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Xbox One Cheats - Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
"I Do Not Like Glasps," I Gasped (20 GP) --- Defeat 20 Glasps in the main campaign.
And STAY Down (20 GP) --- Perform 50 follow-ups in the main campaign.
Bounty Hunter (60 GP) --- Get a total of 50,000 BP.
Brick Layer (60 GP) --- Defeat 20 enemies with a brick as Natalia in the main campaign
Cure for the Afflicted (20 GP) --- Defeat 100 Afflicted in the main campaign.
Cutting Edge (60 GP) --- Clear Episode One only using the knife.
Disarmed (20 GP) --- Destroy 30 Revenants' weapon arms.
Fish in a Barrel (20 GP) --- Defeat five enemies with one exploding bottle or one firebomb bottle in the main campaign.
Flashlight Duty (20 GP) --- Use Moira's light to stun 50 enemies in the main campaign.
Friend Indeed (20 GP) --- Save your captured partner ten times in the main campaign.
From the Shadows (20 GP) --- Defeat 20 enemies with stealth attacks in the main campaign.
Fudge Them Up! (20 GP) --- Defeat 50 enemies with physical attacks in the main campaign.
I Can Do Blunt Weapons (60 GP) --- Use Moira's crowbar to defeat 50 enemies in the main campaign.
I Saw, I Conquered (80 GP) --- Clear one Gauntlet in Raid Mode.
Jammin' (20 GP) --- Evaluate an item in Raid Mode.
Knifin' Around (20 GP) --- Defeat 100 enemies with the knife in the main campaign.
Line 'Em Up! (20 GP) --- Defeat two enemies with one shot in the main campaign.
Now That's Teamwork! (60 GP) --- Have Moira stun an enemy and Claire follow up with a physical attack in the main campaign.
Raiders of the Evil (20 GP) --- Clear one Raid Mode mission.
Revenant Reaper (20 GP) --- Defeat 100 Revenants in the main campaign.
Unfriendly Skies (60 GP) --- Shoot down 30 Afflicted in mid-jump in the main campaign.

Unlockables for Raid Mode
To unlock the following, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Alex Wesker --- Complete the Campaign and Omega Raid Stage.
Barry Burton's S.T.A.R.S. Costume --- Earn 40 Completion Medallions in Raid mode.
Chris Redfield --- Earn 30 Completion Medallions in Raid mode.
Cipher (hologram) --- Get 90 Completion Medallion in Raid
Claire's Resident Evil 2 Costume --- Earn 50 Completion Medallions in Raid mode.
Gabe --- Beat Episode 2
Gina Foley --- Complete Episode 1.
Jill Valentine --- Get 10 Completion Medallion in Raid
Leon Kennedy --- Collect 20 Completion Medallion in Raid
Moira Burton --- Complete Episode 1.
Moira's Survivor Costume --- Complete the Campaign and Raid Gauntlet 8 (VIII) under the Hard or higher difficulty.
Neil --- Complete Episode 3.
Pedro --- Complete Episode 2.

Tower emblems locations
Below a list of all Tower emblems locations:

Episode 1
- 1) Behind the ladder you climb down to get the handgun and your first key.
- 2) In the room with the detention center map, at the very top of the ceiling in the middle.
- 3) In the room with the torture device, aim at the top of the device from where you boosted Moira up
- 4) Hiding on the side of the wooden bridge opposite the sea.
- 5) Near the blocked entrance to the detention facility behind some barrels.
- 6) Near the doorway where Natalia first points out three Rotted, behind some shelving.
- 7) In the wooded area at the second lighted part where a Revenant lurks, go behind the rocks and debris and look between them.
- 8) In the final lumber yard area leading towards the house with the crane controls, look beyond the barrels near some log piles and toss a brick on the other side

Episode 2
- 1) Behind the Wossek bar, under the balcony, and behind the debris.
- 2) On the side of a chimney on the roof of a house opposite the one Pedro drills through.
- 3) Upon entering the old Town, in the window of an apartment complex off to the left.
- 4) After leaving the building with the timed gate, check under the stairs after the short bridge, behind the fence.
- 5) Before chasing Natalia and jumping between buildings, look down the gap on top of a shipping container.
- 6) On a wodden beam in a burnt down house where you first re-encounter the Revenants.
- 7) When crossing the roofs between two houses for the gate key, check the rocks on the left from your vantage point
- 8) In the building with the elevator, have Natalia crawl through the elevator shaft on the 3rd floor and unlock the door to the room with the Glasp. Emblem is on a shelf.
- 9) Once inside the Tower, look at the blasted ceiling in the first room to spy it on top of some rubble.

