Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - King of Fighters '95

Play as the Bosses
To play as the bosses, choose "Team Edit" at the Character Selection screen. Now hold Start and press Up + Y, Right + A, Left + X, Down + B.

Uncensored Mode
To restore the missing blood and animation, do this. When the demo is running in shrunken mode, press X + B on controller one and Y + A on Controller Two at the same time, then press Start.


Fight as Bosses:
Hold Start and press Up + Y, Right + A, Left + X, Down + B in the team edit screen. Omega Rugal and Saisyu Kusanagi will be available for selection.

Alternate Bosses code:
Finish the game in team mode. Enter the character selection screen. Highlight the "Yes" selection on the team edit option, hold L + R, and pressUp, Down, Up.

Quick select:
Hold L or R at the character selection screen, highlight either the "Yes" or "No" option and press any button. Characters from the last team used will be automatically re-selected.

Blood mode:
Simultaneously press X + B on controller one and Y + A on controller two, then press Start when the "shrunken" demonstration sequence is being displayed.

Random character selection:
Press L + R when choosing the "No" option for editing your team.

Control menu:
Press Start to pause a match and press A or C to display a control menu. Press Left or Right to choose an alternate setting.

Special KO:
Defeat King or Yuri with a special move or desperation in any round. They will fall partially undressed.

Now loading image of Kyo:

When the game boots, Kyo's picture will randomly appear.

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