Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Xbox One Cheats - Line Of Defense Tactics

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Aerial Warfare (20 GP) --- Use 10 airstrikes.
Asteroids (25 GP) --- Destroy 20 asteroids.
Behind Enemy Lines (100 GP) --- Kill 40 or more enemies in a single skirmish.
Certified (5 GP) --- Purchase your first CTC.
Close Quarters Mayhem (40 GP) --- Eliminate 20 Insurgents using melee combat.
Commanding The Bridge (20 GP) --- Dock the GCV Starguard with Arkangel station.
Duty and Honor (40 GP) --- Complete all secondary and optional objectives in the campaign.
Engineering Corps (50 GP) --- Perform 10 uses of the Repair Kit.
Flawless Execution (25 GP) --- Complete a mission without taking damage.
Getting Things Done (10 GP) --- Complete the first 8 missions of the Lyrius Campaign.
Ground Warfare (50 GP) --- Eliminate 10 Insurgent vehicles during campaign missions.
Heroes End (200 GP) --- Complete all Lyrius campaign missions on Hard.
Human Clone (50 GP) --- Perform 25 BIO-HUMAN revives.
Jack of All Trades (50 GP) --- Unlock all CTCs on a single character.
Ready For Anything (100 GP) --- Unlock all weapons, CTCs and items on a single character.
Smash 'n Grab (20 GP) --- Destroy all red crates in a mission. Cannot be completed in tutorial mission.
Sniper Elite (40 GP) --- Eliminate 100 Insurgents with sniper head shots.
The Life Saver (50 GP) --- Perform 25 uses of the Medical Kit.
The n00b Run (5 GP) --- Complete the tutorial mission of the Lyrius campaign.
Vets And Victory (100 GP) --- Complete all Lyrius campaign missions on Normal.

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