Thursday, June 7, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Zero Divide: The Final Conflict

Fight as Zulu and Xtal:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or higher difficulty level.

Fight as Neco:
Unlock Zulu and Xtal, then accumulate twelve more hours of game play.

Fight in Neco's stage:
Unlock Neco, then hold L + R while selecting Xtal's stage at the stage selection screen.

Time attack mode:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or higher difficulty level.

Neco Hammer mini-game:
Enter the "Key Config" option and change all the buttons to "No Use". Use the "Test 2" option that appears to play a mini-game that involves hitting Neco's head with a hammer.

Phalanx mini-game:
Unlock the Neco Hammer mini-game, then accumulate three more hours of game play. An option to play Mini-Phalanx will appear after that time.

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game with any character. Highlight the same fighter at the character selection screen, then hold Select and press anAttack button or combination of Attack buttons. Sixteen new costume colors may be selected.

Alternate title screen:
Accumulate 200 hours of game play to unlock an alternate "Congratulations!" title screen.

Versus mode stage select:
Start a match with Zulu against Xtal in "2P VS" mode. Have each fighter win with an elapsed time less than five seconds. The following stages may now be selected in versus mode.
Stage --- Number
Cygnus --- 04
Draco --- 05
Eos --- 06
IO --- 03
Neco --- 09
Nereid --- 01
Tau --- 00
Wild 3 --- 07
Xtal --- 09
Zero --- 02
Zulu --- 08

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