Saturday, February 4, 2017

Xbox One Cheats - Starwhal

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Bronze Age (200 GP) --- Obtain 30 Bronze medals in challenge mode.
Come at me, bro! (0 GP) --- Taunt 25 times in a single match
Developer X Is Pleased (0 GP) --- Accumulate 4096 total points in Score Attack
Die One Thousand Deaths (200 GP) --- Die 1000 times in Challenge Mode
Ghostbuster (0 GP) --- Beat your ghost.
Gnarly Balls (200 GP) --- Get your first platinum medal.
Gold Digger (200 GP) --- Get 20 gold medals in challenge mode.
Golden Boy (200 GP) --- Get your first gold medal
Ice Breaker (0 GP) --- Shatter 1000 blocks of Ice
Master of their Domain (0 GP) --- Hold a Zone for 45 consecutive seconds
Mine, All Mine! (0 GP) --- Win a Versus Heart Throb match being the sole holder of the Heart
NEEEERRRRD!!!!!!! (0 GP) --- Play 1000 rounds of Versus
NERD (0 GP) --- Play 1,000 rounds of Versus Mode
Petty Cash (0 GP) --- Get your first Bronze Medal
Platinum Games (0 GP) --- Obtain 15 Platinum in all Challenges
Silver Dollar (0 GP) --- Get your first silver medal
Silver Surfer (0 GP) --- Obtain 25 Silver medals
Stabby stab (0 GP) --- Stab 1,000 hearts in Classic mode
Stabby stabby stab (0 GP) --- Stab 3000 hearts in Classic mode
This Place Shall Become Your Grave (0 GP) --- Die 100 times in challenge mode
Too Easy (0 GP) --- Obtain 32 Platinum medals

Why2K? (0 GP) --- Accumulate 2,000 total points in Score Attack

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