Thursday, February 23, 2017

Playstation 4 Cheats - Rugby League Live 3

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
...Try Try Again (Silver Trophy) --- Score 1000 tries in any mode.
40/20 Hindsight (Bronze Trophy) --- Kick a 40/20.
Boosted (Bronze Trophy) --- Purchase a boost in career player mode.
Challenger (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete a challenge in a casual match.
Club Champion (Gold Trophy) --- Play 10 years at the same club as a single player in career mode.
Commander (Bronze Trophy) --- Win a match using the Auckland Nines ruleset.
Consistent Performer (Silver Trophy) --- Be Man of the Match 15 times as a career player.
Debut (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete your first career match.
Ding (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach user level 1.
Ding LX (Gold Trophy) --- Reach user level 60.
Ding X (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach user level 10.
Ding XL (Silver Trophy) --- Reach user level 40.
Flawless Minor Premiers (Silver Trophy) --- Complete an NRL or Super League regular season (no finals) in career mode without conceding a loss.
Go the Distance (Bronze Trophy) --- Score an 85+ metre try.
Good Game (Bronze Trophy) --- Win your first match.
Hall of Fame (Platinum Trophy) --- Collect all Trophies.
If at First You Don't Succeed... (Bronze Trophy) --- Score 500 tries in any mode.
Made the Grade (Bronze Trophy) --- Be selected for an NRL or Super League team after beginning your career as rookie.
Mirror Mirror (Bronze Trophy) --- Create a player in the fanhub and upload it to the world.
Money Truck (Gold Trophy) --- Earn a total of $10,000,000 in career mode as a player.
Objectivity (Silver Trophy) --- Complete 50 career mode objectives.
On Your Own (Bronze Trophy) --- Give away a penalty while playing for the Batley or Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.
Patriot (Gold Trophy) --- Represent your country in career mode after beginning your career as rookie.
Prodigy (Silver Trophy) --- Retire your career player and start a prodigy rookie.
Professional (Silver Trophy) --- Reach level 25 in career mode after beginning your career as rookie.
Showing Potential (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach level 10 in career mode after beginning your career as rookie.
Superman (Silver Trophy) --- Win the Dally M or Man of Steel award in an NRL or Super League season in career mode.
Superstar (Gold Trophy) --- Reach level 50 in career mode after beginning your career as rookie.
That's Gold (Bronze Trophy) --- Achieve gold medals in all drills.
That's My Team! (Bronze Trophy) --- Create and share a custom team in the fanhub.
Tick Tock (Bronze Trophy) --- Win a match in extra time.
Try Hard (Bronze Trophy) --- Score 92 or more points in a single match.
Try Hard With a Vengeance (Silver Trophy) --- Score more than 213 tries in a player's career after beginning your career as rookie.
Try Harder (Bronze Trophy) --- Score 9 or more tries in a match with a single player.
We are the Champions (Silver Trophy) --- Win a premiership or championship in career mode.

You're Welcome (Bronze Trophy) --- View the entire credits sequence without skipping.

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