Monday, August 7, 2017

Playstation Vita Cheats - Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
'Tis But a Scratch! (Bronze Trophy) --- Cleared the Survival Mode.
#1 Customer (Bronze Trophy) --- Purchased all outfits, lingerie, and accessories from the store.
Ain't Technology Grand? (Bronze Trophy) --- Used the Lingerie Printer in the store.
As Nature Intended (Silver Trophy) --- Saw 100 naked bodies.
Challenge Accepted (Bronze Trophy) --- Cleared the Challenge Mode.
Climax (Bronze Trophy) --- Performed a Final Drive for the first time.
Detective (Silver Trophy) --- Cleared all Back Doors.
Experienced Girls (Bronze Trophy) --- Gained a total of 5000000 experience points with all characters.
Fashion Expert (Bronze Trophy) --- Equipped 10 accessories in the Communication Room.
Fragment Collector (Silver Trophy) --- Obtained all Fragments.
Gotta Wear 'Em All! (Bronze Trophy) --- Obtained all pieces of underwear from the Lingerie Printer.
Hands-On Experience (Bronze Trophy) --- Touched everyone in the Communication Room.
I Can't Stop... (Bronze Trophy) --- Performed a 999-hit combo.
I'm Sexy and I Know It (Bronze Trophy) --- Recognized by a Keeper.
Intimate Connection (Bronze Trophy) --- Performed a Drive for the first time.
Make it Rain (Bronze Trophy) --- Acquired 1000000 Point
Our Bodies are Ready (Bronze Trophy) --- Peformed a Connect.
Please, Be Gentle... (Bronze Trophy) --- Engaged in a little touching in the Communication Room.
Satisfying Finish (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeated a boss with a Drive Break or a Super Drive Break.
School's Out (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeated 10000 enemies.
Strip Search (Bronze Trophy) --- Destroyed all of an enemy's clothes.
The Best of the Breast (Silver Trophy) --- Recognized by all Keepers.
The Magic Touch (Bronze Trophy) --- Played the Heart Catch in the Communication Room 100 times.
The Naked Truth (Bronze Trophy) --- Had all your clothes destroyed by an enemy.
Training Time (Bronze Trophy) --- Started the Free Training in Training Mode.
We Have Become One (Platinum Trophy) --- Obtained all trophies.
Welcome to BHIKKHUNI (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed Drive1-A
Worth Every Yen (Bronze Trophy) --- Spent 1000000 Point on the Lingerie Printer.

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Busting Out (Gold Trophy) --- Raised one character's Boob Rank to the maximum.
Captured By Your Eyes (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed 10 types of Affection Novels.
Don't Overdo It (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed Chapter Three.
Down with the Dragon (Bronze Trophy) --- Destroyed Trailokyavijaya's core and won the battle.
Down with the Phoenix (Bronze Trophy) --- Destroyed Kundali's core and won the battle.
Down with the Tiger (Bronze Trophy) --- Destroyed Yamantaka's core and won the battle.
Down with the Tortoise (Bronze Trophy) --- Destroyed Vajrayaksa's core and won the battle.
Ecstar Extraordinaire (Bronze Trophy) --- Raised one character's Drive Rank to the maximum.
Fates Intertwined (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed 30 types of Affection Novels.
For the Glorious Future! (Silver Trophy) --- Achieved the True Ending.
Fully Satisfied (Gold Trophy) --- Completed allAffection Novels.
Hooked on a Feeling (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed 10 types of Maximum Affection Novels.
I Don't Want to Live on this Island Anymore (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed Chapter Four.
I Want Sis to Smile Again (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed Chapter Two.
Liberator Supreme (Bronze Trophy) --- Raised one character's Liberator Level to the maximum.
My Heart Remains True (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed a Maximum Affection Novel.
Right Beside You (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed an Affection Novel.
Stronger Together (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed 50 types of Affection Novels.
The Battle's Just Begun (Silver Trophy) --- Achieved the Rinka vs. Ranka Ending.
The Training Never Stops (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed Chapter One.
Valkyrie's Paradise (Gold Trophy) --- Completed the Main Story.
Your Gentle Hands (Bronze Trophy) --- Completed 5 types of Maximum Affection Novels.

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