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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Unlock The 4th Expansion To Timmy and Tommys Store
In order to unlock the 4th expansion to Timmy & Tommys shop, these are the things you have to do.
- You should invest 50,000 bells at Super T&T.
- It has to be 21 days since Super T&T was built.

Unlocking the Cafe
To unlock the cafe you require to do these things. You should contribute 50 things (bugs, fish/sea creatures, fossils and art) to the museum. The gallery (museum) 2nd floor should've been open for 7 days.

QR Code Machine
To open the QR machine inside The Able Sisters, you require to become friends with Sable. To do this, you have to talk with her daily. Eventually she will become pals with you and put the QR machine inside the store.

Unlock Happy Home Showcase
In order to unlock the streetpass home location, Called Happy Home Showcase, you have to pay off your 1st house loan for 10,000 bells. After that speak to Tom Nook and get him to explain how to utilize the ATM. Then, Isabelle's younger brother, Digby will be outside the arch in Main Road.

Unlockable ATM Saving Gift
To unlock the following ATM Saving Gift, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
ABD --- Save 100,000,000 bells
Aluminum briefcase --- Save 5,000,000 bells
Box of Tissues --- Save 100,000 bells
Letter Set --- Save 500,000 bells
Mailman's Hat --- Save 50,000,000 bells
Piggy Bank --- Save 1,000,000 bells
Post-office poster --- Save 10,000,000 bells
Safe --- Save 20,000,000 bells

Unlockables Locations
To unlock the following Locations, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Club LOL --- Have Nookling Junction upgrade for the first time, give Dr. Shrunk permission when he visits your house, and obtain signatures from other villagers.
Dream Suite --- (Req: 7 days after game start) Visit Isabelle. Dream Suite will be added to the public works list.
Fortune Teller Shop --- Have your fortune read (which happens whenever Katrina visits your town) 20 times. Then speak to her and the shop will be added to the works list.
Garden Center --- Pull 30 weeds, plant 30 flowers or trees, OR water 30 plants.
Kicks --- Spend at least 8000 bells in the Able Sisters' shop.
Museum Shop --- Donate at least 20 items (of any category) to the museum, and talk to Blathers daily; [eventually] the shop will become a works project.
QR Machine --- Talk to Sable (in the Able Sisters store; the one sewing machine)for 10 days straight and on the 11th day it will be added to the back of the store.
Reset Center --- Turn off your 3DS without saving, and when you start up your town, Mr Resetti will say that the Reset Centre closed, then its a works project.
Shampoodle --- Spend at least 10,000 bells in Able Sisters' or Kicks. It must be at least 10 days since Kicks was built.
The Island Resort --- Start up the game after finishing your upgrade to a house. Tortimer will greet you at the start up; meet him at the docks. You can go one day later.
The Roost Cafe --- Donate 50 items to the Museum, and have the Museum Shop already unlocked. Talk to Blathers 7 days after the Museum Shop's opening.

