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Playstation 4 Cheats - The Order: 1886

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Archivist (Silver Trophy) --- Collect all phonograph cylinders
Between the Eyes (Silver Trophy) --- Kill 100 enemies with a headshot
Box Your Ears (Silver Trophy) --- Kill 15 enemies with melee attacks
Brilliant! (Gold Trophy) --- Shoot an airborne grenade during Blacksight
Collateral Damage (Gold Trophy) --- Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion
Detail Oriented (Silver Trophy) --- Inspect all photographs and documents
Discombobulated (Silver Trophy) --- Stun an enemy 30 times with the M2 'Falchion'
From the Hip (Silver Trophy) --- Kill 25 enemies without aiming
Gunslinger (Silver Trophy) --- Kill 75 enemies with pistols
Highly Volatile (Silver Trophy) --- Detonate 10 powder kegs
Inspector First Class (Gold Trophy) --- Find all inspect items
Modern Marvels (Gold Trophy) --- Kill 40 enemies with science weapons
Power of Observation (Silver Trophy) --- Inspect all objects
Snuffed Out (Silver Trophy) --- Kill 7 enemies with silent takedowns
The Grail (Platinum Trophy) --- Collect all trophies
The Hunter (Silver Trophy) --- Kill 10 Lycans
The Marksman (Gold Trophy) --- Kill 5 enemies with a headshot during Blacksight
Undivided Attention (Silver Trophy) --- Kill 25 enemies during Blacksight
Up in Flames (Silver Trophy) --- Incinerate 15 enemies
Well Rounded (Gold Trophy) --- Kill an enemy with every weapon
Well-read (Silver Trophy) --- Inspect all newspapers

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Knight No More (Gold) --- Complete the game (any difficulty).

Handgun Weapons
Davies MK I Service Revolver
Ammunition: 6/36
Reliable revolver that provides a two-hit kill at most ranges. Poor rate of fire and unreliable accuracy. Usually harmless at longer ranges.

Borchardt C-78 Autoloading Pistol
Ammunition: 9/72
Better accuracy and rate of fire than the MK I. Performs slightly differently at different ranges. At close-range, use hip-fire if you have some accuracy. Loses reliability at longer ranges.

Feederle C-81 Maschinepistole
Ammunition: 25/150
Has high rate of fire that affects its accuracy. Best used as a secondary weapon that is fired in short bursts in order to save ammo without losing too much accuracy. Does well at close range, but damage and accuracy begin to taper at longer ranges.

M4 "Dragoon" Cartridge-Revolver
Ammunition: 6/12
All enemies except the Heavy can be taken down with a single shot. Aim for the head of Grenadiers and Shotgunners for a one-hit kill. Best used at close range.

Worcester "Duelist" Double-Barrel Revolver
Ammunition: 10/40
Has vertical recoil when fired consecutively. Two well placed torso shots are usually all that are required to kill an opponent. Whenever firing multiple shots, aim a slightly lower for the second shot to compensate for its high vertical recoil.

Grenade Weapons
Mills MK IV Fragmentation Grenade
Ammunition: 1/3
Aim and release at your target. Can be cooked to shorten detonation time and prevent enemies from escaping its blast radius. Does not require high precision because of its large damage output and blast radius. Instantly kills nearest enemies.

Mills MK IV-S Multipurpose Smoke Grenade
Ammunition: 1/3
Instead of dealing damage, it produces a cloud of black smoke which hinders line of fire. It can force enemies to exit cover before they are sickened or incapacitated by the smoke. The have no any effect on Heavies.

Shotgun Weapons
Ogden RA-5 Repeating 12-Bore Shotgun
Ammunition: 5/30
Best used at short range. Fires a spread of pallets which are tighter at close-range then disperse as the range increases. This is a single-shot weapon that can drop an opponent with maximum of a few shots at almost any range. It features increased accuracy that allows you to score chain headshots.

Worcester "Three Crown" Magnesium 12-Bore Coach Gun
Ammunition: 3/30
Fires three barrels simultaneously, resulting in significant damage to multiple enemies at once but only at close range. It is less effective at medium and higher ranges. You will have to reload after each shot.

Rifle Weapons
Essex M82 Selfloader Carbine
Ammunition: 6/60
Very accurate at almost any range. A well-aimed shot can stagger most enemies, and your next shot can incapacitate them. When used at close-range, use hip-fire to drop targets with a couple of shots. Weaker enemies can be killed with a single hit to their torso. At medium-to-long range, always aim for headshots.

Essex M84 Marksman Carbine
Ammunition: 5/30
Requires extreme accuracy. Use the variable zoom scope to maintain accuracy at any range. It usually results in a one-hit kill from any range except against a Heavy. It cannot be fired from the hip or blind-fired.

Bergmann M85 Automatisch
Ammunition: 30/150
Fully automatic rifle that expends ammunition quickly. Use short bursts to preserve ammo without losing accuracy. Its damage drops at higher range.

Special weapons
Essex M2/PN83 "Falchion" Auto-Rifle
Ammunition: 20/160
Very accurate at medium-to-long range. About three shots will take down almost all enemies. Because of its high vertical recoil, only fire in short bursts to maintain your aim. When facing against Shotgunners, use hip-fire. Against Lycans, use a pair of quick blasts.

TS-17 Remote Detonation System
Ammunition: 4/8
Aim at your enemy's feet so that multiple targets are caught in the blast radius. It is best used from a high vantage point in order to aim your shots more effectively. The detonators from this weapon can be triggered simultaneously or individually.

Essex M86/FL Thermite Rifle
Ammunition: 40/400
Spreads a toxic cloud of Aluminum Iron Oxide, forcing enemies to leave cover. You can also launch a flare into the cloud, damaging anyone in caught in the resulting shower. It is best used to clear a group of enemies from an area.

TS-23 Resonant Circuit Arc Induction Lance
Ammunition: 6/12
Must be charged before use. While this can prove to be really off-putting for some players; once learnt, this thing hardly matters anymore. Can be blind-fired, allowing you to continuously engage targets without leaving cover. It is useless in close combat. It can take out Heavies with a few shots. The first electrical bolt will knock down a Heavy and a second shot should kills it.

Crofton-Woolwich Repeating Compound Arbalest
Ammunition: 5/10
Bolts from this crossbow can instantly kill anything easier than a Heavy. It is affective at any range, however its ammunition can only be found in ammunition crates. Conserve ammo by using precise and careful shots. Also, it cannot be hip-fired or blind-fired.

LittleBigPlanet reference
Go to Chapter 3 and play the "The Eyes in the Sky" scene. Play it till you jump below from the roof. Now go through the window to discover Sackboy on a dresser

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