Monday, September 5, 2016

Playstation Vita Cheats - The Hungry Horde

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
30 Down 120 to go (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete 30 objectives
50 shades of green (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock every zombie character sticker
60 Down 90 to go (Silver Trophy) --- Complete 60 objectives
And I would walk 500 more (Silver Trophy) --- Pass 1000 checkpoints
Born again victim (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill Ruben Rainbow 99 times
CHUUUUUNE! (Bronze Trophy) --- Use the ghetto blaster 200 times
Clocked it! (Bronze Trophy) --- Beat all rounds of Infection
Coconut dodge (Bronze Trophy) --- Get to 3 minutes on Pacifist Island without collecting a single coconut.
Diploma! (Bronze Trophy) --- Eat 11111 Brains
Doctor's Orders (Bronze Trophy) --- Take once a day for a week
Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night Fever (Bronze Trophy) --- You're the life and soul of the party.
Global Outbreak (Gold Trophy) --- Recruit your 10000th zombie
Got, Got, Got, Gah! (Bronze Trophy) --- Get the exact same sticker 3 times
Got. Got. Need. (Silver Trophy) --- Fill 50% of the stickerbook
Gotta' get em all (Gold Trophy) --- Fill the Stickerbook
Hardcore! (Bronze Trophy) --- Beat the first three rounds of Infection without using any powerups.
I would walk 500 miles (Bronze Trophy) --- Pass 500 checkpoints
I'm a Zombie. Get me out of here! (Bronze Trophy) --- Survive 180 seconds on Pacifist Island
I've always got time to play (Bronze Trophy) --- In a single playthrough, play each of the spawned minigames at least once.
Livin' On A Prayer (Silver Trophy) --- Recruit your 5000th zombie
Look mom! I'm famous (Bronze Trophy) --- Use the character creator to make a custom character
Lucky For Some (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 13 humans with a single grab
Mapmatician (Bronze Trophy) --- See every area in the game
mmm...brains (Bronze Trophy) --- Recruit your first zombie
Not the boss of me! (Bronze Trophy) --- Beat the tank 3 times in a single play
Pandemic (Bronze Trophy) --- Infect 10000 red cells in infection
PARTAAAAY! (Bronze Trophy) --- Make a conga line at least 25 zombies long and keep dancing for 90 seconds
Platinum Horde (Platinum Trophy) --- Get all the other trophies
Prestigious (Gold Trophy) --- Complete all 150 objectives
Ready for Gorefare (Bronze Trophy) --- Fully upgrade all weapons in Zombat
Still Alive (Bronze Trophy) --- Stay alive for at least 3:33 in cabinet view on Zombat
Supervirus (Gold Trophy) --- Collect 5000 mutagens
That's what happens when you ruin my vacation! (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 4 attackers with a single, well placed mine in Pacifist Island
This is madness! (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 300 humans with grab
Tick tick tick boom (Bronze Trophy) --- Keep the air-raid siren going for at least 40 seconds
Velocity 2X (Bronze Trophy) --- Keep running for at least 15 seconds in Pacifist Island
What Gordon says, goes! (Bronze Trophy) --- Beat level 15 in a game of Gordon
Who wins in a fight between plants and zombies? (Bronze Trophy) --- Destroy 1000 flowers

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Credit where it's due! (Bronze Trophy) --- Play the game on Credits Island
Fiddler (Bronze Trophy) --- Impatience is a virtue
Gameception (Silver Trophy) --- Play the game, in a game, in a game
Lazy Developer (Bronze Trophy) --- err... you played the game... WELL DONE!!!
Super Developer Trophy (Silver Trophy) --- AWESOMESAUCE! You checked out everything there is to check out

DLC Trophies - Holiday Hijinx
To unlock the following Holiday Hijinx DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Casually Hardcore (Silver Trophy) --- Max out each minigame at least once
Caught Peeking (Bronze Trophy) --- Get a combo of at least 6 on Holiday Hijinx
Elf and safety (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill 99 elves
From dusk 'til dawn of the dead (Silver Trophy) --- Survive 5 days and nights
Jack Frost (Bronze Trophy) --- Destroy 15 snowmen in a single run
Jingle Balls (Bronze Trophy) --- Push 10 snowballs
On the Naughty List (Bronze Trophy) --- Got to round 8 of Holiday Hijinx. You didn't cheat did you?
Tinsel Town (Silver Trophy) --- Celebrate a golden "HOLIDAY"

Secret DLC Trophies - Holiday Hijinx
To unlock the following Secret Holiday Hijinx DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Santa's Sleigher (Bronze Trophy) --- OMG! YOU KILLED SANTA. HOW COULD YOU?! YOU MONSTER!

Snow Joke (Bronze Trophy) --- Push a snowball around until it breaks

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