Unlockable Badges
To unlock the following Badges, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Amateur Turnip Trader --- Earn 500,000 Bells worth of profit in Joan's turnip trade.
Avid Bell Saver --- Deposit 1,000,000 or more Bells into your savings account.
Backyard Gardener --- Plant over 100 trees and flowers from the state of seeds or sapplings.
Balloon Buster --- Shoot 100 or more balloons.
Balloon Hunter --- Shoot 30 or more balloons.
Balloon Master --- Shoot 200 or more balloons.
Bronze Medalist --- Earn 300 or more medals from the tropical island's tour games.
Catalog Maniac Bronze --- Unlock 20% of Timmy & Tommy's shop catalog.
Catalog Maniac Gold --- Unlock 80% of Timmy & Tommy's shop catalog.
Catalog Maniac Silver --- Unlock 50% of Timmy & Tommy's shop catalog.
Dive Master --- Catch 1,000 or more sea creatures.
Dreamer --- Visit Dream Suite 50 times or more.
Expert Angler --- Catch 2,000 or more fish.
Expert Bug Catcher --- Catch 2,000 or more insects.
Expert Shopper --- Purchase 2 million Bells worth of items at Timmy & Tommy's, Leif's gardening store, Abel Sisters, Kicks, GracieGrace, Redd's, or the Museum gift shop.
Fish Encyclopedia --- Catch 80% or more of the fish specimens.
Fish Maniac --- Catch 50% or more of the fish specimens.
Gardening Specialist --- Plant over 500 trees from the state of seeds or sapplings.
Gold Medalist --- Earn 5,000 or more medals from the tropical island's tour games.
Good Host/Hostess --- Invite more than 50 other players to visit your town.
Good Samaritan --- Help your neighbors by performing 50 favors for them.
Good Shopper --- Purchase 500,000 Bells worth of items at Timmy & Tommy's, Leif's gardening store, Abel Sisters, Kicks, GracieGrace, Redd's, or the Museum gift shop.
Goodwill Ambassador --- Invite more than 500 other players to visit your town.
Great Host/Hostess --- Invite more than 200 other players to visit your town.
Great Samaritan --- Help your neighbors by performing 100 favors for them.
Happy Homer Bronze --- Earn 50,000 points or more from the Happy Home Academy (HHA).
Happy Homer Gold --- Earn 150,000 points or more from the Happy Home Academy (HHA).
Happy Homer Silver --- Earn 100,000 points or more from the Happy Home Academy (HHA).
Heavy Sleeper --- Visit Dream Suite 200 times or more.
Insect Encyclopedia --- Catch 80% or more of the insect specimens.
Insect Entomology --- Complete the insect encyclopedia.
Insect Maniac --- Catch 50% or more of the insect specimens.
K.K. Slider Diehard --- Watch K.K. Slider perform at Club LOL on Saturday nights more than 100 times.
K.K. Slider Fan --- Watch K.K. Slider perform at Club LOL on Saturday nights more than 20 times.
K.K. Slider Fanboy/Fangirl --- Watch K.K. Slider perform at Club LOL on Saturday nights more than 50 times.
Letter Author --- Mail 100 or more letters.
Letter Writter --- Mail 50 or more letters.
Master Angler --- Catch 5,000 or more fish.
Master Bug Catcher --- Catch 5,000 or more insects.
Master Shopper --- Purchase 5 million Bells worth of items at Timmy & Tommy's, Leif's gardening store, Abel Sisters, Kicks, GracieGrace, Redd's, or the Museum gift shop.
Master Turnip Trader --- Earn 10,000,000 Bells worth of profit in Joan's turnip trade.
Mr./Mrs. Sandman --- Visit Dream Suite 500 times or more.
Neighborhood Traveler --- Visit a different town over 100 times.
Postmaster --- Mail 200 or more letters.
Pro Diver --- Catch 200 or more sea creatures.
Pro Turnip Trader --- Earn 3,000,000 Bells worth of profit in Joan's turnip trade.
Prof. of Ichthyology --- Complete the fish encyclopedia.
Prof. of Seafood --- Complete the deep-sea encyclopedia.
Refurbishing Beginner --- Refurbish 30 or more items at Re-Tail.
Refurbishing Expert --- Refurbish 100 or more items at Re-Tail.
Refurbishing Master --- Refurbish 200 or more items at Re-Tail.
Seafood Encyclopedia --- Catch 80% or more of the deep-sea specimens.
Seafood Maniac --- Catch 50% or more of the deap-sea specimens.
Silver Medalist --- Earn 1500 or more medals from the tropical island's tour games.
Skilled Angler --- Catch 500 or more fish.
Skilled Bug Catcher --- Catch 500 or more insects.
Skilled Diver --- Catch 100 or more sea creatures.
Space Traveler --- Visit a different town over 500 times.
Streetpass Beginner --- Get tagged via Streetpass more than 100 times.
Streetpass Expert --- Get tagged via Streetpass more than 300 times.
Streetpass Master --- Get tagged via Streetpass more than 1000 times.
Town Concierge --- Help your neighbors by performing 300 favors for them.
Tycoon Bell Saver --- Deposit 100,000,000 or more Bells into your post office savings account.
Village Gardener --- Plant over 250 trees and flowers from the state of seeds or sapplings.
Village Leader --- Exceed 200 hours of play time.
Village of Honor --- Exceed 500 hours of play time.
Village Representative --- Exceed 50 hours of play time.
Wealthy Bell Saver --- Deposit 10,000,000 or more Bells into your savings account.
Weed Buster --- Pull 2,000 or more weeds.
Weed Hunter --- Pull 500 or more weeds.
Weed Menace --- Pull 5,000 or more weeds.
World Traveler --- Visit a different town over 250 times.

