Friday, November 13, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Fire Emblem: Awakening

Theater, Support Log, and Unit Gallery
Unlocking the Theater,Support Log, and Unit Gallery in the Extras Menu.
- Support Log - For this beat the game once
- Theater - For this beat the game once
- Unit Gallery/Sound Test - For this beat the game once

Unlock Lunatic+ Mode
In order to unlock Lunatic+ Mode you have to complete the game on Lunatic.

Renown bonuses
Full complete Chapter 3 with the shown amount of Renown to get the matching benefit.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Alm's Blade --- 8,000 Renown
Beast Killer --- 400 Renown
Bolt Axe --- 1,800 Renown
Boots --- 50,000 Renown
Bullion (L), 10,000 Gold --- 1,000 Renown
Celica's Gale --- 550 Renown
Dracoshield --- 3,500 Renown
Energy Drop --- 330 Renown
Ephraim's Lnce --- 810 Renown
Glass Sword --- 50 Renown
Goddess Icon --- 900 Renown
Gradivus --- 10,000 Renown
Hector's Axe --- 7,250 Renown
Innes's Bow --- 2,600 Renown
Leif's Blade --- 1,500 Renown
Levin Sword --- 270 Renown
Longbow --- 720 Renown
Mercurius --- 3,000 Renown
Micaiah's Pyre --- 9,000 Renown
Naga's Tear --- 3,0000 Renown
Noble Rapier --- 4,000 Renown
Orsin's Hatchet --- 150 Renown
Parthia --- 5,000 Renown
Second Seal --- 100 Renown
Secret Book --- 630 Renown
Seed of Trust --- 210 Renown
Seraph Robe --- 2,200 Renown
Sigurd's Lance --- 5,750 Renown
Speedwing --- 1,200 Renown
Spirit Dust --- 470 Renown
Supreme Emblem, 99,999 Gold --- 99,999 Renown
Talisman --- 6,500 Renown
Tiki's Tear --- 4,500 Renown

Various Gameplay Tips
Hint 1: Weapons break down eventually. Keep a stock of cheap Iron or Steel weapons reachable for random encounters or DLC missions and switch to your stronger weapons for missions or stage bosses.

Hint 2: Even at the lowest difficulty, the computer's AI is relentless once it involves attacking your weaker units like Clerics and Troubadours. try these units up with protectors, or leave them flow of the enemy's threat vary.

Hint 3: Build relationships and try units up. As your units grow nearer, they're going to provide one another stat bonuses and exaggerated chance of double attacks and demanding hits. Take care to "View Map" before every battle. this permits you to reposition your units and keep usual pairs / couples approximate once the battle starts.

Easy to beat grima
When you first start on grima, pair chrom up with someone with defense and attack. use them to defeat grima so chrom wont die. use it for your character too.

Healing self
If you get a person (like Ricken) make him/her level 10 or higher then make them go second class witha master seal then choose dark knight. Then get them to level 15 then they learn a skill called LifeTakerif you defeat a enemy you gain 50% HP

Unlimited stats for Avatar Logbook characters

Collect a large number of stat increasing items and gold, then save the game. Recruit a character from the Avatar Logbook and apply as many stat increases as desired to that person. Update the avatar logbook for that character. Create a new saved game. Load the first saved game, then repeat the process.

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