the very first mask. Turn around and slip into the cellar. Stay clear of the individual working at the desk while transferring to the rear left corner of the workshop. Interact with the painting and use the secret switch to unlatch it to discover a wall safe. Enter the code "739" to open the safe and gather the other item.

Playstation 4 Cheats - Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell

Cheat Mode
Pause your game and choose the "Extras" option. Select "Cheats", then enter among the following codes to turn on the matching effect. Keep in mind that llowing cheat codes will completely disable the autosave feature and the capability to make achievements or trophies on the existing saved game file. Think about saving your game prior to making it possible for any of the cheat codes and do not manually save the game later on.
Code: --- Result:
mascot --- All pedestrians are mascots
hohoho --- All pedestrians are pimps and prostitutes
unlockitall --- All unlockables
letsrock --- All weapons
repaircar --- Car repaired
clearskies --- Clear weather
goldengun --- Firearms have one shot kills
notrated --- Gore mode
heavyrain --- Heavy rain weather
fryhole --- Killed pedestrians fly into sky
lightrain --- Light rain weather
cheese --- Money
vroom --- No vehicle damage
overcast --- Overcast weather
goodygoody --- Remove notoriety
runfast --- Unlimited sprint
isquishyou --- Vehicle smash

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
...Double-Hockey-sticks (Gold Trophy) --- Conquer all of New Hades with 100% City Take Over
...My Dear Watson (Bronze Trophy) --- Choose a new element for all of your Supernatural Powers
Are You Crazy? (Bronze Trophy) --- Get a Comet into the Ultor lobby
Barn Burner (Bronze Trophy) --- Find 75 Barnstorming Diversion locations
Cluster Luck (Bronze Trophy) --- Collect at least five Soul Clusters without touching the ground
Double Trouble (Silver Trophy) --- Play Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Co-op for 3 hours
Epic Flight Quest (Bronze Trophy) --- Fly from the roof of Snowball's Chance to Sinterpol HQ's roof, without landing
Extra Crispy (Bronze Trophy) --- Die in the lava
Fallen Angel (Bronze Trophy) --- Get your first Supernatural Powers
Fell from Heaven (Silver Trophy) --- Purchase 113 Supernatural Power Upgrades
Fly, You Fools (Silver Trophy) --- Fly for 250,000 meters
Footprints in the Sand (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 150 Demons with the Stomp Supernatural Power
Get Stoned (Bronze Trophy) --- Stonify and Shatter Kill 100 Demons with the Stone Blast Supernatural Power
Gnarly Wave (Bronze Trophy) --- Car surf on a Comet while it explodes
H-E... (Silver Trophy) --- Complete all open world gameplay in two districts of the city of New Hades
Hazardous Dukes (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 25 Arch Dukes
Hell Buoy (Bronze Trophy) --- Have five Imps attached to you at one time
Imp-fanticide (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 50 of your own summoned Imps
Let's Bounce (Bronze Trophy) --- In Torment Fraud, hit 5 vehicles in a row without touching the ground
Level One Demon (Bronze Trophy) --- Buy your first Upgrade from the Upgrade Store
Nailed It (Bronze Trophy) --- Get 100 kills with the God's Hammer
Out of the Frying Pan (Bronze Trophy) --- Knock a vehicle into the lava
Oxymoronic (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 100 Demons using the Coldfire Aura Supernatural Power
Plague of Gat (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 1000 Demons with any combination of Supernatural Powers
Purple Demons (Bronze Trophy) --- Have minions kill 100 Demons with the Summon Supernatural Power
Put Up Your Dukes (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill an Arch Duke with a melee attack
Raise the Roof (Bronze Trophy) --- Smack into the ceiling 10 times while wall running
Saints' Creed (Bronze Trophy) --- Stand on the tallest mast of the 'Queen Anne's Revenge'
Satan Punchers (Gold Trophy) --- Beat the game
Scorched Savior (Platinum Trophy) --- Collect all other Saints Row: Gat out of Hell trophies
Seraphim and Cherubim (Bronze Trophy) --- Play for at least 2 hours as Gat and 2 hours as Kinzie
Shooting Star (Bronze Trophy) --- Fly for 500 meters while on fire
Shut Your Eyes (Bronze Trophy) --- Get 250 kills with the Essence of Wrath
Sloth Love Chunk (Bronze Trophy) --- Get 250 kills with the Essence of Sloth
Soft Shoe (Bronze Trophy) --- Stay in contact with the lava for 10 seconds without dying
Soul Drain (Silver Trophy) --- Find 100% of all Soul Clusters
Soul in One (Bronze Trophy) --- Find 100 Soul Clusters
Terminal Hog (Bronze Trophy) --- Take down an Extraction Facility while on a motorcycle
The Book of More, Man (Silver Trophy) --- Find 64 Tomes
The Devil's Dues (Bronze Trophy) --- Upgrade one weapon to the max
The King of Hell (Gold Trophy) --- Complete ALL of the Challenges
The Seven Deadly Weapons (Silver Trophy) --- Kill 25 Demons with each of the Seven Deadly Weapons
The Wings of Angels (Bronze Trophy) --- Be airborne during Supernatural Jumps or Flight for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay
Top Gunner (Bronze Trophy) --- Shoot down a Spire missile with a blast while hovering
Transcontinental (Bronze Trophy) --- Fly continuously for 60 seconds
Twenty-Twenty Vision (Bronze Trophy) --- Spend over 20 hours in Hell

7 Deadly Sin weapons
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon.

Diamond Sting
Sin: Greed
Type: SMG
Special effect: Bonus Wages of Sin.
Purchase for $100,000.

Gallows Dodger
Sin: Pride
Type: Pistol
Special effect: Overkill Meter fills as enemies are killed.
Get William Shakespeare's power to unlock the kill Dex diversion. Kill Dex seven times when he appears randomly on the map at street level.

Last Supper
Sin: Gluttony
Type: Special
Special effect: Shoots frosting at enemies. The alternate fire feature forces affected opponents to become targets for other enemies.
Visit all three Tacos Malos fast food locations in New Hades. Speak with Dane to get one part of the weapon at each location.

Sin: Sloth
Type: Rifle
Special effect: Slows movement, has double miniguns, and fires cluster rockets that are auto-aimed.
Unlock all four powers and Dane will contact Gat and will grant the "Take a Break" quest. Interact with the reclining chair on the rooftops to get the weapon.

Boom Chicka
Sin: Lust
Type: Shotgun
Special effect: Affected minions fall in love and become temporarily stunned as they run toward Gat.
Complete the Blackbeard ally quest to unlock the Treasure Chest tasks. Find all fifteen glyphs and open the five chests to get the weapon.

