Monday, October 23, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Last Bronx

Alternate Colors
Press C when selecting a character to change your appearance.

Anime Ending
To view the anime ending, beat the game in SATURN mode with every character, including Redeye. Each character's anime ending should be added to the movie select screen.

Character Taunts
For your character to perform a taunt in the match, press the A button rapidly. After about 10 times your character will make a funny taunt. This can be done as many time s as you want.

Faster Credits
Hold A+B+C before the credits scroll.

Fight Grey
To fight Grey in Arcade Mode set all Options settings to DEFAULT then start a new game in Arcade Mode. If you can beat the first 8 battles with more PERFECTS than DEFEATS, Grey will appear after Stage 8.

More Difficulty Settings
Load the game at least 15 times to access Defense, Berserk, and Judo difficulty levels on the options screen.

Taunt Select
Hold A, B or C after winning to choose your ending taunt.


Alternate costume:
Press C to choose a fighter at the character selection screen.

Winning pose select:
Hold A, B, or C to select one of your character's taunts to over ride the default.

Extra difficulty levels:
Load the game at least fifteen times to access the "Defense", "Beserk", and "Judo" difficulty levels on the options screen.

Fast credit display:
Hold A + B + C while the credits are displayed.

Ring out:
Press A + B + C + R after jumping on the arena's fence.

Fight as Redeye (Japanese version):
Start the Training disc and enter the character introduction option. (Press Down twice from the top of the options and press A.) View each of the introductions for all of the characters. View Redeye's introduction after it becomes accessible. Turn off the Saturn and load the Arcade disc. Press Up to move the pointer off the character selection screen to choose Redeye.

Fight as Redeye (North American version):
Complete Saturn Mode with every character. Then, select any mode, highlight Joe or Yusaku, press Up, and press A or C.

Fight against Grey:
Set all options settings to their default settings and begin a new arcade mode game. Complete the first eight matches with more perfect endings than defeats. Grey will appear in the next match.

Fight against your "shadow":
Complete game play in any mode under 10 minutes to fight a black non-textured version of your character.

Random fighter:
Select "Watch" mode. Press A + B + C when selecting a character.

Bonus weapons:
Complete the game in arcade mode, with default settings, and arcade difficulty without losing a match or using any continues. For the Japanese version of the game, exceed 900 moves on the Training disc. Highlight a character and press Left (for fighters on the left side of the screen) or Right (for characters on the right side of the screen) when selecting a fighter.

Character portraits:
Successfully complete the game under the normal, hard, and arcade difficulty setting without losing to an opponent to unlock the three sets of portraits for each character.


Successfully complete the game in Saturn mode to unlock a movie of your character and archenemy. Press A or C to watch the movie or B to return to the movie selection screen.

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