Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Bravely Default

Konami Code Special Movie
On the Main Menu of the Title Screen, move the cursor to the bottom of the four options (it should currently read as ?????). Enter the Konami Code - Up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, B, A. You should a voice yell, "Tiz!" and the bottom option will change to "Special Movie"

Bravo Bikini (Edea) Outfit
For this costume you have to defeat Fiore DeRosso for the 2nd time in chapter 5

Unlockable Costumes
To unlock the following Costumes, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Bravo Bikini (Edea) --- Defeat Fiore DeRosso for the second time in chapter 5
Edea's Garb (Edea) --- Norende: Level 11 Combat Item
Knight's Tunic (Agnes) --- Norende: Level 11 Trader
Melodist's Shirt (Ringabel) --- Norende: Level 11 Accessory Shop
Onion Shirt (Tiz) --- Norende: Level 11 Armor Shop
Plain Tunic (all) --- Norende: Level 11 Compound Shop
Vestal Garb (Agnes) --- Defeat the Final Boss. ("False" ending only)

Unlockable Demo Bonuses
To unlock the following Demo Bonuses, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Caldislan Adventure Set --- Fully restore Norende
Caldislan Black Mage's Set --- Beat Adamantite Shell
Caldislan Knight's Set --- Beat Automaton
Caldislan Recovery Set --- Beat Melusine
Caldislan Relief Set --- Play the Demo
Caldislan Soldier's Set --- Beat Dragon
Caldislan White Mage's Set --- Beat Minotaur

Easy Money 50,000 pg per hit

Use this little technique to make some simple cash and have limitless access to the very best recovery item in the game, elixir! To do this, you should have access to the Burglar training (which you can unlock in the first sub-quest) and access to the level 25 bane "Mammon" in Norende. Now, when entering into battle with Mammon, your objective is not to combat her however to take her item. Mammon will either have an ether or a elixir. Enter, utilize brave x4 and take with your theif, and set all your various other characters to run. Presuming your theif has the greatest dexterity in your celebration (a safe bet), he/she will go. Once you discover a Mammon that brings a elixir, make certain to hit "secure" on it from the Norende display. She will constantly drop the elixir, and as long as you do not beat her and simply keep running and taking, you can have an unrestricted supply of elixirs. They cost 25,000 pg each, or you can simply save them for your very own use, as they recover 9999 hp and 999 mp. This gets even much better when you get your theif to level 11, as the Rob Blind capability offers you an opportunity to take 2 items, bringing your haul up to 50,000 pg per hit! Delighted searching!

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