Thursday, December 1, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Nom Nom Galaxy

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Quaint Little Bistro (Silver Trophy) --- Unlock the third Gravlock
Advanced Cookery Diploma (Silver Trophy) --- Unlock 40 Astro Pins
Basic Hygiene Certificate (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock 10 Astro Pins
Brigade de Cuisine (Silver Trophy) --- Earn a medal in 5 co-op challenges
Chef de Cuisine (Gold Trophy) --- Discover 100 different flavours of soup
Commis Chef (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete the tutorials
Country Pub (Silver Trophy) --- Unlock the second Gravlock
Culinary Arts Award (Gold Trophy) --- Unlock All Astro Pins
Culinary Perfection (Gold Trophy) --- Achieve an Elite medal in any Challenge
Delivery Boy (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete 5 days in other players games
Dining Al Fresco (Bronze Trophy) --- Eat 10 different ingredients
Double Eleven (Bronze Trophy) --- Play the game at 11:11
Escuelerie (Bronze Trophy) --- Earn a medal in 5 Challenges
Food Science (Silver Trophy) --- Unlock all available upgrades
It's Time To Cook Soup and Chew Gum (Bronze Trophy) --- Chew 5 Galactic Gums at once
Local Takeaway (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock the first Gravlock
Master Chef (Platinum Trophy) --- Congratulations!
Mobile Catering (Silver Trophy) --- Earn a medal in all Challenge types
Potager (Gold Trophy) --- Earn a medal in 20 Challenges
Primordial Soup (Bronze Trophy) --- Blend and ship your first soup
Souperseded (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat your first rival soup company
Sous-chef de Cuisine (Silver Trophy) --- Discover 50 different flavours of soup
Super Astro Bros! (Bronze Trophy) --- Use the Hopper EX to kill a Shroomba
The Favoured Flavour (Silver Trophy) --- Create and ship the legendary 'Nutrient Nova' soup
The Great Business Soup Off (Gold Trophy) --- Defeat all rival soup companies in the campaign
The Kitchen Of The Future! (Silver Trophy) --- Create a factory with every type of robot
The Tenderiser (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat 5 Queens
Tournant (Silver Trophy) --- Earn a medal in 10 Challenges
Variety Is The Spice Of Life (Silver Trophy) --- Create a factory with 5 soup machines that do not use any of the same ingredients
Would You Like To Supersize That? (Silver Trophy) --- Create a 100 piece factory in Conquest or S.O.O.P. Sim
Yes Chef! (Silver Trophy) --- Help ship 100 cans of soup for other players

You Can't Put A Price On Taste (Silver Trophy) --- Spend over 100,000 gold

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