Ark of the Covenant
Sin: Wrath
Type: Launcher
Special effect: Sucks enemies up then spits them out.
Defeat Professor Genki in New Hades. Note: He only appears after reaching Notoriety level 6. Also, he may only appear after defeating ten Archdukes.

Uriel's Edge
Sin: Envy
Type: Melee
Special effect: A sword that shoots fireballs.
Convert all five Marshaling Ground areas in New Hades, then go to the new sixth teleport point in the center to fnd the weapon.

Easy "Are You Crazy" achievement or trophy
If playing solo, start by opening the front doors of the Ultor Building. Return to the street and wait for a Comet to drive past. Note: This may take some time. When one appears, jump inside and drive the Comet inside the Ultor Building lobby. Crash the car into the large desk that the Ultor CEO is leaning on.

If playing in co-op mode, have one player get into a Comet in the vicinity of the Ultor Building. Drive it to the Ultor Building and have the other player open the building's doors. Once the car has been driven inside, crash it into the large front desk.

Easy "Epic Flight Quest" achievement or trophy
Snowball's Chance is located in the "Last Chance" area in the northeast section. Sinterpol HQ is in the "Rebellion Square" area in the southwest section, near the highway. Having all Flight Upgrades will make this easier. To ensure success, a good amount of stamina and at least three flaps will be required. Start by going to the roof of Snowball's Chance Hotel & Casino. Reach the tallest part of the roof then place a map marker for Sinterpol HQ. Charge a jump and sprint in a circle until you are at full speed. When ready, jump towards the middle of the map. At the peak of your jump, start flying. Use one flap early, another one soon afterwards, then a third flap as you pass the large floating building at about halfway to your destination. Maneuver around the building as you fly towards the map marker. Fly directly over it then use "Flight - Hover". You can also hit the peak of the building to qualify. Note: This will not work if you dodged spire missiles along the way.

Easy "Gnarly Wave" achievement or trophy
The Comet is a small white two-door hatchback. Walk along the highway until one appears, then jump on its roof. A prompt to do a "Vehicle Surfing" move will appear. Press [Action] to begin car surfing. Maintain your balance to remain on top of the car until it explodes.

Easy "The Johnnyguard" achievement or trophy
Until the first helicopter appears, Tag probably will not take any damage. Once the helicopters appear, destroy them as soon as possible. Tanks will eventually begin to appear together with the helicopters. They are less likely to hit Tag from down there; focus on the helicopters and occasionally shoot a missile at the tanks. Consider shooting without the lock-on ability of the rocket launcher to make faster shots. Fire as many rockets as possible.

Easy "Out of the Frying Pan" achievement or trophy
Get near a lava area found next to a road. Select your fists and wait for a car to drive past. Either kill the driver and exit, or do the following with the driver still inside. Use your melee attack to push the car into the lava and wait for it to explode. You can also get the car into the lava by sprinting into it or using the Stomp ability. Note: Driving the car towards the lava and bailing out will not qualify.

Easy "Put Up Your Dukes" achievement or trophy
Kill enemies to fill your notoriety bar until it reaches a full circle of six red bars. When the Arch Duke appears, finish him with a melee attack.

Easy "Raise the Roof" achievement or trophy
Progress until you can purchase the Sprint - Wall Running Power. Enter an area with a ceiling, such as a tunnel, bridge underpass, building interior, or a building overhang. The ceiling must be reachable using a wall. Wallrun up the wall until your character reaches the top and gets pushed off. Repeat the process ten times.

Easy Saints' Creed achievement or trophy

You must climb to the very top of Blackbeard's ship, located near the southeast corner of the map early in the game. Start from the center of the ship and perform walljumps to reach the platforms above. After standing on the highest platform, execute a final jump that requires a quick in-air adjustment to land on the very top of the mast.

Sega Master System Cheats - Ninja

Continue game play:
In the Japanese version, wait for the Sega Mark III logo to appear after the "Game Over" screen. Then, press Up five times, Down three times.

Bonus lives:
Note: A controller with an auto-fire option is recommended. Locate the round tree on the right side of the first screen of level 1. Eliminate the first Ninja that appears. Approach the tree and shoot it for approximately fifteen minutes. Complete the level with 0% to receive ten lives and a large amount of bonus points.

Get a 0% accuracy in any level. Your accuracy bonus at the end of the level will be 9,999,999, which will result in ten bonus lives. Note: This can only be done once.

Playstation Vita Cheats - Q*bert: Rebooted

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Classic Master (Gold Trophy) --- Complete Level 5 in Q*Bert Classic
Coin-op Collector (Bronze Trophy) --- Collect 5,000 gems
Disc Rider (Bronze Trophy) --- Ride 50 discs
Down for the Count (Silver Trophy) --- Die 100 times
Green Machine (Bronze Trophy) --- Collect 30 green freeze balls in Q*Bert Classic
Newbert (Gold Trophy) --- Complete Q*Bert Rebooted
Q*Bert-o-rama (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock all of Q*Bert's skins
Snake Surprise (Bronze Trophy) --- Get crushed by Coily 25 times

Ugg! (Silver Trophy) --- Get smashed by Ugg 25 times

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Xbox One Cheats - Tetris Ultimate

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Anniversary (75 GP) --- Celebrate the Tetris 30th Anniversary by earning 30 Lines!, 30 Tetris! and Friendly 30! Badges.
Challenge Accepted! (75 GP) --- Up for a challenge? Earn the First Mission, Relay Race, and Obedient badges.
Dedicated (75 GP) --- Earn the Longevity, Crushed it!, and Mt Olympus badges, but then go play outside.
Hardcore (125 GP) --- Be your best Tetris Self. Earn the Strategist, Generous, Underdog badges.
High Score! (75 GP) --- Work on your high scores by earning the Top Dog, Tetris Self Motivation, and Retribution badges.
Mode Master (75 GP) --- Play all the Tetris modes to earn the The Spice of Life, Socialite, and Asimov's Law badges.
Speed Demon (125 GP) --- Be speedy! Earn the TPM, 60 Second Sprint, and LPM badges.
Team Player (75 GP) --- Play games in Team Vs. to earn the Hanger On, Tag Team Champions, and Back 2 Back badges.
Tetris Master (125 GP) --- For Tetris Masters only. Earn the Show-off, T-Spinner, and Simply the Best badges.
The Cooperative (75 GP) --- Stop the battling. Sing Kumbaya and earn the Group Think, Party Animal, and Power Couple badges.
Ultimate Battler (75 GP) --- Earn the You're the Weiner, Absolute Power, and Line Delivery badges - become the Ultimate Battler.