Nookling store upgrades
Total this job to open the matching upgrade.
- T&T Mart: Have your town open for 10 days, vacate the camping tent, and invest a minimum of 12,000 bells at Nookling Junction.
- Super T&T: Have T&T Mart open for 10 days and invest 25,000 bells there; have the Gardening Shop open for 10 days.
- T.I. Y: Have Super T&T open for 21 days and invest 50,000 bells there.
- T&T Emporium: Have T.I.Y. open for 30 days and invest 100,000 bells there; total 4 Gracie Fashion trend Checks at Satisfactory level.

How to unlock the island
Pay your first house loan. The next day when you start the game, Isabelle will introduce Tortimer. Go to the beach that day and you will find him. You might have to pay another house loan to unlock the island. If you forget to go to Tortimer, pay another home loan.

Delicous fruit
One day when you shake a tree, you might see a fruit that's darker then usual. That means you have a delicous fruit! You can plant and it will grow more delicous fruit. Shake it a lot and it will die.

Money rock
Each day there is a money rock somewhere in your town. Hit it with a shovel and money will come flying out. Check all rocks in your town though.

How Get Katrina To The Main Street
To obtain Katrina to relocate her store into Main Road, you should get your fortune told by her, 20 times. She opens her store between the Picture Booth and The Dream Suite. (where the wastebasket is)

Unlock The Island
To be able to take a trip to the island, you should have payed-off your second home loan for 39,800 bells. The next day, Tortimer will be at the jetty. Talk to him and the next day, you will be able to visit the island.

Wake Up Cyrus
To get Cyrus to wake up you should do the following.
1. You have to sell 100,000 bells worth of products to Reese.
2. You have to have 100 things in your catalog.
3. It must be seven days because you started your ACNL file.

The Four Manikins
Manikin #1 - Become pals with Mable.
Manikin #2 - Become friends with Sable.
Manikin #3 - Become buddies with Labelle.
Manikin #4 - Purchase your first product on the 3rd floor of T&T Europium.

Re-Tail Flea Market
In Re-Tail you can put things up for sale at whatever rate you wish. This resembles flea market from past games. This is a great way to obtain more bells for any product. It might take time for somebody to purchase your product but when somebody does, you've made some extra bells quickly.

Location of the Rare Wetsuits
To find the nine rare wetsuits, you will have to purchase them off the island. It is very hard to find on sale so if you see one, make sure to purchase it. They don't do anything special, but there are some wonderful designs including a stripy red and white wetsuit.

Silver Shovel
You might find out about a daily fake rock in your town that breaks into a gem. Well there is a secret method to get approximately 9 gems in one day! When you go to find the cash rock, hold a silver shovel. Every day, there is a possibility that when you hit the cash rock with a silver shovel, gems will come out rather of cash. You can get an optimum of 8 gems from it along with your daily gem rock, providing you 9 gems.

Eekhammer Time
On the island, in some cases an eekhammer will be on sale. You can strike items and struck villagers. You cannot cut down trees or struck artificial rocks with it. Have enjoyable striking all your villagers you dislike.

Birthday Songs
There are 4 secret tunes in the game that you need to request. One of them is just played to you in the week of your birthday.
Song: Long for Nap
Song: Strolling
Song: Animal Island
Song: Your Birthday

Public Works after the ceremony
After the ceremony of a brand-new public work being constructed, speak with all your villagers. There is a higher possibility that they will ask for a brand-new public work if you talk with them after the ceremony.

Shaking Trees
Try shaking some trees around your town, some of them drop money! Be careful to always be near a building though, as sometimes a beehive will fall out. Go inside the building to escape them. But once you come out, the bees will be gone and you can sell the empty hive to the Re-tail shop for 500 bells!

Better Fruit
Browse your town for fruit trees of the range that are belonging to your town. Then try to find trees that drop fruit of a various color. When that occurs, plant that fruit and it will turn into a "perfect" tree. That tree's fruit can be sold for more than typical revenue, though ultimately the tree could stop producing its unique fruit and the value of its yield will considerably reduce. Still, you can take pleasure in the best fruit while it lasts...

