Thursday, February 19, 2009


I know how everyone felt when StarGate SG-1 and Atlantic was canceled, however the good news is, Stargate in general is still up and going. As for me, I have been playing a MMORPG game of StarGate.

Down below is my blog about some StarGate games that I am playing, as well as some StarGate Games I haven't tried yet. Not only will my blog direct you to some cool StarGate games, it also has some help that the help & rules page doesn't have. I have had a lot of good help and support from players at the SGW Forum, as well as my ounce of help.

If you are new to these StarGate games that I am talking about, please take a look at the offical rules how to play first before taking a look at the help that I have on this StarGate blog. The help I have posted is meant more for the players that have read the rules/updates and are playing the game but may not quite understand some parts of the game that the Main help & rules doesn't offer.

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