Friday, August 11, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Enemy Zero

Christmas Message
If the date is 12/25 and you load up your game a "Merry X-mas!!" message will appear.

New Years Message
Set your Saturn's clock to 1/1 and load your game. The Voice Recorder will say Happy New Years.

Shower Scene
Finish game in Normal Mode, then start a new game in Hard Mode. When you get to Laura's room, press A to see Laura's shower scene.

Zero Enemies
In Laura's room enter: a,l,c,x and there will be no enemies


No enemies:
Press A, L, C, X while in Laura's room.

Secret date:
Set the Saturn's internal date to January 1. Your battery-saver will be set to 99 instead of 64. George's gun will be charged when it is found, and will now hold three shots.

Christmas message:
Set the Saturn's internal date to December 25. A hidden message will be displayed as the game loads.

Hidden scene:

Complete the game at the normal difficulty level and start a new game under the hard difficulty level. Press A when reaching Laura's room to view a shower scene.

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