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3DO Interactive Multiplayer Cheats - Killing Time

Save game bug
The original release of this title may corrupt the save game. This occurs when the game is loading a new section of the mansion and your character moves back into the old section of the mansion and/or walks against one of the walls. Then, multicolored textured polygons may appear from random spots on the sides and top of the screen and stretch to the vanishing point in the center of the screen. These stretched polygons may even completely obscure the screen. If the game is saved while the polygon bug is in effect, it will be retained in the save game. Some corrupted save games may lock up the game when loaded.

If you stop moving when a new section of the mansion is being loaded, the bug will not occur. As an added precaution, use multiple saved games.

The The 3DO Company should be contacted to arrange a trade-in for a corrected version of the game. Another solution to the problem is to use the option to fix the corrupted file available on the The 3DO Game Guru list of Killing Time items.

Cheat mode
To enter cheat mode, start a new game. Games in progress cannot use the code. On the "Player's Name" screen enter ".EVORGRAH" (Professor Hargrove's name spelled backwards). Note that the period (.) is the first character in the code. Select a difficulty level, highlight "OK" and press A. The sound of a harp will confirm correct entry of the code. The cheat mode will stay active until the 3DO is reset.

After entering the code, you can enter many options in the name box using the following password key. The password is made up of two periods, the starting location code, and any other options from the list below. For example:  ..AT123ABCIQ   will start the game in the Attic with three winged vessels, three keys, invincibility, and map coordinates.

Starting locations: The game will start in the corresponding room at 50% health, a pistol, and 30 rounds of ammuntion, unless you specify other options.

..W1  Assyrian Experience: Go East
..A4  Attic Intro: Curse Of Matinicus
..AT  Attic Memories: Short But Sweet
..BL  Ballroom: Ghostclock
..A5  Bloodclock Hunting
..U2  Bonus Blast: The Roaring Twenties
..LB  Byron's Library: Spines Without Pages
..E1  Circus Mortus
..U3  Cleaning Your Clock
..E2  Columns Of Seth
..CY  Conway Courtyard: Duck And Cover
..SW  Dankmosphere
..A3  Darkling Attic: Atum's Nightfall
..DN  Dining Room: Lingering Guests
..WW  Egyptian Switches
..W4  Elevator Shoes
..L1  Gangster U: A Hardcover To Look Up
..GH  Great Hall: Robert's Welcome
..A1  Hargrove's Storeroom: Split Level
..S3  Have a Ball
..H1  Hedge Your Bets
..KT  Hell's Kitchen: Chef's Night Out
..W5  Hopscotch On The Rocks
..A2  Losing Your Ka
..WC  Lydia's Mummy Dearest
..UW  Maids In The Shade
..S2  Necropolis
..H3  Old Foundations: Tess's Secret Path
..C1  Outer Patio: Invitation To Death
..K2  Pleased To Meat You
..E3  Pyramid Of Pain: Osiris Hunting
..W2  Pyroglyphics
..U4  Room Service 4 Tess
..S1  Sewer Rats
..LG  Tess's Lounge: Supporting Rolls
..EW  Tess's Temple
..TR  Tess's Room: Who Dunnit?
..A6  Time2Die
..H2  Tommygun Garden: Don't Get Clipped
..UH  Upper Hall: Flapper's Palace

Winged vessels:
A - 8x Damage - (gem 3 on right wing)
B - Invunerable - (gem 10 on right wing)
C - 200% Health - (gem 9 on right wing)
E - Map Hazards - (gem 6 on right wing)
H - Auto Map - (gem 4 on right wing)
L - Invisibility - (gem 7 on right wing)
M - Map Secrets - (gem 8 on right wing)
N - Map Loot - (gem 2 on right wing)
R - Genocide Bomb - (gem 1 on right wing)
Y - Unlimited Ammo - (gem 5 on right wing)

0 - Gem 2 on left wing
1 - Gem 3 on left wing
2 - Gem 6 on left wing
3 - Gem 4 on left wing
4 - Gem 10 on left wing
5 - Gem 9 on left wing
6 - Gem 8 on left wing
7 - Gem 7 on left wing
8 - Gem 5 on left wing
9 - Gem 1 on left wing

I --- Invincibility.
Q --- Map coordinates *See Below*
V or X --- 100% health.
W --- 75% health.

Map Coordinates
o  The coordinates are displayed as "USER: 000, 000, 000, 000, 000.
o  The first number is the player's X (left to right) coordinate on the map.
o  The third number is the players Y (up to down) coordinate on the map.
o  The fourth number is the horizontal direction the player is facing from 0 to 255, with 0 being "East".

o  The fifth number is the vertical direction the player is looking.

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