Ultimate Explorer (25 GP) --- Earn the Newbie, Sprinter, and Head to Head badges to get your first Achievement.

Playstation 4 Cheats - Saints Row 4: Re-Elected

Cheat Mode
Pause your game and choose "Extras", then "Cheats", then "Add Cheat". Enter among the following codes to unlock the matching cheat option at the "Cheats" menu. A noise will certainly validate right code entry. Keep in mind that you have to manually save the game while cheats are active.
Code: --- Result:
cheese --- $100,000
givehovertank --- Alien hover tank
givehovercar --- Alien hover vehicle
givetrouble --- Alien jet bike
giveufo --- Alien UFO
unlockitall --- All unlockables
letsrock --- All weapons
ascii --- ASCII mode
bigheadmode --- Big Head mode
superblast --- Blast
superbuff --- Buff
goodygoody --- Clear Notoriety
superdfa --- Death From Above
noglitchcity --- Disable Glitch FX
nosupermove --- Disable Super Movement
nosuperpowers --- Disable Super Powers
nowardens --- Disable Warden spawns
fryhole --- Elevator to Heaven
evilcars --- Evil cars
fastforward --- Fast Forward
goldengun --- Golden Gun (one shot kills)
insanecity --- Insane city
instantwarden --- Instant Warden Notoriety
vroom --- Invincible player vehicle
mascot --- Mascot pedestrians
givemonster --- Monster Truck
hohoho --- Pimp and hos pedestrians
isquishyou --- Player Vehicle Smash
notrated --- Rated M++ (everything gibs)
repaircar --- Repair current vehicle
slowmo --- Slow motion
superstomp --- Stomp
runfast --- Super Sprint
supertk --- Telekinesis

Alternate ending
Complete all of the following Loyalty missions.
- "Nytefall" mission for Matt Miller.
- "Girls Night Out" mission for Shaundi.
- "Pump Up the Volume" mission for Pierce.
- "King of the Dance" mission for Ben King.
- "Training Day" mission for Asha.
- "SR3 Wrap-up" mission for Johnny Gat.
- "The Girl Who Beat Cyrus" mission for Kinzie Kensington.

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
...A Saint Gets a Gun (Bronze) --- Ring all the bells in town in 'Miracle on 3rd Street'.
A Real Cluster.... (Silver) --- Find 100% of all Data Clusters.
A Very Genki Holiday (Bronze) --- Complete all instances of Genki Holiday.
About Time! (Bronze) --- Complete 'Welcome Back'.
Actor-Turned-Politician (Bronze) --- Do everything you can for your Veep -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.
All Too Easy (Bronze) --- Kill Zinyak in less than 5 minutes in 'Save the Planet'.
And I Ran... (Bronze) --- Super Sprint for 250,000 meters.
Back in the Day (Bronze) --- Spend 2 hours outside of missions with past Saints Row characters as your homies
Benjamin [CENSORED] King (Bronze) --- Do everything you can for Ben -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.
Betrayed (Bronze) --- Complete 'All Hands On Deck'.
Better This Way (Bronze) --- Customize the style of all the weapons on your radial.
Blast from the Past (Bronze) --- Complete 'A Game of Clones'.
Bow to the Boss! (Silver) --- Kill the Dominatrix in 'Escape the Dominatrix'.
Bringin' the Heat (Bronze) --- Kill 100 Aliens using the Fire Buff Super Power.
Chill Out (Bronze) --- Freeze and Shatter Kill 100 Aliens with the Freeze Blast Super Power.
Dear Santa (Bronze) --- Find all the letters to Santa in the holiday missions.
Destroyer-In-Chief (Bronze) --- Complete 'The Saints Wing'.
Didn't Need to See Him Naked (Bronze) --- Complete 'Matt's Back'.
Don't Look Down (Bronze) --- Be airborne during Super Jumps for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay.
Don't Panic (Bronze) --- Complete 'The Real World'.
Elementary (Bronze) --- Choose a new element for all of your superpowers.
Epic Jump Quest (Bronze) --- Jump from the roof of 3 Count to the Nuke Plant, without touching the ground or other rooftops.
Experimental Tech (Bronze) --- Kill 25 Aliens with each
First of Many (Bronze) --- Buy your first Upgrade from the Upgrade Store.
Fist Meet Ground (Bronze) --- Kill 100 Aliens with the Death From Above Super Power.
Fourth and Forty (Gold) --- Spend over 40 hours in the Simulation.
Friend of the Raptors (Silver) --- Complete all five missions.
Get that Kid to a Psychologist (Bronze) --- Find all the snowmen vignettes in the North Pole.
Ghost in the Machine (Bronze) --- Download a new ally into a robotic body.
Half Way Home (Silver) --- Complete all open world gameplay in two districts of the Simulated city of Steelport.
Health Inspector (Silver) --- Destroy all the green polyps inside Paul in 'Pop His Top'.
Hello Little Friend (Bronze) --- Get 250 kills with the Minigun.
Here! Catch! (Bronze) --- Kill 100 Aliens with the Telekinesis Super Power.
How It Should Be (Gold) --- Complete all open world gameplay in the entire Simulated city of Steelport.
I Am Become Death (Bronze) --- Kill 1000 Aliens with any combination of Super Powers.
Imperator (Silver) --- Complete 'Grand Finale'.
Indomitable (Bronze) --- Complete 'Meet the Dominatrix' without dying.
Keymaster (Bronze) --- Complete 'Batteries Not Included'.
Kingpin (Platinum) --- Unlock all Trophies in Saints Row IV
Machine Man (Bronze) --- Do everything you can for CID -- Quests and... everything.
Make a List, Check it Twice (Bronze) --- Complete all instances of Naughty and Nice.
Maximum Stopping Power (Bronze) --- Upgrade one weapon to the max.
Minty Fresh! (Silver) --- Lick the candy cane barricade all the way through in 'The Fight Before Christmas'.
OMGWTFBBQ (Bronze) --- Get 100 kills with the Flamethrower.
On Her Saint's Secret Service (Bronze) --- Do everything you can for Asha -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.
Ooo A Piece of Candy! (Bronze) --- Find 100 Data Clusters.
Paranormal Bromance (Bronze) --- Do everything you can for Matt -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.
Poodle Skirt (Bronze) --- Complete 'Hello Teacup'.
Pounding the Pavement (Bronze) --- Kill 150 Aliens with the Stomp Super Power.
Rigging the Race (Bronze) --- Destroy all the rival pony carts in 'At the Races'.
Saintified (Bronze) --- Create and save a character to your profile.
Saints & Sensibility (Gold) --- Complete 'Grand Finale' after completing all Homie missions.
Switch Hitter (Bronze) --- Play for at least 2 hours as a male character AND 2 hours as a female character.
The Challenge King (Silver) --- Complete ALL of the Challenges.
The Face of the Saints (Bronze) --- Do everything you can for Pierce -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.
The Full Kinzie (Bronze) --- Do everything you can for Kinzie -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.
The Two Shaundis (Bronze) --- Do everything you can for Shaundi -- Quests and... everything.
The Whole Story (Bronze) --- Find ALL Audio Logs.
There Is No Pancakes (Bronze) --- Complete 'A Pleasant Day'.
Ultimate Hot Potato (Bronze) --- Get 100 kills with the Grenade Launcher.
Where's My Cape? (Bronze) --- Purchase all Super Power upgrades.
Woah. (Bronze) --- Get your first Super Powers.
Zoo Keeper (Bronze) --- Kill 25 Wardens.