Episode 3
- 1) Upon entering the Factory courtyard with the three buildings, head left from the door you came through and look up above the building windows to find the emblem
- 2) Inside the Processing Plant, go to the second floor and look out onto the large Light Room with the bust, and look above the flag for the emblem on the far wall (crouch to get a better shot.)
- 3) Inside the Butchery, head down the hallway leading to the trapped room with the Slaughterhouse Key. Before the door, look into the blue bin on the left to find the emblem
- 4) In the burning Factory, head down the path as Claire and turn the valve for Moira where she will need to use the box to climb the ladder. Look along the wall near the ladder to find the emblem in the distance.
- 5) Inside the sewers, after the old man opens the gate, double back in the water towards the large grate blocking the tunnel and look on the right side of the tunnel.
- 6) In the sewer hall where the Vulcanblubber appears, use Moira to climb up to the high platform and drop a box down for Claire to get up. Aim your gun to the opposite unreachable platform and look behind the barrels for the emblem (Can get as Barry later)
- 7) Inside the Tower, in the room full of graves, look under the small bridge with the water seperating the room and look under the bridge for the emblem.
- 8) As Claire, use the high platforms in the sewer to open the grate near where the Vulcanblubber appeared. Then as Barry, head through the opened area and crawl down the drained sewer tunnel, and turn around when you reach the Gimmick Box.
- 9) In the Sewage Treatment Plant, have Natalia open the sluice gate marked Number 2. Then as Barry, turn around after going through the gate and look on the wall to your right by the gate.
- 10) When you first reach the mines and are overlooking the area from above, look down at the shipping container that broke through the house and find the emblem on top of the container.
- 11) Once you get to the other side of the Quarry and climb to the top, head to the very end of the broken bridge and use your rifle to scope the emblem on the very far side, on the right tower.

And last episode 4
- 1) Inside the main Tower room where you meet Alex, just to the right on top of a shelf.
- 2) After you start climbing down the tower exterior, on the underside of the first platform you jumped down from.
- 3) In the last portion of the exploding tower, along the elevator pillar next to a large coil used as a platform.
- 4) In the Landfill area, on a light post near the waterway by the first building.
- 5) On top of the giant crane over the landfill, underneath the support beam by Gate 2.
- 6) At the entrance to the mine, jump to the minecart track near the elevator and check behind the last cart on the raised track.
- 7) At the bottom of the mine shaft elevator ride, on a steel frame halfway up.
- 8) Inside the mansion, under the stairs leading to the secret research facility in the basement.
- 9) Under the floor grating in the Security Code 2 Room with the elevator to the final boss.
- 10) During the second Final Boss (Have Moira defeat Neil to get the Good Ending) As soon as you have control of Claire in the helicopter, look on the left side of the ridge for the emblem amidst some ruins

Kafka Drawing locations
Below a list of all Kafka Drawing locations:

Episode 1
- 1) In the same area you first gain control of Moira, after an Afflicted busts down a door when you get the first key, head into the room and scan the wall
- 2) After getting Moira's crowbar, scan the wall near the exit.
- 3) In the large dark room leading to second of two staircases to the basement, scan the large wall on the far side
- 4) After turning on the generator and evading the ambushing Afflicted, scan the wall in the room he busted out of.
- 5) Once you leave the prison complex, scan the large wall over the main gate to the entrance.
- 6) After you cross the wooden bridge, turn around and check the side of the bridge close to you, opposite the side facing the sea.

Episode 2
- 1) On the Wossek sign outside the bar.
- 2) On the side of the helicopter opposite Gabe.
- 3) In the underground entrance to the old Town, behind two breakable barrels.
- 4) At the blue gate leading to the Town, just to the right of the crowbar-able door.
- 5) In the room with the second Sploder, on the right wall.
- 6) After the final workbench, on the ceiling of the stairs leading down to the boss area.

Episode 3
- 1) As soon as the episode begins, check the wall to the right of the first gate leading into the Factory area.
- 2) Inside the Processing Plant, head to the second floor bathroom and kill the Afflicted hiding in the stall. Then shine a light against the wall where he was hiding.
- 3) In the Butchery, go into the room with the small barriers and the red barrel where the Afflicted patrols. Scan the wall near where the red herb lies to find the drawing.
- 4) After you land in the water after the Factory, scan the wall to the left of the sewer entrance before you head down the tunnel.
- 5) On the other side of the waterfall created from the burst pipe, scan the wall above the gate you can raise to find the giant drawing.
- 6) Inside the Tower in the large room with the tombs and the locked gate, go left from the locked gate to another dead end, and scan the wall to the right of the bars to find the drawing.

