Monday, September 11, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Grandia

Hint: Easy experience for water magic:
A great place to try the water magic recovery trick is the Dom Ruins south of Feena's house. In the beginning, there are some frowning stone faces. Have your party run into them, get injured, then go to the nearby recovery point and use water magic. Then, use the point to regain your MP.

Just before you enter the Dom Ruins is a wall that attacks you when you get close enough. Allow it to hit you until you only have 1 HP remaining. Do not worry about dying from falling into traps. Use your water magic to heal all members of the party. Then just go back to the nearest recovery spot to regain MP -- it would only take about three seconds to walk back and forth between the wall trap and the recovery spot).

If you have not gotten to the Castle Of Dreams yet (or if you have completed it, but can still get to it), go there. Notice the save point in the main hall. Go down the stairs to the graveyard and kill all of the beasts. Heal or save if needed. Then, go down there after killing all of the beasts until you reach a spiked wall (should be close to the stairs). Keep running into the wall until everyone's Hp is at 1, then heal them all. This works well with Hilda on your team, with her high HP. You will run out of MP. Go up to the main hall and recover or save. Repeat this as many times as needed.

In the Virgin Forest at the beginning of Disc 2, find Guido's tent. Just to the right of the tent is a trap that looks like a Venus Fly Trap. Stand in the trap (make sure Feena is also in it) and wait for it to take your party down to 1 HP. The plant only does 9 damage each hit -- this can take a while. When your team is down to 1 HP, use Water Magic to heal, then repeat the process. When you run out of MP, simply return to Guido's tent and pay him 10G to heal. Also, when trying this trick, do not worry about the Land Slug nearby, as it will stop at the large purple plant if it sees you (and if you have not killed it yet).

Hint: Easy magic or weapon level up:
When you get to the island of the mermaids at the end of Disc 1, go to the right until you fight a group of four Toad Kings. If you have Dragon Cut with Justin, you can get a lot of Weapon, Fire, and Earth Skill Points. Also, these enemies are very easy to defeat, in case you do not have Dragon Cut. To level up your Water Magic in these fights, cast Snooze until you run out of MP. After the battle, you are likely to be low on SP and/or MP. Return to the Sea Dragon, heal, and go back to the toads.

Hint: Mana Egg:
You will get a Mana Egg after defeating the Squid Boss in the ghost ship. You can use it in the very next town.

To get a Mana Egg in the church after Feena is kidnapped, open the first water gate and cross to the other side. Then, close the water gate from the other side. Keep walking until you reach another gate. Open it. go through the tunnel on your right, then go down two sets of stairs. Then, go to the top right hand corner of the floor. Follow this tunnel and you will eventually find a Mana Egg.

Hint: Hidden areas:

There are two secret areas in the game. One in the North Zil desert. There is a door in a sand wall. There is another one in the South Zil Desert. This one is in a rock wall after you enter the canyons.

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