Monday, October 16, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - King of Fighters '96

Play as Bosses
To play as the bosses, choose "Team Edit" at the Character Selection screen. Now hold Start and press Up + Y, Right + A, Left + X, Down + B.

Play as Chizuru and Goenitz
At the character selection screen, hold Start and press Up, Y, Right, A, Left, X, Down, B.

Run Backward
After your character dashes forward, immediately press Up-Left, then Forward (don't release). You should see your character run backward.

Special story
Choose Chizuru, Iori and Kyo and you should able to see a special story.


Fight as Bosses:
Hold Start and press Up + Y, Right + A, Left + X, Down + B at the character selection screen (in any mode except Survivor). Chizuru Kagura will be selectable to the right of Clark and Goenitz will be to the left of Athena. Also, two secret teams (God's Caliber Team and Goenitz Team) will be available.

Backwards run:
Dash forward, then immediately press Up/Left, and hold Toward.

Demo select:
Play a team play mode game and finish without losing a match on any difficulty setting. Save your game, and enter the options menu. A new option labeled "Demo Select" will appear under "Exit". Use this option to view either intermission or ending of any team with which you have completed the game. Note: You cannot play a previously saved game to get a demo.

Disable survivor mode:
Press Start on controller two at the mode select screen.

Game save:

Allow the continue time to expire after losing a match. You will be prompted to save your battle. Note: Only one saved game is allowed at one time in Team Play and Single Play modes.

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