Staying a little longer in shops
You go in the shop before it closes u do not have to come out u can even stay a long time after the shop closes the shop owners do not say anything about it enjoy this little cheat

How to catch bees (helpful hints)
It's really annoying when your shaking a tree, praying for money, and bees come out instead. But, if you catch them, they're worth a nice 2500 bells, and the honeycombs are worth 500. First run away from the bees. A once they're a little bit behind you press the x button. Grab the net. They can't sting you when you're in your inventory. Then, when they aren't VERY close to you go out of the inventory and press A as quick as you can. You can earn up to 1500 bells a day with this trick. Hope I helped. Animal crossing new leaf is probably the best so far, right (I've played every one of them)?

400 bells easy and quick
Change the ordinance to Rich town to increase the money,then goto the island at night to midnight (7pm to 12pm) and catch the bugs on the palm trees and sell them for fast and a lot of bells.

How to get a fortune the easy way
Ok, so I figured out a way to get Easy money in Animal crossing. What You have to do is go to the island after 9:00 p.m., and get a net from Lloid. Next, You have to catch as many bugs as you can. I would suggest catching the bugs ON THE PALM TREES. That's what I do. And a bonus - The Golden stags are worth 12,000 bells, and the rest of the bugs are worth 8,000 bells. Once I sold 6 golden stags and 10 other bugs and walked out of re-tail with 156,000 bells on hand. That's how I keep paying off public works projects and my house loan. I suggest you try this - it will help a lot.

Rare Fish and Bug pricing
Ariapamia: 10,000 bells (Huge)
Arowana: 10,000 bells (Large)
Barred Knifejaw: 5,000 bells (Medium)
Blue Marlin: 10,000 bells (Huge)
Char: 3,800 bells (medium)
Coelacanth: 15,000 bells (Huge) + Only comes out when it's raining or snowing 4pm to 9pm
Dorado: 15,000 bells (Very large)
Gar: 6,000 bells (Huge)
Giant Trevally: 4,500 bells (Very Large)
Hammerhead shark: 8,000 bells (Huge with fin)
King Salmon: 1,800 bells (huge) + only in september
Koi: 4,000 bells (large)
Napoleonfish: 10,000 (huge)
Whale shark: 13,000 (Huge with fin)
Shark: 15,000 bells (Huge with fin)
Saw Shark: 12,000 bells (huge with fin) +Greater chance of catching it at night
Oarfish: 9,000 bells (huge)
Stringfish: 15,000 bells (Huge)
Tiger prawn: 4,000 bells

Jacob's ladder means perfect town!
Hi! Have you seen a flower that is white and looks like a tulip and bent over to the left hand side? If you got this without taking it from a friend , so you found it randomly, it means you have a perfect town! Quickly go to Isabelle and she'll be very happy to tell you your town is perfect and explain about the public work projects unlocked there is three town hall renovations to choose from and a flower clock, the town hall renovations are 248,000 bells and the flower clock is 89,000. Well done!

Tip to winning the bug off
Want a rare bug to win in the bug off ? catch one before the bug off (the island is the best place to find rare bugs) and keep it in your inventory till the bug off you can still submit it to Nat.

Unlimited Fruit and Bells
Have you ever wondered: When will more fruit grow on the trees? Worry no more! When your delicious, scrumptious, and delectable fruit disappears, save and quit. Pretty simple, right? Go to System Settings. Skip 3 days. Still easy (In fact I do this all of the time!) Go back to ACNL (Animal Crossing: New Leaf). Fruit, fruit! It's everywhere! All of the fruit should be back on the trees! You can sell Exotic Fruit for a lot (Especially when the Luxurious law is activated). Then: you sell all of the fruit and need more. Well, skip 3 days BACK (Or to the original date) and you got yourself not only unlimited fruit, but unlimited Bells too!(That's a good way to pay off you debt to Tome Nook [if you have one].

Unlimited Tropical Fruit Without Time Travel!
                By doing this, you can get as much tropical fruit (fruit that only grows on the island, such as lemons or bananas) as you like, without needing to plant any trees or do any time travel.
                Firstly, get to the island. Go on a tour, normally I find the bug catching ones or diving ones best for this. If you want flowers instead of fruit, go to the gardening tour. Secondly, unequip any tools that may have automatically been set for you. Ignore the objective of the tour and shake all the fruit trees, picking up all the fruit you can. Remember that fruit is stackable in stacks of nine, so you can have a maximum of 144 fruits in your pocket at a time. Once the tour is over, put the fruit in the box and repeat. Once your pick up box is full, head back and sell it, or grow more trees. You can hold a maximim of 360 fruit in the box at once, so that's 90000 bells per trip, or if you have bell boom activated, a whopping 108000 bells. Remember, that's in ONE day, with no time travel needed. Have fun!

