Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Playstation Vita Cheats - Invokers Tournament

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1st Division (Silver Trophy) --- Rise to 1st Division in a Season. (SOLO game)
2nd Division (Bronze Trophy) --- Rise to 2nd Division in a Season. (SOLO game)
3rd Division (Bronze Trophy) --- Rise to 3rd Division in a Season. (SOLO game)
4th Division (Bronze Trophy) --- Rise to 4th Division in a Season. (SOLO game)
Champion (Gold Trophy) --- Place yourself amongst the top 100 in a Season.
Dressed to Impress (Bronze Trophy) --- Equip all the parts of a level 5 or higher armor set.
Lemme at 'em! (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat all the members of an enemy team during an online battle.
Path Master (Silver Trophy) --- Finish all the missions of Anundabar three times.
Rarity (Bronze Trophy) --- Equip a rare item (Gold).
The Collector (Silver Trophy) --- Fully equip your character with level 60 items.
They Call Me Death (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat 30 enemies during an online challenge.
Wanderer (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish all the missions of Anundabar.

Weapon Master (Bronze Trophy) --- Equip a level 40 or higher weapon.

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