Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Worms (Also known as "W.O.R.M.S.")

More Weapons:
At the title screen, enter the "Worm Options." Once  inside  the "Worm Options," enter "Weapons."  At the  "Weapons  Options"  menu, move the cursor off any of the options, including  "Exit," and  press  Z and  C simultaneously ten  times.  This  adds  new  weapons, including Banana Bombs, Sheep, and Miniguns to the Weapon Options.


Secret weapons:
Highlight any selection except "Exit" at the weapon option screen and press C, Z(2), C, Z(2), C, Z(2). Banana bombs, the mini-gun and exploding sheep will be available for use.

Free movement:
Highlight any selection except "Exit" at the weapon option screen and press C(2), Z, C(2), Z, C(2), Z. Begin game play, select the ninja rope, aim all the way down, and press C. Press Down when the rope appears to float in the air. Use the D-pad to float in the corresponding direction.

Wide view:
Press Z(2), during game play.

Non-tracking view:
Press X(2) during game play. Press X to resume tracking.

Configure grenade, banana bomb, and cluster bomb:
Select the weapon and press L to adjust the number of seconds and R(2) to maximize bounce.

Christmas mode:
Enter JINGLEBELLS as a password.

Flat terrain:
Enter 00035907 as a password.

Random Hell level:
Enter 666 as a password.

Forest levels:
Enter FOREST as a password.

Candy levels:
Enter CANDY as a password.

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