Sunday, February 26, 2017

Playstation 4 Cheats - Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
108 Evil Stars of Inferno! Specters (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the Specters!
All Is For Friendship! (Bronze) --- Collected 50% of Assist Phrases!
Awakening of Cosmo! (Bronze) --- Obtained first "S" clear rank! (Any mode)
Blazing Battle of the Gods (Silver) --- Completed the Galaxy War God Cup!
Buy Out The Graude Foundation! (Bronze) --- Acquired a total of 100,000 CP!
Complete History of the Holy Wars (Silver) --- Completed the collection!
Cosmo Beyond Even a God (Bronze) --- Completed the God Survival Class!
Door to a New Legend (Bronze) --- Completed the Legend Survival Class!
Eternally Young! The Bronze Saints (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the Bronze Saints!
First Among Saints (Bronze) --- Completed the Gold Survival Class!
First Step Toward Sainthood (Bronze) --- Completed the Bronze Survival Class!
First Trial (Bronze) --- Cleared your first challenge!
Foes from the Far North! Legendary God Warriors (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the God Warriors!
Gathering of Gods! A New Holy War (Bronze) --- Unlocked Poseidon, Thanatos, Hypnos, Athena and Hades!
Gold Souls Reborn (Bronze) --- All God Cloth Gold Saints have all been unlocked!
Guardians of the Undersea Temple! The Seven Generals (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the Marinas!
Hades! This is Love! (Bronze) --- Cleared the Hades arc in Legend of Cosmo!
Heroes of the Sanctuary! The Silver Saints (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the Silver Saints!
I Can Hear Them All... Their Voices, Cheering Me On! (Gold) --- Collected 100% of Assist Phrases!
I... I Won! (Bronze) --- Performed 50 Cosmic K.O.s!
I'll Fight Until Someone Stops Me! (Bronze) --- Cleared the Sanctuary arc in Legend of Cosmo!
I'll Overcome All Trials! (Bronze) --- Cleared 50% of the challenges in Legend of Cosmo!
I've Already Seen All Your Attacks! (Silver) --- Collected 100% of Big Bang Attack movies in the collection!
Into a World of Light... (Gold) --- Cleared all chapters in Legend of Cosmo to 100%!
Is this... a Big Bang!? (Silver) --- Completed the Big Bang Survival Class!
Mach 1 Fist! (Bronze) --- Completed the Galaxy War Bronze Cup!
Mach 5 Fist! (Bronze) --- Completed the Galaxy War Silver Cup!
Pinnacle of the 88 Constellations! The Gold Saints (Bronze) --- Unlocked all of the Gold Saints!
Please Protect the Beauty of Asgard (Bronze) --- Cleared the Asgard arc in Legend of Cosmo!
Poseidon! You Lose! (Bronze) --- Cleared the Poseidon arc in Legend of Cosmo!
Proof of Might! (Silver) --- Collected 80% of titles!
Proof of True Friendship (Bronze) --- Maxed out Assist Phrase slots!
Proud Saint Legend (Bronze) --- Completed the Galaxy War Legend Cup!
Recipients of Athena's Blood (Bronze) --- All God Cloth Bronze Saints have all been unlocked!
Saint Who Defeated Lightspeed! (Bronze) --- Completed the Galaxy War Gold Cup!
The Chosen Saint Child (Gold) --- Obtained 100% of possible "S" clear ranks in Legend of Cosmo!
The Knowledge of a Saint (Bronze) --- Experienced the Tutorial!
This is the Ultimate Cosmo! (Bronze) --- Hit with a total of 30 Big Bang Attacks!
Ultimate Soldiers' Soul (Platinum) --- Acquired all Trophies!
Worthy of the Name Saint (Bronze) --- Completed the Silver Survival Class!

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Because You're Still Green! (Bronze) --- Lost a battle without landing a single attack!
I Almost Died Again! (Bronze) --- Used Deathmask (Surplice) to defeat Mu after being hit by his Crystal Wall!
I Cast You Back To The Land Of The Dead! (Bronze) --- Used Mu to defeat Deathmask (Dark Cloth) and Aphrodite (Dark Cloth) 3times each!
I Have No Ear For Music (Bronze) --- Used Rhadamanthys to defeat Orphee, Sorento and Mime 3 times each!
Looks Determine Victory (Bronze) --- Used Ichi to clear Survival! (Any class)
My Dear Friends... (Bronze) --- Used Kaasa to defeat Seiya, Shun, Hyoga and Ikki!
My Lady! I'll Carry You On My Back! (Bronze) --- Used Jabu to clear Survival! (Any class)
Now You Shall Be My Bride (Bronze) --- Used Poseidon (Tuxedo) to defeat Athena 3 times!
The Ones I Should Be Fighting... (Bronze) --- Used Siegfried to defeat all of the Marinas!

This World Will Be Mine! (Bronze) --- Used Alberich to defeat all of the God Warriors!

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