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
*BEEP* YOU, CLAWZ! (Silver) --- Complete all three missions.
A World Without Christmas (Bronze) --- Complete the holiday text adventure.
Bouncin' with an Old Friend (Silver) --- Do everything you can for an old friend -- Quests, Loyalty Missions... everything.
He's Still on the Naughty List (Bronze) --- Deliver a present to Zinyak in 'The Santa Clawz'.
Our Gift to You (Silver) --- Find the present in a holiday mission.
Walking the Dinosaur (Bronze) --- Spend 30 minutes with Raptor Ned as your homie.
You Chose... Poorly (Bronze) --- Surrender when given the chance.
Zero Saints Thirty (Bronze) --- Complete 'Zero Saints Thirty'.

Developer room
Enter the Let's Pretend store in New Baranec, located in southwest Steelport. Go to the rear of the store and shoot the handle on the door to the right of the checkout counter. Enter the area behind the door to find a shooting gallery with pictures of the developers. You can also find a small but powerful pistol called the Loud Locust on a chair near the doorway.

Salem Broomstick vehicle
Climb to the top of the Zin Tower in Rosen Oaks.

Penetrator weapon
Go to Brickston and get to the bridge that leads east out of that neighborhood. Find the cave next to the water just north of the bridge. The Penetrator is hidden inside the cave. You must use super-powers to jump inside.

TK Mayhem
TK Mayhem is fairly difficult if you throw the balls at things. If you have unlimited Super Sprint however, you can pick a ball up with TK and use it as a battering ram with Super Sprint.

Easy "Epic Jump Quest" achievement or trophy
Getting to the Nuke Plant in a single glide is not possible, no matter what the height of the starting jump. However, although you cannot touch the ground or rooftops, you land on the sides of buildings, telephone poles, trees, etc. Run up the sides of those structures to continue your glide. Be careful about what buildings you run up, or you might not get enough height to reach the next building. Jump from the casino and while in the air, use your mobile phone to call an airplane then fly close to the Nuke Plant.

Easy "Fist Meet Ground" achievement or trophy
During the Hard "Super Power Beatdown" activity, the second wave is a King Of The Hill where many enemies try to attack from close proximity. There is no limit to the number of enemies in this wave. Spend some time killing enemies in this wave using your DFA power. You must complete the entire event within seven minutes for your kills to count.

Easy "He's Still on the Naughty List" achievement or trophy
During "The Santa Clawz" mission, fly to the giant Zinyak statue on Magarac Island. This is the same island where you controlled a statue to fight Paul. Once there shoot the presents in the statue's hand.

Easy "Saintified" achievement or trophy
Create Saints Row Community account. Log into the account through the "Community" option at the main menu or confirm your login during the following steps. During your initial character creation or at a Image As Designed clinic, select the "Character Gallery" option, then choose "Upload Character". Confirm your choice to earn "Saintified". Characters that are uploaded have be processed through your Saints Row Community account to be downloaded at a later date.

Easy "Super Power Team Up!" achievement or trophy
The DLC missions qualify towards your progress. In fact you can complete all installed DLCs in coop mode to earn "Super Power Team Up!" before completing the main storyline in coop mode.

Easy "Switch Hitter" achievement or trophy
You must play as both genders using the same character. To do this, undergo a sex change at a Image As Designed clinic after more than two hours of game play.

Beavis And Butthead reference
In the "Breaking The Law" mission you receive the Pyro elemental. This is a reference to Beavis And Butthead. Beavis was a pyromaniac who used to say "Fire Fire" while watching things burn, and "Breaking the law, breaking the law".

Chronicles Of Riddick reference
Upon killing Zinyak, Kinzie remarks that "You keep what you kill" is a classic. This is a reference to Chronicles Of Riddick, when Riddick killed the emperor who slaughtered his people.

Dead Island reference
One of Keith David's dialogue lines is "I was twelve hours into Dead Island now i'll never finish it. I can't forgive Zinyak for that".

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy reference
The "Don't Panic" achievement or trophy is earned when the earth is blown up by Zinyak. It is a reference to the words "Don't Panic" written on the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy's book cover, in which Earth is blown up by an alien race.

Mass Effect 3 references
Besides the "romance skipping straight to sex" as a jab at Mass Effect 3's Romance system, during the Zin attack on the White House the Reaper laser sound effect can be heard.

Metal Gear Solid series references
You are supposed to sneak through one of the levels by shooting light bulbs, then the guards under them. When the light bulbs are shot, the guards get "WTF" over their heads, like the exclamation point in the Metal Gear Solid series. You can also sneak under a box and fight an evil twin, which all occurred in Metal Gear Solid.

Saints Row series references
The simulation "Leave It To The Saints" is a parody of Leave It To Beaver. One of the things the mother says is "Someone named Dex was here asking for you but I didn't recognize him so I sent him away." This is a reference to Dex, a former member of the Saints who turned security for Ultor turned terrorist in the Saints Row 2 DLC. He was supposed to appear in Saints Row The Third but what left out because "Newcomers to the series wouldn't recognize the character and they didn't want to alienate them". Kinzi remarks that Keith David's voice is similar to Julius. Keith David provided the voice for himself and Julius Little.

Streets Of Rage reference
During a level you play a side-scroller called "Saints of Rage".

