Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Iron Man/X-O Manowar In Heavy Metal

Full life, Armor, Weapon, Bust and Last Level
To warp to the final battle with full life and all weapons and armor, enter one of these passwords:

One player:

Two players:

To return to the "PRESS START" screen, when playing press and hold Start, A, B and C.


Full armor, boost, weapons, and 99 lives:
Enter C04A7707777777777777777777 as a password for the one player end level. Enter C02A77X7777777777777777777 as a password for the two player end level.

In-game reset:
Hold Start + A + B + C during game play to return to the "Press Start" screen.

One-on-one Boss battles:
To start off a boss stage, you must enter one of the following passwords.

Battle 1: Melter

Battle 2: General Krytos and Cosmic Cube
C04A770777777 7777777777777

Level Passwords:
Level --- Name --- Password
2 --- Stark Enterprises --- JA72JJGPAGATT-G6CAAATAAAAHJ
3 --- Retake New York City --- TAL2JJGPJCATT-G6CAAATAAAACJ
4 --- Dromak Base Assault --- 7AJ6JJGQ4CATT-G6CAAATAAAAAJ
5 --- Assault On Zola's Castle --- PCC6HJGPHGATT-G6CAAATAAAACJ
6 --- Alien Dig; The Cosmic Cube --- 0C7HJJGQ2GA12-GOGAAATAAAACJ

7 --- Board Dromak Ship --- 6CC7JJOPHGATT-G6CAAATAAAAAJ

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