Escaping from Bees!
Hate paying 400 bells for medicine everyday? Here's a trick to avoid the bees. When the beehive falls quickly run into a building or a resident's home! They won't be waiting for you outside! Or you could try catching it, but it's unlikely you'll succeed!

Free Stuff Or Free Money
Has a villager ever asked you to deliver something? Well, if so, take the present.Unwrap it. If it's something you like, keep it. If not, sell it. You see? Money or decoration! It's a win-win! And, you don't even have to tell the person you DIDN'T deliver it!!

Early Bird-Night Bird
Now, someone did the "Night Bird" tip for this. To get Bells to the Island at 9:00 P.M. I'm showing "Early Bird". Around 5,6,7,8 o'clock, go to the Island. It's WAY different from "Night Bird". You know why? GOLDEN STAGS ARE EVERYWHERE! So are Hercules Stags! The are worth 12,000 Bells too! I got 10 Golden Stags and 3 Hercules Stags. I also had Bell Boom activated. Well, I went to Re-Tail and got 105,369 Bells or something like that from ONLY 5 Golden Stags! Well, if you're an "Early Bird" use this tip. Remember: The early bird catches the bug!

How to get the club tortimer
Once you've unlocked the island the form will apear on the shelves near the old lady then you buy it after that you should be able to go to the club!

The Time Machine
When you have finished doing all your public works projects a snooty vr townillager will add a time machine to the list. This will require going into the future and going back in time. You can also tell if its going to be good weather or bad weather in your town.

How to get 100,000 HHA points
First, have a theme out. If it's Jingle furniture or something else like harvest furniture, make sure it's in the right month. Time travel to 4/1 and talk to Blanca at the plaza. She will tell you about the holiday, but what she doesn't tell you is that the villagers give you their pictures if you guess who is the imposter correctly. If you don't know about them, look it up. If you don't have all their pictures, use another player. Once you have their pictures put them in your house. They are all worth 3,000. I hope I helped. I got 4 letters from the HHA in a day! :)

Better money rock gain
I know that the money rock is already in the list, but there is a extra thing to it. The money rock can produce up to 3250 bells in a day! (About 6500 per day with a silver shovel as with the silver shovel, the money rock can also produce ores.) Now, once you hit the money rock, an invisible timer will start and during that time, each hit on the money rock will produce a bag of bells or 100 to 500 bells. (Sometimes a ore with the silver shovel, I repeated this for people with short memory.) So to get the most out of the money rock, face the money rock and from the place you are standing, dig a hole behind you, so you hit the money rock and when th knockback happens, you dont have to move forward. Reason of knowing: Playing animal crossing new leaf everyday.

Snowmen Snow Spheres
Have you ever rolled a snowball too big? Just roll it over some cement are dirt. Also, bang it a little to shrink it.

How To Get A Tricky Pifall Seed
Now, some of you may know what one looks like. A tricky pitfall seed that it. Some may not. That's why I'm here! A tricky pitfall seed is black and has that yellow exclamation mark in the middle. It's star is about 1/4 of an inch. Very small! It doesn't spew smoke or anything,it's just smaller to be found. To get one, you must have the modern or classic police station in your town. Very easy to get it if you don't have it! Have a villager suggest it to you. Anyway, occasionally you'll walk in to see it. The tricky pitfall seed. Officer Copper or Booker will say what they need to say, then you can claim it. If you bury it, again, it DOESN'T spew smoke when triggered. It's simply smaller than your average star size. It makes finding it harder, and running on it EASIER! Now that the "secret" is out, be on the lookout! Thanks for reading!

Faster Jacob's Ladders
Hello. I know a trick that will get you Jacob's Ladders. Fast. But, you have to have a perfect town, and the basics. Once you get a perfect town, and you find your first Jacob's Ladder on the edge of a cliff, put it away. In your house, Exhibit Room or even a drawer is fine. If the ground can't detect and Jacob's Ladders, yet you have a perfect town,it'll spawn another one the next day. Keep on putting the flowers into a roofed place. There is also a pattern. For me, I got Jacob's Ladders 2 days in a row, and then the next day, I wouldn't get 1. The day after that, I got another 1. The day after that, I got 1 more, and then the next dat I didn't. And etc. I hope I helped!

