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Sega Saturn Cheats - Dragon Force

Debug mode:
Hold L + R + X + Z + Start as the game starts to load. While holding those buttons, press Down(2), Up, Down(2), Left(3), Up, Down,Right(3) when the text "Press Start Button" appears. While still continuing to hold the first set of buttons, release Start and press Start again. Release all buttons after the text "Debug mode" appears under the word "Options".

All items:
Enable the "Debug mode" code. Highlight the "Continue" or "New Game" option at the main menu, then hold X. Release the button when the "Domestic Affairs" screen appears go get one of each item and at least fifteen medals. During game play, hold X at the "Domestic Affairs beckon'' screen to restore your medals and items.

Warlord's shrines:
Forest Shrine: Gongos, Reinhart, Teiris
Cape Shrine: Leon, Junon, Mikhal
Snow Shrine: Goldark, Wein

Play as Reinhart and Goldark:
Successfully complete the game as any character to unlock Reinhart and Goldark when a new game is started.

Hidden character:
A hidden dragon-man named Vangal may be found in the following locations (depending on the identity of your warlord):
Wein: Second village to the west of Palemoon
Wangal: First town south of the Castle Danyan.
Teiris: Second village to the West of Palemoon
Leon: Village east of Fiend Tower
Gongos: Village East of Fiend Tower
Reinhard: Village North of Estonia
Mikhal: First town south of the castle Danyan.
Junon: Between Crystal and Travan.

Hidden generals:
Go to Fiend Tower, which is in the north-west from Wein's territory, with just your main warlord. You will meet and fight a vampire named Vlad. He will become a captive after he is defeated. During the next domestic affairs session, he will join you. He will request that he be allowed to fight Ryskim when he appears later in the game.

Follow the scenario for finding Vlad. When Ryskim appears, defeat him and Sierra. Vlad will use the Dark Orb to end Ryskim's domination over Sierra. Sierra will go to the Hospital, and join you after she heals.

Hayate and Shirox
Go to the town (not the city) south from Mikeral in Bozack/Izumo territory. You will meet Shirox, the star pupil of Hayate. He will flee after you defeat him. Hayate will appear, give your character a Strategy Rune, and leave. Exit the town, and wait until the next two domestic affairs session. Return to the town where Shirox was encountered. Hayate will be waiting and will fight your main general in a duel. Regardless of the outcome, he and Shirox will join you after learning you are planning to fight Madruk. Hayate is a very powerful ninja.

History of Legendra:
Place the game disc in a PC-compatible CD-ROM drive and read the second text file. It contains a long story about the history of Legendra.

Special castle items:
Some castles always have one particular item after a successful search:
Crystal: Dragon Crest
Danyan: True Ring
Lightan: Dark Claw
Magicka: Spirit Crest
Ogrekeep: Death Claw
Royal: Kamui Blade
Sardia: Igneous Axe
Sophnik: Gaia Sword
Stalwart: Spirit Crest

Out takes:
Complete the game and wait for five minutes at the screen that displays the word "Fin". Errors made during the voice recordings for the game will be played.

Eliminating Agonni and Paine:
Force a draw by sparing Agonni, but killing all of his troops when he attacks. Completely defeat Paine when he attacks. Agonni will wander to a town, saying "..." indefinitely. Killing Agonni will bring both men back.

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