Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sega Saturn Cheats - Virtua Cop

Cheat mode:
Delete any Virtua Cop saved game files. Wait at the title screen until the game logos begin to appear. Hold C and press Up, Down, Left, Rightat the Sega logo. A gunshot will confirm this part of the code. Hold C and press Down, Up, Right, Left, Up(2), Left, Right at the AM2 logo. Another gunshot will confirm this part of the code. A ranking mode option will be available from the main menu. Six additional difficulty levels, free play, and an options plus selection will appear in the options menu. Select the options plus menu for access to a mirror mode, bookkeeping function, and gun select options.

Gun select/unlimited ammunition:
Enable the "Cheat mode" code and the gun select option under the option plus menu. During game play, pause and use a standard controller to reload once to cycle through the weapons. Use this method to select the special auto-fire weapon with unlimited ammunition

View ending sequence:
Hold B + X + Z controller two on the first stage after the last enemy has appeared but before the Boss arrives. Keep the buttons pressed until the Boss is killed. The ending sequence will start.

End game bonus:
Complete the game in normal mode to access the following options: Ranking Mode (functions as in Virtua Fighter), Free Play (unlimited continues), and Mirror Play (scenery and opponents are flipped horizontally).

Extend name entry time:
Shoot the backspace target twenty times to reset the clock on the name entry screen to 99 seconds.

Display crosshairs with gun:
Note: Sega does not recommend adding or removing controllers from the Saturn's ports while the system is powered on. Begin game play with a standard controller. Pause the game and replace the controller with a light gun. A crosshair will show where the gun is aimed when game play resumes.

Hint: Fight fourth Boss and alternate ending:

Play a game (single or multi-player mode)m going to easy first, normal second, and hard third. After you defeat the Boss in the robot, a helicopter (seen in other levels) will appear. Shoot at the guns, then the window. Once he is defeated, instead of the first level Boss being arrested, the third level Boss is arrested at the building.

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