Friday, November 24, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Minnesota Fats Pool Legend

Bonus trick shot tables:
Successfully complete the first set of sixteen trick shot tables to unlock a second set of sixteen more tables.

Hint: Desperation win:

This is a desperation tactic and it is not a guaranteed win. There are a few things that need to happen before this can be tried: Get to the point where you are having a bad game and your opponent is about or at the point where they can "call their shot", and you still have a lot of balls to shoot in. Also, the ball should be in the "kitchen" area. Now, shoot any ball you absolutely know can make it. If there are any left that are impossible to make, or you do not want to chance missing, shoot the ball straight into the easiest hole. Do not worry about it getting a "scratch" -- this is exactly what you want to happen. If done correctly, the eight ball should be in the "kitchen", and your opponent will have to place the cue ball also in the "kitchen" also. This basically gives you an advantage, because if the opponent hits the ball in any hole they will get "foul". Sometimes they shoot outside the "kitchen" and in effect may hit one of your balls in an easily shootable position. If not, keep "scratching" until your opponent either "fouls" or you get them to hit one of your balls -- either way you will win.

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