How to get perfect fruit
Its easy! When you start there will be a special tree with your native fruit (fruit you start the game with) but it will be different. Plant the fruit thats different and you will get loads of perfect fruit. Sell it for loads of bells or go to a friends town to sell for more bells.

Bingo snowman in winter
First you must roll up two snowballs. Roll one on top of the other to make a snowman. If it has two zeros as eyes, then it's a bingo snowman. Talk to him, and he will ask you to play bingo. He will give a bingo card. Then talk to him each day, and he will spin his eyes to a number. Punch a hole that has the same number as the snowman. The card will expire once winter ends.

Waking up gulliver
To wake up gulliver, you must have your store upgraded to super T&T, and buy a megaphone. then, you must go to the beach. if gulliver is there, press A while holding on the megaphone and say to the microphone gulliver. he will wake up, and say some things. the next day, you will receive a letter from him/her. he will send also an additional chocolate coin which look exactly like a normal coin.

Snowflake snowman
First, you must roll up 2 snowballs. roll one on the other one to make a snowman. if it has a ball on the head, its then a snowfake snowman. talk to it, and it will ask for snowflakes. catch 5 with your net and give them to the snowman to get a special furniture.

Kapp'n wont sing if you do this
When you are sailing to the island and you don't want to hear Kapp'n sing then push any buttons randomly 21 times and Kapp'n will stop singing and you'll automatically arrive at no time. But this does not make him permeanantly stop singing because he'll sing on the way back

Totaka's Song in K.K.'s albums
Have you seen one of K.K.'s albums? Well, you may have noticed in one of his songs called "K.K. Song" there is Totaka's song not-so-well hidden in there.

Trap Someone Without A Pitfall
If someone is sitting on a tree stump, dig holes all around them. Thus, they'll be trapped without a pitfall. But, they'll be trapped like they were in a pitfall.

Fainting glitch
You need a tweeter and someone else there as well. Go to re-tail or a fountain. (Fountains are better but use re-tail if you don't have one) Go next to it, dig two holes either side of you. Now equip your tweeter. Get your friend to push you when you tweet. Now you'll be on top of the fountain or re-tail. You save when your on top of it. When it finishes saving, stars will go round your character, and it'll fall over and faint. If you live in that town, you'll appear in front of your house. If you dont, you'll appear in front of the town hall. It's quite a show for Animal crossing: new leaf fans!!

Beyond the tracks
Hi everyone here is how to walk on the train tracks. First to do this you need: at least 1 friend town you can visit. 1 tweeter. 1 friend. So here's how to do it. FIRST have your tweeter in your pocket. NEXT go to a friend's town, let a friend in your town. Then go to the side of the train tracks with the red bridge. THEN take your tweeter out. NEXT have your friend push you into the train tracks while you repeatedly blow into your tweeter. LAST have a good walk on the train tracks!!!!:)

Net Glitch (No tweeter!)
For this glitch, you will not need a tweeter. Just a simple net (any kind like: regular, gold, silver.) What you do is walk up to any object (like the railroad tracks, re-tail, t&t stores, train station, even the island building!) and equipt the net. Then sneak as slow as you can so you are still moving but just REALLY slow (as slow as you can possibly get). You will begin to see that you are glitching INTO the object! It may take a few tries (like me) but it does work! Enjoy glitching! :)

Walking on water
You must go to a round corner of a river and dig two holes diagnoly and have the corner on the other side of the holes. you then must bury anything in one of the holes and go between them. dig up the buried item while being between them. you will then be trapped from the holes. then, put on the king tuts mask and run to the direction of the river. you will trip, and fall on the water. if you have bad luck on the day, that will work too. this can also work on the edge of a cliff to fall and swim into the water... good luck!

Duplicate rare "Not for sale" items or money
Ok, so u have to have your inventory empty (But except the stuff you want to dup.) Then go to your (TRUSTED) Friend, then drop all your stuff on the ground, then tell them 2 "end session" and this is tricky, when the circle thingy comes on and when it hits the left side, Error. Then when you go back to your town, you SHOULD have your stuff in your inventory, then ask your friend if the stuff/$ is in their town (BFF Chat) If yes then you did it right CX. If no, then try agian D:

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