Sunday, February 19, 2017

Playstation 4 Cheats - RONIN

Officer - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Use the following steps to defeat the Boss in the "Kill the Officer" level. Jump to the lamp post across from the window exit from the building you are in unnoticed. Use the roof to swing across to the next building. Clear out the remaining portion of the level up to the end, including your current building. Return to the roof and drop down on the man on the van to kill him. Allow the Officer's line of view pass over you. When it does, angle a jump so that the red part of the arc almost touches the Officer's path. Once at the end of the arc, you should be directly next to him and get the first hit. Then, take him out as soon as possible by using the same technique of angling your jump so that your next turn ends above the ground, and next to the Officer. If done correctly, you should be targeted while in the air. When you swing at him, you will drop to the floor and the shots will miss. Kill all the guards to the right of the van. You must get to the right-hand side without attracting machine gun fire. Once at the right-most point of the bottom area and the guards on the right-hand side are take out, you should be out of combat and can move directly to the end of the level. Note: consider using a thrown retrievable sword to easily take out the gunner in the left-hand room.

Sad Ending - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Kill the Boss, then die afterwards. Consider getting shot before going after the Boss. You only have ten turns after you get shot before you die properly.

Second Blood - Achievement / Trophy Guide

Progress through the first level until you enter a room with a guard. Lunge at him, stun him, then select the red circle to kill him.

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