Thursday, August 6, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - 3DS (Hardware)

Dancing cartridge
Play ambient music while the system displays a game cartridge on the home menu. The game cartridge on screen will "dance" to the music that the system's microphone picks up.

Classic green monochrome color
While a Game Boy game on the Virtual Console, hold the L+R triggers and press the Y button.

Speed Up Time
Simply hold R and the Streetpass games will go twice as fast!

PLAY COINS glitch!
If you go on system settings and go on current time put 23:59 and in 1 min you can walk another 1000 steps or just add a day forward and you can walk another 1000 steps this work with other time operated games WARNING : BEWARE THIS WILL MESS UP ACTIVITY LOG

16 additional pages (128 more slots)
Titles played must reach 121.

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