They Live reference
During Keith David's Loyalty mission "He Lives", Roddy Piper attempts to beat sense into Keith David who is panicking about an alien invasion. Female Voice 2 (if not all of them) says "Put on the glasses Keith, we're not aliens". This is a reference to They Live, in which Roddy Piper tries to force Keith David to put on a pair of glasses that reveal aliens who are disguised as humans.

Weapon references
Almost every weapon customization is a pop culture reference. For example:
- The Captains pistol is from Firefly. Its plating form uses Shiny, which was a term for "good" on Firefly.
- There is a phaser that jokes about Star Trek's redshirts saying "Aliens never attack red", which was the opposite occurrence on Star Trek.

- Above the phaser is Han Solo's blaster, with a reference to the "Han shot first" meme.

Sega Master System Cheats - Nekkyu Koshien

Hidden options:
Press Left, Right, Left, Right two times at the "Select Game" screen to display a secret menu.

Playstation Vita Cheats - Puyo Puyo Tetris

Unlockable adventure mode characters
In adventure mode, clear all 10 stages in the following chapters to unlock certain characters to be playable in other modes.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Draco-Centauros and Witch --- Clear Chapter 5
Ecolo and X --- Clear Chapter 7
Lemres and Satan --- Clear Chapter 6
Schezo and Feli --- Clear Chapter 4

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
100 Tetris (Bronze) --- Perform 100 Tetris clears.
200 Tetris (Silver) --- Perform 200 Tetris clears.
50 Tetris (Bronze) --- Perform 50 Tetris clears.
5REN (Bronze) --- Perform a 5 REN.
8REN (Bronze) --- Perform a 8 REN.
Adventure 100% (Gold) --- Complete 100% of Adventure mode.
Adventure 50% (Bronze) --- Complete 50% of Adventure mode.
Adventure 70% (Silver) --- Complete 70% of Adventure mode.
Arcade Domination (Bronze) --- Play all 5 Dream Arcade modes.
B2B100 (Silver) --- Perform 100 back 2 backs.
B2B25 (Bronze) --- Perform 25 back 2 backs.
B2B50 (Bronze) --- Perform 50 back 2 backs.
Clear the Board 100 Times (Bronze) --- Clear the board 100 times.
Clear the Board 150 Times (Silver) --- Clear the board 150 times.
Clear the Board 50 Times (Bronze) --- Clear the board 50 times.
Club Victory (Bronze) --- Win a Club match online.
Complete All Trophies (Platinum) --- Complete all other trophies.
Erase 1000 Puyos (Bronze) --- Erase 1000 Puyos.
Erase 1000 Tetriminoes (Bronze) --- Erase 1000 Tetriminoes.
Erase 10000 Puyos (Bronze) --- Erase 10000 Puyos.
Erase 10000 Tetriminoes (Bronze) --- Erase 10000 Tetriminoes.
Erase 100000 Puyos (Gold) --- Erase 100000 Puyos.
Erase 100000 Tetriminoes (Gold) --- Erase 100000 Tetriminoes.
Erase 3 Colors (Bronze) --- Erase 3 colors of Puyos at the same time.
Erase 4 Colors (Bronze) --- Erase 4 colors of Puyos at the same time.
Erase 50000 Puyos (Silver) --- Erase 50000 Puyos.
Erase 50000 Tetriminoes (Silver) --- Erase 50000 Tetriminoes.
Perform 100 3-Chain Combos (Bronze) --- Perform 100 3-chain combos.
Perform 100 4-Chain Combos (Bronze) --- Perform 100 4-chain combos.
Perform 100 5-Chain Combos (Bronze) --- Perform 100 5-chain combos.
Perform 100 6-Chain Combos (Bronze) --- Perform 100 6-chain combos.
Perform 150 7-Chain Combos (Silver) --- Perform 150 7-chain combos.
Perform 3 Perfect Clears (Bronze) --- Perform 3 perfect clears.
Perform a Perfect Clear (Bronze) --- Perform a perfect clear.
Puyo Puyo Training (Bronze) --- Play all 3 Training modes.
Puzzle League 10 Victories (Silver) --- Win 10 Ranked matches online.
Puzzle League Victory (Bronze) --- Win a Ranked match online.
Reach the End (Bronze) --- Complete Adventure mode once.
Win 10 Matches in Endless Battle (Bronze) --- Win 10 matches in Endless Battle in a row.
Win 15 Matches in Endless Battle (Silver) --- Win 15 matches in Endless Battle in a row.
Win 3 Matches in Endless Battle (Bronze) --- Win 3 matches in Endless Battle in a row.

Win 5 Matches in Endless Battle (Bronze) --- Win 5 matches in Endless Battle in a row.

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Xbox One Cheats - Teslapunk

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
100 Mio (30 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Get a score of 100,000,000 or higher
200 Mio (50 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Get a score of 200,000,000 or higher
25 Mio (10 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Get a score of 25,000,000 or higher
50 Mio (20 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Get a score of 50,000,000 or higher
Acceleration Chamber (40 GP) --- Mission Mode: Complete the Acceleration Chamber
Captain Corrupto (20 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Defeat the second boss: Captain Corrupto.
Catch 'em All (15 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Collect the 1up in level 5.
Distance of 120k (40 GP) --- Survival Mode: Reach a distance of 120,000m
Distance of 30k (10 GP) --- Survival Mode: Reach a distance of 30,000m
Distance of 60k (20 GP) --- Survival Mode: Reach a distance of 60,000m
Distance of 90k (30 GP) --- Survival Mode: Reach a distance of 90,000m
Dr. Hypnogrid (30 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Defeat the third boss: Dr. Hypnogrid.
Emperor Zangórax (64 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Defeat the last boss: Emperor Zangórax.
Gadget User (5 GP) --- Survival Mode: Buy every item type at least once.
Getting stronger (10 GP) --- Survival Mode: Buy 20 Shot Level Upgrades
Herr Kugelblitz (50 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Defeat the fifth boss: Herr Kugelblitz.
High-Voltage Generator (10 GP) --- Mission Mode: Complete the High-Voltage Generator
Lord Orglmaster (10 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Defeat the first boss: Lord Orglmaster.
Magnet Ship (10 GP) --- Survival Mode: Buy the Magnet Ship
Massive Power (20 GP) --- Survival Mode: Buy 40 Shot Level Upgrades
Mid-Boss gift (15 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Collect the 1up in level 2.
Multiplier 1500 (20 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Get a Multiplier of 1500 or higher
Multiplier 1999 (25 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Get a Multiplier of 1999 or higher
Multiplier 2500 (30 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Get a Multiplier of 2500 or higher
Multiplier 3000 (35 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Get a Multiplier of 3000 or higher
Multiplier 500 (10 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Get a Multiplier of 500 or higher
Multiplier 999 (15 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Get a Multiplier of 999 or higher
Not so weak anymore (5 GP) --- Survival Mode: Buy 10 Shot Level Upgrades
OCD Trigger (1 GP) --- Arcade Mode: You started the game... Now you should finish it.
Particle Crusher (30 GP) --- Mission Mode: Complete the Particle Crusher
Phagus Magus (40 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Defeat the fourth boss: Phagus Magus.
Remote Control (20 GP) --- Mission Mode: Complete the Remote Control
Score of a Lifetime (20 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Accumulate a total score of 2,729,548,800. That is Nikola Tesla's lifetime in seconds.
Scrooge (20 GP) --- Survival Mode: Collect 10000 coins
Shield Ship (10 GP) --- Survival Mode: Buy the Shield Ship
Tachyon Emitter (50 GP) --- Mission Mode: Complete the Tachyon Emitter
Take the right path (15 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Collect the 1up in level 3.
True World Peace (40 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Finish the game on Expert.
Untouchable (10 GP) --- Survival Mode: Buy 14 Hitbox Upgrades
Voltage Revolt (15 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Activate the Voltage Burst 100 times.
World Peace Light (40 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Finish the game on Novice.

