Thursday, May 3, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Virtua Cop 2

Cheat mode:
Connect a gun to port one, and a standard controller to port 2. Press Up, Down, Up, Down, A, X, B, Y, C, Z at the title screen. A gun shot will confirm correct code entry. Big head, free play, and gun select options will appear in the option plus menu. (The option plus menu appears after the game has been completed under any difficulty level.) The big head option normally appears after fifty eight cumulative games are played.

Gun select/unlimited ammunition:
Enable the "Cheat mode" code and the gun select option under the option plus menu. During game play, pause and shoot off-screen to cycle through the weapons. Use this method to select the special auto-fire weapon with unlimited ammunition

Random mode:
Connect a standard controller to port two. Highlight the "Exit" selection on the option plus menu. Hold R and press Start. Highlight the "Arcade" selection and press Start while R is still held. Select a level and begin game play. Opponents will appear at random.

Options Plus mode:
Additional options, such as mirror mode and bookkeeping, will appear on the options screen after the game is completed.

Small mode:
Select the following game options: easy difficulty, auto reload, Virtua Cop 1 play mode, sight on, mirror mode on. Targets will be smaller during game play.

Character select:
Hold one of the following buttons on a control pad at the stage selection screen until game play begins:
Rage: Hold X
Smarty: Hold Y
Janet: Hold Z

Skip to last Boss:

Continuously shoot the red downward pointing arrow below the "Beginner" icon at the stage selection screen until time runs out. The game will jump to the last boss stage.

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