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Sega Saturn Cheats - Virtual On

Play as Jaguarandi:
At the title screen when the words "Pres s Start  Button" are flashing, simultaneously press and hold Down, L, and R.  With these buttons held, press Start.  Start a game in Versus or Arcade Mode, and at the fighter select screen, keep pressing Right until you reach the  hidden  fighter Jaguarandi.


Hidden options menu:
Hold A + B + C + X + Y + Z after finishing a versus mode battle. Options for stage select, number of rounds, handicap adjustment, and time change will appear on the mech selection screen.

Level select and handicaps can be accessed without a code. Enter the options screen and set the "Machine select" and "Continue" selections to "Quick". When you start a 2 player fight, the game will give you those options as if the code was enabled.

Fight as Jaguarandi:
Press Down + L + R at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Then, highlight Raiden on the character selection screen and press Right. Jaguarandi is normally selectable only after the game is completed on the hard difficulty level.

Stage select:
Continuously sweep the D-pad clockwise in a Full-Circle when the ending credits appear after the game is completed. A small spaceship will fly by the planet (prior to the Sega credits) saving your Vitural On mech. A stage select option will now appear on the options screen.

Test Temjin and Test Raiden:
Press Up + R + L at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Alternate Virtuaroid colors:
Press L when choosing the game mode (arcade, Vs.).

Alternate view:
Press X + Y + Z during game play to change the camera angle. Continue to hold these buttons during the third viewpoint to zoom in for a more dramatic view, which includes small Saturn console on back of the mech.

Full pause screen:
Pause game play, then press X + Y + Z.

Crouch attack (all characters)
Press L + R + (Left, Right, or Down) + (A, C, or Y).

Diagonal dive (Temjin and Viper 2)
This attack may be done when all weapons gauges are full. Press Up, Up + Y, Y while jumping. Temjin will perform a diagonal dive with his sword; Viper 2 will be surrounded by blue flame and dive diagonally.

Spinning hammer (Dorkas)
Press R + Y.

Flying dive (Temjin and Viper 2)
Press Up + Y, Up + Y while jumping. Temjin will perform a flying sword attack; Viper 2 will perform a flaming dive.

Jagurnadi's unknown attacks:
Grand Boom
The Jagurandi will throw a bomb in the air containing four missiles. This is a strong attack, but takes a lot of time to recharge.

8 Way Lasers
The Jagurandi will fire eight lasers. This is his strongest attack and also is the strongest attack in the game. It is approximately 75%-85% accurate.

The Jagurandi will fire missiles from his bazooka like the VR Raiden. This will do the same damage but a few direct hits will take the enemy down. This is a good attack to use after the 8 way lasers.

Hint: Bal-Bas-Bow Hand Bit Floating Mine Launcher:
To fire, hold Guard and press Center Fire. The Bal-Bas-Bow should fire his hand bits, but they will fire floating mines. Note: The Bal-Bas-Bow will sometimes not respond -- make sure your weapon is charged and is in the blue.

Hint: Tag game:
This can only be done in two player mode. Set the round time to 95 seconds and fight but do not try to kill each other. Whoever has the most health left is the winner and the other player will die.

Hint: Joust game:

Select two player mode and set the time to Deathmatch. Begin game play and have each player face directly across from one other on the edges of the arena, but slightly to the sides of each other. Dash towards the other player, firing on shot each. Continue doing this until one player is defeated.

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