World Peace... for now (40 GP) --- Arcade Mode: Finish the game on Advanced.

Playstation 4 Cheats - Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
108 Evil Stars of Inferno! Specters (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the Specters!
All Is For Friendship! (Bronze) --- Collected 50% of Assist Phrases!
Awakening of Cosmo! (Bronze) --- Obtained first "S" clear rank! (Any mode)
Blazing Battle of the Gods (Silver) --- Completed the Galaxy War God Cup!
Buy Out The Graude Foundation! (Bronze) --- Acquired a total of 100,000 CP!
Complete History of the Holy Wars (Silver) --- Completed the collection!
Cosmo Beyond Even a God (Bronze) --- Completed the God Survival Class!
Door to a New Legend (Bronze) --- Completed the Legend Survival Class!
Eternally Young! The Bronze Saints (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the Bronze Saints!
First Among Saints (Bronze) --- Completed the Gold Survival Class!
First Step Toward Sainthood (Bronze) --- Completed the Bronze Survival Class!
First Trial (Bronze) --- Cleared your first challenge!
Foes from the Far North! Legendary God Warriors (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the God Warriors!
Gathering of Gods! A New Holy War (Bronze) --- Unlocked Poseidon, Thanatos, Hypnos, Athena and Hades!
Gold Souls Reborn (Bronze) --- All God Cloth Gold Saints have all been unlocked!
Guardians of the Undersea Temple! The Seven Generals (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the Marinas!
Hades! This is Love! (Bronze) --- Cleared the Hades arc in Legend of Cosmo!
Heroes of the Sanctuary! The Silver Saints (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the Silver Saints!
I Can Hear Them All... Their Voices, Cheering Me On! (Gold) --- Collected 100% of Assist Phrases!
I... I Won! (Bronze) --- Performed 50 Cosmic K.O.s!
I'll Fight Until Someone Stops Me! (Bronze) --- Cleared the Sanctuary arc in Legend of Cosmo!
I'll Overcome All Trials! (Bronze) --- Cleared 50% of the challenges in Legend of Cosmo!
I've Already Seen All Your Attacks! (Silver) --- Collected 100% of Big Bang Attack movies in the collection!
Into a World of Light... (Gold) --- Cleared all chapters in Legend of Cosmo to 100%!
Is this... a Big Bang!? (Silver) --- Completed the Big Bang Survival Class!
Mach 1 Fist! (Bronze) --- Completed the Galaxy War Bronze Cup!
Mach 5 Fist! (Bronze) --- Completed the Galaxy War Silver Cup!
Pinnacle of the 88 Constellations! The Gold Saints (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the Gold Saints!
Please Protect the Beauty of Asgard (Bronze) --- Cleared the Asgard arc in Legend of Cosmo!
Poseidon! You Lose! (Bronze) --- Cleared the Poseidon arc in Legend of Cosmo!
Proof of Might! (Silver) --- Collected 80% of titles!
Proof of True Friendship (Bronze) --- Maxed out Assist Phrase slots!
Proud Saint Legend (Bronze) --- Completed the Galaxy War Legend Cup!
Recipients of Athena's Blood (Bronze) --- All God Cloth Bronze Saints have all been unlocked!
Saint Who Defeated Lightspeed! (Bronze) --- Completed the Galaxy War Gold Cup!
The Chosen Saint Child (Gold) --- Obtained 100% of possible "S" clear ranks in Legend of Cosmo!
The Knowledge of a Saint (Bronze) --- Experienced the Tutorial!
This is the Ultimate Cosmo! (Bronze) --- Hit with a total of 30 Big Bang Attacks!
Ultimate Soldiers' Soul (Platinum) --- Acquired all Trophies!
Worthy of the Name Saint (Bronze) --- Completed the Silver Survival Class!

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Because You're Still Green! (Bronze) --- Lost a battle without landing a single attack!
I Almost Died Again! (Bronze) --- Used Deathmask (Surplice) to defeat Mu after being hit by his Crystal Wall!
I Cast You Back To The Land Of The Dead! (Bronze) --- Used Mu to defeat Deathmask (Dark Cloth) and Aphrodite (Dark Cloth) 3times each!
I Have No Ear For Music (Bronze) --- Used Rhadamanthys to defeat Orphee, Sorento and Mime 3 times each!
Looks Determine Victory (Bronze) --- Used Ichi to clear Survival! (Any class)
My Dear Friends... (Bronze) --- Used Kaasa to defeat Seiya, Shun, Hyoga and Ikki!
My Lady! I'll Carry You On My Back! (Bronze) --- Used Jabu to clear Survival! (Any class)
Now You Shall Be My Bride (Bronze) --- Used Poseidon (Tuxedo) to defeat Athena 3 times!
The Ones I Should Be Fighting... (Bronze) --- Used Siegfried to defeat all of the Marinas!

This World Will Be Mine! (Bronze) --- Used Alberich to defeat all of the God Warriors!

Sega Master System Cheats - My Hero

Bonus life:
Fight the first three bull dogs, then jump over the fourth dog. Kick it from behind to collect an extra life.

