Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Citizens Of Earth

Unlockable Challenges
To unlock the following Challenges, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Ambassador's Club --- Get one citizen to level 20.
Bring it On! --- Recieve 10,000 damage in combat.
Budget Cuts --- Spend $1,000.
Career Politician --- Recruit 25 citizens.
Charitable Donation --- Use 150 items.
Diplomat's Club --- Get all citizens to level 30.
Early Retirement --- Earn $10,000.
Easy Money --- Earn $1,000.
Explorer --- Discover 10 locations.
Favored To Win --- Ambush 10 enemies in a row.
Finders Keepers --- Find 15 treasures.
Fundraiser --- Earn $3,000.
Globetrotter --- Discover 30 locations.
Government Spending --- Spend $3,000.
Heavy Hitter --- Deal 2,500 damage in combat.
Hoarder --- Collect 100 items.
House of Cards --- Earn $100,000 in the Casino.
Intelligence Network --- Find 100 treasures.
Junior Statesman --- Recruit 5 citizens.
Master Bureaucrat --- Deal 10,000 damage in combat.
Maximizing You Potential --- Get one citizen to Talent Level 3.
Mud Slinger --- Deal 500 damage in combat.
New Sheriff In Town --- Complete all 10 Wanted Poster quests.
No Citizen Left Behind --- Enroll 9 citizens simultaneously in School.
No Pardons For You --- Defeat 1,000 enemies.
Odds 'n Ends --- Collect 30 items.
Ouchie! --- Recieve 500 damage in combat.
Out of My Way --- Defeat 50 enemies.
Paparazzi --- Complete all Photography quests.
Pick Me Up --- Use 25 items.
Presidential Library --- Collect 300 items.
Raising the Deficit --- Spend $10,000.
Roll Up Your Sleeves --- Complete all Extermination quests.
Supply and Demand --- Use 75 items.
Trailblazer --- Discover 20 locations.
Treasure Hunter --- Find 45 treasures.
Walk it Off! --- Receive 2,500 damage in combat.
Who's Next --- Defeat 250 enemies.

World Leader --- Recruit all 40 citizens.

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