And last episode 4
- 1) In the first area of the Tower, above the first doorway on the ceiling of a small balcony above.
- 2) In the bedroom, on a painting to the left of the bed.
- 3) On the floor of the bedroom underneath the aquariam you move to push the lever.
- 4) In the exploding generator room with the workbench, on the far right wall opposite the workbench.
- 5) Outside on the exterior of the tower, along the first wall on the first platform you jump down from.
- 6) In the final area of the exploding tower, on the wall to the left of the fallen ladders you use as a platform across a broken section of the walkway.

Unlockable Weapons
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Chicago Typewriter --- Complete all four episodes.
Drill --- Complete all four episodes in Survival mode.
Infinite Bowgun --- Complete all four episodes.
Infinite Rocket Launcher --- Complete all four episodes with a combined time of less than S3 hours.
Meat Grinder --- Complete all four episodes in Survival mode.
Moira's Katana --- Complete all four episodes in Invisible mode.
Natalia's Bubble Gun --- Complete all four episodes in Countdown mode.
Short Sword --- Complete all four episodes in Normal mode.

Unlockable Visual filters
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding filter.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Black and White Filter --- Complete all four episodes under all difficulty settings with an "S" rank.
Classic Horror Filter --- Complete all four episodes in Casual mode with an "S" rank.
Comic Noir Filter --- Complete all four episodes in Survival mode with an "S" rank.
Cursed Video Filter --- Complete all four episodes in No Escape mode with an S-rank.
Sepia-Toned Filter --- Complete all four episodes in Normal mode with an S-rank.

Unlockable Costumes
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Resident Evil 1 Barry costume --- Complete all four episodes.
Resident Evil 2 Claire costume --- Complete all four episodes.
Sniper Claire costume --- Complete all four episodes with the "good" ending.

Unlockable Modes and difficulties
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mode.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Countdown mode --- Complete all four episodes.
Infinite ammo for all weapons --- Complete all four episodes in No Escape mode.
Invisible mode --- Complete all four episodes.
No Escape mode --- Complete all four episodes in Survival mode.

Brick Layer - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Have Natalia throw bricks at the Glasps under the casual difficulty setting for a one hit kill. You will not have to switch back to Barry.

Cutting Edge - Achievement or Trophy Guide
You will have to run or evade everything. You have to kill only one enemy as Barry, the Cabin Revenant. All others enemies are secondary. The following actions will ruin your attempt:
- Finish, melee attack, or stealth attack even if you use the knife.
- Using a throwing item, Molotov cocktail, explosive, brick, or smoke.
- While playing with your alternate character, do not use any abilities that interacts with an enemy (for example, using a lamp as an "aimed" flashlight to blind an opponent with Moira.

The following actions are acceptable.
- Using a flamethrower statue.
- If Clair or Barry shoots while you are playing as Moira or Natalia.
- Break the lock with a brick melee attack (as Natalia, forest path).
- Killing zombies and revenants with only knife attacks.

Select the easy difficulty setting. Collect Herb beforehand. When you have to evade many revenants as Barry, switch to Natalia. Because revenants cannot grab Natalia, this becomes useful at the end of the chapter.

Pedal to the Metal - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Practice the level until you are skilled with where the crate needs to be moved and how to solve the puzzles. Have at least one playthrough of the level under the normal difficulty setting. At the final fight, kill both enemies that spawn in the area, then turn around and get the crate near the elevator. Move it as close to the power box as possible before the ambush is triggered. During the ambush, kill the various Revenant and Hurlers that appear, but ignore the Dhurlga. It will be very easy to lead him away from the box, return and start the power, then run through the gate to complete the level. Although it is not a difficult battle, under this difficulty you will expend a lot of ammunition and not have had the time to build resources during the other sections.

Less Talking, More Walking - Achievement or Trophy Guide
When you get the key to enter the spider room as Claire, move the crate blocking the door so you will not have to fight the Ironhead when you return to this area. You will be able to run directly through. At the end of Claire's segment, crouch under the spinning blade in the corner. Note: This also works for Invisible mode. Lure the first wave into the traps. Claire can now easily hold off the two at a time spawns while Moira opens the hatch. This allows you to easily complete the last section when low on ammunition and make things easier for Barry. If you did not use the flame bust during Claire's campaign, you can walk out the door with Barry without activating the control room console.

Routes of Future Past - Achievement or Trophy Guide
At the start of Episode 4 with Claire, use the lever in the security room that controls the sluices during Barry's episode. Complete the rest of Claire's episode to the end then play and complete Barry's part. Afterwards, replay Claire's episode, this time ignoring the sluice lever. Complete Claire's episode and then Barry's episode, following the new path that is created. "Routes of Future Past" will be earned after completing Barry's episode.

