Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Xbox One Cheats - Massive Chalice

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Legacy Begins (10 GP) --- Receive your first Relic
A Legacy Fulfilled (30 GP) --- Progress a Relic to its maximum level
BABIES! (10 GP) --- The first baby is born
Brutal Victory (100 GP) --- Complete the game on Brutal Difficulty
Drunken Master (30 GP) --- Kill 5 or more enemies with a drunk hero in one tactical battle
Fire with Fire (40 GP) --- Deploy a Vanguard with only Cadence Weapons, Armor, and Items
Flawless Victory (20 GP) --- Beat a tactical battle without taking any damage
Foster Home (20 GP) --- Adopt multiple children into the same Keep
Fully Charged (50 GP) --- Survive 300 years (Reach year 301)
Geriatric Brigade (20 GP) --- Beat a tactical battle where every hero is over 60 years old
Golden Anniversary (20 GP) --- Survive 50 years (Reach year 51)
Graduation Day (10 GP) --- Your first hero comes of age
Half Full (20 GP) --- Survive 150 years (Reach year 151)
Hard Victory (50 GP) --- Complete the game on Hard Difficulty
Iron Cactus (20 GP) --- Kill an enemy with a Burst Bush
IRON CHALICE (100 GP) --- Complete an IRON game (any Difficulty)
IRONEST CHALICE (100 GP) --- Complete an IRON game (Brutal Difficulty)
Keep Defending (10 GP) --- Defend your first Keep
Lifetime Achievement Award (80 GP) --- Kill 50 or more enemies with one hero
Manifest Destiny (10 GP) --- Build a building in every Region
Matchmaker Matchmaker (10 GP) --- Arrange your first Marriage
Pounder (20 GP) --- Kill 4 or more enemies with one attack
Sage, right? (10 GP) --- Appoint a Sagewright
Tactical Diversity (20 GP) --- Deploy a Vanguard of 5 different classes
The Standard of Excellence (10 GP) --- Appoint a Standard
TIMEFISTED (50 GP) --- Defeat an enemy from the past
To the End! (80 GP) --- Take at least 3 of your 5 initial Vanguard Bloodlines all the way to the Final Battle
Victory (50 GP) --- Complete the game on Normal Difficulty

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