Saturday, November 7, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Face Raiders

Photo dojo
Are you stuck? on photo dojo well after reading this maybe you won't be are you tired of not being able to defeat 100 fighters well it's quite simple just take small steps and constantly use fireballs on the other hand if its a sky attack jump up and kick them when you've finished you'll be awarded with some music well thats all and good luck!!!

How to do the first 3 levels
(to dodge ball attacks) look the other way of were they're attacking.
- 1st boss- shoot his face. when his mask is on shoot the crossed backed faces at the right time to hit his mask off.
- 2nd boss- shoot the real face you made not the fancy dress one.
- 3rd boss- shoot all the small faces so they are yellow then his diamond shows shoot it 3 times then repeat again. once you have done that it will say send him packing then shoot his diamond 3 times. hope this helps!

Fast-Motion Blows
If you take a fast blow at everything, and if the boss is near, you can hit the boss! If it doesn't work, kill the raiders, leaving the cross on. When it goes away, hit it quickly and you hit the boss!

How to get through the last stage in face raiders
Defeating 1st boss: You have to turn the bolts of the boss' opposite side. Repeat till you activate his face. Hit it as many times as you can.

Defeating 2nd Boss: When you get to it, avoid the hair, otherwise stars come at you. Hit the face many times till send it packing. Hit diamond.

Useful Tip: If you shoot the hair, stars come like I said. But however, you can't turn these away. Only turn away balls

How to get through ES1 in Face Raiders
Ok. The boss part. You do know what to do, don't you? The backed crossed faces. 1st go, hit exactly when boss arrives the territory. 2nd go, same. Ok, here comes the tricky bit... 3rd go. Try to hit in a 45 angle. If you miss, the face will generate rubble. Or otherwise if it doesn't work, you can hit top part of the body when boss is there to hit the boss.

How to get fourth level
Go to Play With a Friend. You do NOT have to give it to someone so they can play. I did not. Play the first round and beat it 6 times. when you get out of Play With a Friend, go to JUST Play. There, you will have your fourth stage. PS. When you beat the level, make sure you don't press the Once More button when it says play again. Then, you press the same level.

Legend of Zelda theme on Face Raiders

Press X Y and A at the same time when playing face raiders and the puzzle solved theme will play.

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