There's Something in Here - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Claire's portion should not be an issue. Use the following steps as Barry. Take your time and find resources and ammunition as you progress. Focus on finding flame bottles and AR rounds. Using Natalia is very helpful. Have Barry wait while she runs ahead to complete objectives or reduce the number and strength of enemies that have to be dealt with. This is very useful during the first Dhurlga fight, where you open the electric door. Have Barry wait by the exit and send Natalia to the switch, then go back down and escape without wasting Barry's ammo or health. This can be repeated throughout the mines.

Break the glass containers with Revenants individually so you do not have to fight them all later. Before triggering the elevator, search for supplies and kill all the Revenants. These Revenants are weaker than standard variety, and can be taken down with four pistol shots. In the second Dhurlga fight, use the explosive barrel by the elevator on him, then hit him with a few explosive or flame bottles. Finishing him off with the rifle or magnum. He can be difficult to deal with, especially if you have not eliminated the other enemies yet. Use flames to destroy his tentacles and giving you clear shots. For the final Boss, repeatedly use explosives and try to find extra ammo. When you knock her down, run up and empty full AK clips into her. Note: If you choose the dark ending in Claire's Episode 3, you will not have to do the fight on the mountainside.

Disarmed - Achievement or Trophy Guide
You can farm Revenants' weapon arms at the end of Episode 1 in Barry's campaign. You will have to inspect a large yellow gate as part of the story (unmissable). The gate is locked, and upon inspecting it you will be ambushed by several Revenants. Only two of them have a weapon arm. The game only counts the arms with a big blade as "weapon arms." There are also enemies that have a little sword or spike on their arm, but they do not count for this achievement. The difference between normal "attack arms" and "weapon arms" is that the weapon arms take multiple shots to be destroyed. Use the Assault Rifle to dismember them quickly. The first enemy that ambushes you (breaks through a fence) has an arm with a blade and there is another one in the cabin on the other side of the area. It is random in which room of the cabin you will find the Revenant with the weapon arm. After destroying both of their arms, you can restart the checkpoint and repeat the process. Each run will take roughly one minute. You will get the "Disarmed" achievement after approximately 15 minutes of farming.

Fish In A Barrel - Achievement or Trophy Guide
A great place to get the "Fish In A Barrel" achievement is Episode 1 in Claire's campaign, during the "Escape from the facility" objective. You will have to go down to a basement to retrieve a key. In the room where you find the key is also an explosive bottle. Use the key on the locked door in the basement, and you will come to a room with a lot of small bugs/spiders (you reach this room through story progression and it is unmissable). Immediately after entering, go to the middle of the room and throw the explosive bottle to easily kill more than five of the bugs -- but you must be quick enough or your teammate will kill them. You can restart the checkpoint if it did not work on the first try.

Line 'Em Up! - Achievement or Trophy Guide
This can easily be done with Barry in Episode 1. One of his starting weapons is the Magnum Python. It kills almost everything in one shot, and the bullets penetrate through multiple targets standing behind one another. Line up two enemies, and shoot them with the Magnum Python to get the "Line 'Em Up!" achievement. There are several enemies in the garage near the start of Barry's campaign. There are also some sneaking passages shortly thereafter where the enemies are standing still.

Item Combinations
- Alcohol + Empty Bottle = Firebomb Bottle.
- Cloth + Alcohol = Disinfectant.
- Cloth + Green Herb = Tourniquet.
- Gunpowder + Empty Bottle = Explosive Bottle.
- Odorous Chemical + Empty Bottle = Decoy Bottle.
- Smoke Powder + Empty Bottle = Smokebomb Bottle.

Various Gameplay Tips
- Tip 1: Don't use healing herbs until you really need to, as there are only so many to find in each episode.
- Tip 2: Also keep an eye out on your ammo; save your best weapons for the tougher enemies.
- Tip 3: Remember than you can do a quick 180 degree turn when you find yourself cramped in tight spaces.
- Tip 4: Keep an eye out for items and collectibles, especially the custom parts that allow you to upgrade weapons.
- Tip 5: Natalia's special ability is great for a stealthier approach, so use it often to get the jump on enemies.
- Tip 6: Remember to shine Moira's flashlight to reveal objects on shelves and in corners.
- Tip 7: Focus on one character in Raid mode at first to become familiar with it and to obtain more skills/upgrades.
- Tip 8: Kill all enemies in Raid mode to get an experience bonus at the end of a level.
- Tip 9: It's always good to have a combination of close-range and long-range weapons in Raid mode, so consider a handgun/shotgun combo or something similar.

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