Thursday, September 22, 2016

Playstation Vita Cheats - J-Stars Victory Vs+

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Apprentice Shipwright (Bronze Trophy) --- Affix 1 upgrade part to your Jump Ship in J-Adventure mode.
Battle Roster Roll Call (Silver Trophy) --- Unlock all battle characters.
BGM Connoisseur (Bronze Trophy) --- Use the BGM Editor to edit 1 BGM.
Born to Customize (Silver Trophy) --- Create all 6 combination bonus lines when customizing your J-Stars card deck.
Broadband Brawler (Bronze Trophy) --- Fight 20 battles in Online Battle mode.
Cannon Marksman (Bronze Trophy) --- Hunt 10 monsters in J-Adventure mode.
Card Collector (Silver Trophy) --- Get 100 J-Stars cards.
Celebrity Hero (Bronze Trophy) --- Spend a total of 10,000 J-Points.
Cutting Your Online Teeth (Bronze Trophy) --- Fight 1 battle in Online Battle mode.
Defense Demon (Bronze Trophy) --- Pull off a perfect guard 20 times.
Experience Makes a Person (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach level 30 with 1 character in J-Adventure mode.
Expert Taunter (Bronze Trophy) --- Taunt enemies 50 times in total.
First Player Icon (Bronze Trophy) --- Earn 1 player icon in Online Battle mode.
First Purchase (Bronze Trophy) --- Use J-Points to buy something in the shop.
First Quest Cleared! (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 1 quest in J-Adventure mode.
First Win's Always the Greatest (Bronze Trophy) --- Win 1 battle in Free Battle mode.
First-Time Hunter (Bronze Trophy) --- Hunt 1 monster in J-Adventure mode.
God of the Burst (Bronze Trophy) --- Activate 50 Victory Bursts.
J-STARS Victory VS+ (Platinum Trophy) --- Collect all trophies.
Mightiest on the Ocean (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat 30 Mysterious Voice ships in J-Adventure mode.
Nice Bonus! (Bronze Trophy) --- Create 1 combination bonus line when customizing your J-Stars card deck.
Novice Customizer (Bronze Trophy) --- Customize your J-Stars card deck once.
Point Hoarder (Bronze Trophy) --- Earn J-Points in a battle.
Ruler of the World (Silver Trophy) --- Clear 1 story arc in J-Adventure mode.
Sharpshooter of the Great Sea (Bronze Trophy) --- Hunt every type of monster in J-Adventure mode.
Shop Items will Increase! (Bronze Trophy) --- Raise your Effort, Friendship, or Triumph Gauge by 1 level.
Support Claimer (Bronze Trophy) --- Call on a support character 100 times.
Support Roster Roll Call (Silver Trophy) --- Unlock all support characters.
Tag-Team For Life (Bronze Trophy) --- Execute 20 tag-team melees.
Testing the Waters (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat 1 Mysterious Voice ship in J-Adventure mode.
Thar Be Treasure! (Bronze Trophy) --- Find 1 piece of submerged treasure in J-Adventure mode.
The Road to Glory (Gold Trophy) --- Win every battle on Victory Road.
The Road to Honor (Bronze Trophy) --- Win 20 Victory Road battles.
The Road to Strength (Bronze Trophy) --- Win 1 Victory Road battle.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze Trophy) --- Find 10 pieces of submerged treasure in J-Adventure mode.
Ultimate Fighter (Bronze Trophy) --- Execute an ultimate attack 50 times.
Undisputed Champion (Bronze Trophy) --- Win 20 battles in Free Battle mode.
Veteran Quester (Bronze Trophy) --- Clear 30 quests in J-Adventure mode.
Veteran Shipwright (Bronze Trophy) --- Affix 3 upgrade parts to your Jump Ship in J-Adventure mode.
What will I Get?! (Bronze Trophy) --- Use a coin to buy a J-Stars card.
You Got a Card! (Bronze Trophy) --- Get 1 J-Stars card.
You Got a Super Rare Card! (Silver Trophy) --- Get a four stars J-Stars card.
Your Very First Title (Bronze Trophy) --- Earn 1 title in Online Battle mode.

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Champion of the World (Silver Trophy) --- Win 10 Korin's Tower challenges in J-Adventure mode.
Devils Begone! (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat 1 Dark Phantom ship in J-Adventure mode.
Fearless Challenger (Bronze Trophy) --- Win 1 Korin's Tower challenge in J-Adventure mode.
J-Adventure Maestro (Gold Trophy) --- Clear all story arcs in J-Adventure mode.
Phantom Killer (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat 30 Dark Phantom ships in J-Adventure mode.
The Grand Adventure Begins (Bronze Trophy) --- Acquire the Jump Ship in J-Adventure mode.
Unto the Final Battle (Bronze Trophy) --- Upgrade your Jump Ship to its final form in J-Adventure mode.

Item Shop upgrades
Complete the shown task to unlock the matching upgrade for the Item Shop.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Additional character slots --- Gain Friendship levels.
Card related items in shop --- Gain Effort levels.

J-Adventure items in shop --- Gain Triumph levels.

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