Playstation Vita Cheats - Putty Squad

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
DARK FLOATER (Silver Trophy) --- Collect all Stars and finish Level 9.3 : Night Flight in 0:40 or less.
DON'T STOP MOVING! (Silver Trophy) --- Save all Red Putties and get to the exit of Level 3.2 : Fortress Of Klud in 1:30 or less.
FAST FOOD (Silver Trophy) --- Save all Red Putties and get to the exit of Level 4.4 : Dr Sushi's Dinner Of Fear in 1:52 or less.
FUNBELIEVABLE! (Silver Trophy) --- Save all Red Putties and get to the exit of Level 5.2 : Fun Land in 1:15 or less.
GOING UP! (Silver Trophy) --- Save all Red Putties and get to the exit of Level 1.5 : Watchtower Of Squirt in 1:45 or less.
HERO (Platinum Trophy) --- Complete all Trophies and defeat Scatterflash to be crowned King Putty
HIGH FLYER (Bronze Trophy) --- Obtain a 'P' item, then use the POD vehicle to collect a Star.
JELLY BELLY (Bronze Trophy) --- Knock out Dweezil the cat; then use his tummy to bounce to a higher area.
MAJOR PROBLEM (Silver Trophy) --- Save all Red Putties and get to the exit of Level 7.9 : Major Smith's Escape Tunnel in 2:15 or less.
NIFTY FIFTY (Bronze Trophy) --- Get your on-screen Star Counter up to 50 by collecting the Stars hidden around each level.
PREDATOR (Bronze Trophy) --- Unearth and kill all GI Pups within a level.
PUTTY POWER! (Bronze Trophy) --- Collect Stars in order to upgrade Putty's attack power. Obtain and use all of his power-ups.
ROCKET RIPPER (Bronze Trophy) --- Absorb a Firework Imp and then use it as an item in order to kill an enemy with a Firework Imp rocket.
STAR CATCHER (Silver Trophy) --- Get your on-screen Star Counter up to 200 by collecting the Stars hidden around each level.
STICK 'EM UP 1! (Silver Trophy) --- Collect all the stickers from the Sticker Book page : Phantom Pharoahs of Phut
STICK 'EM UP 10! (Gold Trophy) --- Collect all the stickers from the Sticker Book page : Putty Planet Advisor
STICK 'EM UP 2! (Silver Trophy) --- Collect all the stickers from the Sticker Book page : Secret Souks of Swat
STICK 'EM UP 3! (Silver Trophy) --- Collect all the stickers from the Sticker Book page : Karmic Kingdoms of Klud
STICK 'EM UP 4! (Silver Trophy) --- Collect all the stickers from the Sticker Book page : Septic Swamps of Sushi
STICK 'EM UP 5! (Silver Trophy) --- Collect all the stickers from the Sticker Book page : House of Happy Horrors
STICK 'EM UP 6! (Gold Trophy) --- Collect all the stickers from the Sticker Book page : Foggy Fortresses of Fear
STICK 'EM UP 7! (Gold Trophy) --- Collect all the stickers from the Sticker Book page : Lost Lanes of London
STICK 'EM UP 8! (Gold Trophy) --- Collect all the stickers from the Sticker Book page : Wicked Wizards Wastelands
STICK 'EM UP 9! (Gold Trophy) --- Collect all the stickers from the Sticker Book page : Deadly Dimensions of Dread
TOAD TICKLER (Bronze Trophy) --- Collect an 'N' item; then use a Nitro bomb, either as Putty, or from a POD, to blow up a Toad enemy.
TOMB RAIDER (Silver Trophy) --- Save all Red Putties and get to the exit of Level 1.1: Tomb Of King Phut in 1:10 or less.
TRIPLE WHAMMY (Bronze Trophy) --- Jump on a GI Pup's head, then punch the helmet so that it takes out at least three enemies in a row.
UP, UP & AWAY (Silver Trophy) --- Save all Red Putties and get to the exit of Level 6.1 : Gateway To The North in 1:15 or less.
WAIL OF A TIME (Silver Trophy) --- Save all Red Putties and get to the exit of Level 2.2 : The Wailing Tower in 1:30 or less.

WHAT A PITTA (Silver Trophy) --- Save all Red Putties and get to the exit of Level 2.1 : Bizarre Bazaar in 1:15 or less.

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Xbox One Cheats - Terraria

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Knight in Shining Armors (40 GP) --- You have obtained every type of armor.
Airtime! (25 GP) --- Enjoy the view.
All in the Family (25 GP) --- Every NPC has moved in!
Be Prepared (40 GP) --- You are ready for battle!
Blacksmith (40 GP) --- You are a master smith!
Bona Fide (40 GP) --- You have defeated Skeletron Prime!
Challenge Accepted (25 GP) --- You have unlocked Hard Mode!
Corruptible (25 GP) --- Your World is Corrupt!
Crafty (50 GP) --- You have used every crafting station!
Crowd Control (40 GP) --- You have defeated the Goblin Army!
Engineer (25 GP) --- You have placed 100 wires!
Exterminator (75 GP) --- You have defeated every boss!
Hallowed Be Thy Name (25 GP) --- Your World is Hallowed!
Home Sweet Home (50 GP) --- The Guide has moved in!
I'm Smelting! (50 GP) --- You have smelted 10,000 bars of metal!
Icarus (25 GP) --- You can only go down from here!
Landscaper (40 GP) --- You have removed more than 10,000 blocks!
Marathon Runner (50 GP) --- You have traveled over 42km on the ground!
Maxed Out (40 GP) --- You have the maximum health and mana!
Ophthalmologist (40 GP) --- You have defeated The Twins!
Pet Hoarder (25 GP) --- You seem to like pets.
Red Moon Rises (25 GP) --- You have survived the Blood Moon!
Ride the Worm (40 GP) --- You have defeated The Destroyer!
Rock Bottom (25 GP) --- You have reached the bottom of the World!
Slimer (25 GP) --- You have killed every type of slime!
Survivor (25 GP) --- You survived the first night!
Terraria Expert (5 GP) --- You have completed the tutorial!
Terraria Student (5 GP) --- You have begun the tutorial!
To Hell and Back (40 GP) --- You have gone to The Underworld and back without dying!
Vanity of Vanities (15 GP) --- Looking good!

Rock Bottom - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Get within five blocks of the very bottom of the map. To do this, reach the Underworld then find a deep-reaching Underworld tower. Dig through the floor into the ash until you reach the bottom while avoiding pools of lava. To make this easy, try to have the following.
- Golden Armor or better
- Nightmare Pickaxe or better (for mining through Obsidian)
- Obsidian Skull (for protection from Hellstone)
- Obsidian Skin Potion or Lava Charm (for protection against Lava)

Pretty in Pink - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Pinky is a rare slime that appears in the Forest. It is the smallest of the slimes, and has more health, defense and knockback than almost all of other pre-hardmode slimes. However, it also has very low damage value.

