Monday, August 24, 2015

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Armed Blue: GUNVOLT

Audiolocket List
Turn in a minimum of 3,000 Kudos at a checkpoint or with an offending ability to get a special pendant that can be synthed. When geared up, it will certainly trigger a certain tune to be played rather of the typical background music. Note: This impact takes place the very first time you reach 1,000 kudos. The Audiolockets can be made at the following places.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Audiolocket 1 (Beyond the Blue) --- 1st Sumeragi
Audiolocket 2 (Nebulous Clock) --- Subaquatic Base
Audiolocket 3 (Azure Door) --- Media Tower
Audiolocket 4 (Pain from the Past) --- Biochem Plant
Audiolocket 5 (Scorching Journey) --- Datastore
Audiolocket 6 (Rouge Shimmer) --- Stratacombs
Audiolocket 7 (A Zip to the Moon) --- Pharma Lab

Various Unlockable
To unlock the following Best Ending, Broken/Handmade Necklace complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Best Ending --- Beat the True Final Boss.
Broken Necklace --- Finish the "Firmament" level with the Handmade Necklace equipped.
Handmade Necklace --- Find all 7 hidden jewels then speak with Joule.
True Final Boss --- Successfully beat the "Firmament" level for the second time with the Handmade Necklace equipped.

Audiolockets List
Invest a minimum of 3,000 Kudos at a checkpoint or while making an offending ability to obtain a special pendant that you can synth. When you invest sufficient Kudos in a particular area, gear up that pendant to alter the background music to a certain tune. The audiolockets can be discovered at the suggested areas.
- Beyond Blue: 1st Sumeragi
- Nebulous Clock: Subaquatic Base
- Azure Door: Media Tower
- Pain from the Past: Biochem Plant
- Scorching Journey: Datastore
- Rouge Shimmer: Stratacombs
- A Zip to the Moon: Pharma Laboratory

Fight the True Final Boss
For this finish the "Firmament" level for the 2nd time with the Handmade Pendant geared up.

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