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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - HarmoKnight

World 8 Sky Roost
To Unlock Sky Roost You need to gather all 5 Tori birds concealed in the game. These birds are concealed in each of the Worlds (besides World 4 and 6) in one level. You will constantly find these birds by discovering a "cloud ground" section part in a level. At the end of this "cloud section" you will find an egg which you need to hit to get the bird. Each Tori is found in the following tunes if you push the Y Button: The Fourth level of World 1, the Sixth level of World 2, the 7th level of World 3, the 8th level of World 5 (unlocked after triumphing), and the Third level of world 7. Once you acquire all the Tori, return to Symphony City and moving towards the locked door near the city and you will have the ability to unlock the door and head into the concealed last world.

Unlockable Pokemon Songs
To unlock the following song tracks, you should complete particular worlds then choose the tune from the tune option list by pushing Y and moving the song list to the leftside.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Bicycle Theme (Gold/Silver) --- Complete Calypso Beach (World 3)
Champion Theme (Red/Blue) --- Complete Sleighbell Mountains (World 5)
Pokemon Gym Theme --- Complete Marching Hills (World 1)
Route 26 Theme (Gold/Silver) --- Complete Rock Range (World 2)
Trainer Battle Theme (Black/White) --- Complete Baroque Valley (World 7)

Unlock Fast mode
Make sufficient notes to unlock a gold blossom to unlock FAst mode for that phase. You can now push Y, browse to a phase, then press X to play it in Fast mode.

Fast mode image
Make sufficient notes to unlock a gold blossom in a phase in Fast mode to unlock an unique image that represents that stage.

General Gameplay Tips

For easy Levels, go back and play it at an even-faster pace in the 'level select' menu. You can skip a couple of levels if you really want to, to make progress, but you may as well just go through them methodically, as you'll eventually need all the Royal Notes anyway. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, if you're having difficulty on one of the bosses, just close your eyes. You don't need visual cues to beat them and it will focus your attention on paying attention to the rhythm.

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