Into Orbit - Achievement / Trophy Guide
You must reach the upper boundary, where the sky meets space. If you do not have the Wings, Jetpack, or any other means of flight, build a very tall single block tower with regular wooden platforms sticking out of it to use as jumping points. Jump up until you reach the maximum height.

Lucky Break - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Start a new character with 100 health. Build a tower that is 24 blocks in height and walk off the top. Note: Do not jump. This should result in exactly 50 points of falling damage. Wait until your health regenerates to 51 or 52, then fall off that tower again.

Like a Boss - Achievement / Trophy Guide
The easiest Boss summoning item you can obtain is the Suspicious Looking Eye. It is crafted at a Demon Crimson Altar with six Lenses or can be found in chests in the Cavern.

It Can Talk?! - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Truffle is an NPC that sells Mushroom-related items such as Mushroom Spear, Hammush, and Autohammer. Get a surface Mushroom Biome with over 100 blocks of Mushroom Grass, Plants, Trees, and a house suitable for NPCs. Truffle will appear very soon afterwards.

Hold on Tight! - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Place any grappling hook into the grappling hook slot in the "Equipment menu". When selected, it will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

Gelatin World Tour - Achievement / Trophy Guide
There are 29 different slimes in total, however only 24 of them need to be killed. The other five slimes are from Christmas and Halloween events. The slimes can be found as follows.

Pre-Hardmode slimes
- Green Slime: Found in the Forest during the day.
- Blue Slime: Found in Forest and Underground, or summoned with a slime statue.
- Red Slime: Found spawning in the Underground.
- Purple Slime: Spawns on surface uncommonly in the outer thirds of the world.
- Yellow Slime: Found in the Underground layer.
- Black Slime: Spawn in the Cavern layer, and are hard to see.
- Mother Slime: Second largest ordinary slimes. They spawn in Cavern layers.
- Baby Slime: A few Baby Slimes will spawn after killing Mother Slime.
- Pinky: Very rare slime that can appear in the Forest biome. It is the smallest of the slimes.
- Jungle Slime: Common enemy in the Jungle biome.
- Spiked Jungle Slime: Can be found in both Jungle and Underground Jungle Biomes.
- Lava Slime: Spawn only in the Underworld. They have fiery glow and emit some light.
- Dungeon Slime: Found in the Dungeon and have a Golden Key inside.
- Ice Slime: Common enemy in a Snow Biome and also appear in the Underground Snow Biome.
- Spiked Ice Slime: Commonly found in the Underground Snow Biome.
- Umbrella Slime: Found during rain on the surface. They are larger than Blue and Green Slimes and hold an umbrella.
- King Slime: Summoned with Slime Crown as well as by very rare random spawns when a player is in the two outer thirds of the map (far left or far right), the depth is above zero, and there is standard, green grass as a potential spawn point. Note: Goblin Scouts will spawn in the same locations as King Slime, indicating the proper location has been found.

Hardmode slimes
- Corrupt Slime: Can spawn in both The Corruption and Underground Corruption Biomes. Similar to Mother Slimes but stronger. It is a Corruption counterpart to a Crimslime.
- Slimeling: Three Slimelings will spawn after defeating a Corrupt Slime.
- Crimslime: Found in the Crimson biome in different sizes. It is a Crimson counterpart to a Corrupt Slime.
- Illuminant Slime: Spawn in the Underground Hallow Biome, replacing normal cave slimes. They emit a small amount of light.
- Rainbow Slime: Rare spawn near The Hallow during rain or blizzard. They will spawn outside of The Hallow Biome while a player is physically inside. It does not spawn directly on the hallowed blocks, but on non-hallow blocks such as grass or snow.
- Slimer: Spawn in The Corruption and Underground Corruption Biomes. It begins as a flying Slime with wings but will lose them and fight you on ground.
- Toxic Sludge: Spawns in the Underground in place of ordinary slimes.

Funkytown - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Surface Glowing Mushroom Biomes do appear naturally and must be player created. To do this, get Mushroom Grass Seeds that are dropped from Glowing Mushrooms in the Underground Glowing Mushroom Biome. Then, go on to surface (above depth 0) and plant seeds in Mud, and not Dirt. Plant the seeds at every second or third block. Allow it to grow as Grass, and Mushrooms will spread by themselves. After reaching 100 blocks wide, the Glowing Mushroom Biome will become a permanent biome in your world.

Bloodbath - Achievement / Trophy Guide
The Blood Moon is random event that happens during an entire night. The chance of it triggering is 11.11% if at least one player has over 120 health points on a night with the moon present. When it begins, the message "The Blood Moon is rising..." will appear in the lower left corner. Multiple Blood Moons in a row can occur. During a Blood Moon, the enemy spawn rate increases (even near your home and NPCs), zombies can open doors, small animals such Bunnies, Penguins, and Goldfish will transform into enemies, and the sky, moon, water, and rain will appear red.

There are Some Who Call Him - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Tim is skeleton mage that has 200 hp. He's not that hard to kill, but be aware, he teleports and has spectral projectiles, so he can shoot you through tiles. You can find him randomly digging underground.

Still Hungry - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Wall of Flesh is a boss with 8000 hp and is one of the first difficult ones. He has three eyes each having a different attack and he will try to reach out to you with his minion-like biting tentacles. Best way to kill him is to build a really long bridge in the hell area, try to make it as straight as possible so you can only press one button to run one way and focus on attacking him with ranged weapon. You can spawn him by defeating demon with Guide voodoo doll (you can easily see the demon carrying it) and then throwing the voodoo doll in the lava. If you aren't prepared for the fight, avoid killing the demons with voodoo dolls, unless there is a solid surface underneath so the doll wouldn't fall in lava.

Boned - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Somewhere on your map on surface you will find dungeon entrance with old man in front of it. At night, ask the old man about the curse and Skeletron will spawn.

Fish Out of Water - Achievement / Trophy Guide

In underground mushroom biome, search for truffle worm crawling on the ground and catch it with your bug net. Now go fishing to the sea and you will face fishron right after pulling the pole out. For the boss you can build arena of some sort. I did it after defeating the moon pillars, with Stardust dragon staff ( +spooky armor and all possible minion accessories) and solar eruption sword while going circles around him with my UFO mount.
Important Notice:
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