Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - NFL Quarterback Club '97

Hidden Team:
Go into ‹Preseason  mode, and at the ‹Team Select- screen, Press X, Y, L, L, X, L. A new team appears between the Vikings and 49ers.


Stadium selection:
Press Left or Right when the NFL flag is next to the rotating stadium in the options screen. One of the four stadiums may be selected for the game.

Enter one of the following controller actions at the team selection screen in pre-season mode:
Effect --- Code
Constant turbo --- X(2), Y(2), X, Y
Fumble mode --- X(3), L, X(2)
No fumbles --- X(3), R, X(2)
Land mine mode --- X(3), Z, X(2)
Super slippery --- X(2), R, Z, X, R
Big players --- X(2), Z, Y, X, Z
Small players --- X(2), Z(2), X, Z
Short, fat players --- X, Y, Z, Y, X, Z
Tall, skinny players --- X, Y, Z(2), X, Z
Shadow players --- X(2), Z, L, X, Z
100 yard passes and kicks --- X(2), Z, R, X, Z
High school team --- X(2), Y, R, X, Y
Super team --- X(2), R, Y, X, R
Eight downs --- X, Y, L, Y, X, L
Activate all codes --- X(2), R(2), X, R
Activate 100 secret teams --- L, Y, R(2), L, R
Pro-Bowl teams --- X(3), Y, X(2)
Very slow motion --- X(2), L, Z, X, L
Very fast motion --- X(2), L(2), X, L
Vikings vs. 49ers --- X, Y, L(2), X, L
Gamepro team --- X, Y, L(2), X, L

EGM team --- X, Y, R(2), X, R

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