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Playstation Vita Cheats - Nuclear Throne

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Bandit Stopper (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat Big Bandit.
Blood Blood Blood (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach the Nuclear Throne in under 10 minutes as Plant.
Chicken Unlocked (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach 5-?
Crown Life (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock a Crown as any character.
Crystal Can Roll (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach 4-? as Crystal.
Dog Owner (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat Big Dog.
Everything Hurts (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach the Nuclear Throne with Melting without choosing Rhino Skin or Strong Spirit.
Eyes Unlocked (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach 2-1.
Fish Can Roll (Bronze Trophy) --- Loop as every character.
Good Find (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock a Golden Weapon as any character.
Hunter Killer (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat Lil Hunter.
It's Not Fair, It's Not Right (Platinum Trophy) --- Completed Every Challenge We Could Think Of In Nuclear Throne.
Melting Unlocked (Bronze Trophy) --- Die.
MMMMMMHMMM! (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach 2-? as Eyes.
Not Bad (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach 7-3 on a Daily
Plant Unlocked (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach 3-1.
Robot Unlocked (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach 5-1.
Rogue Unlocked (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach the Nuclear Throne.
Steroids Unlocked (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach 6-1.
The Struggle Continues (Gold Trophy) --- Loop the game.
Ultra Mutant (Gold Trophy) --- Get 100% of the unlocks.
Ultra Time (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach Level Ultra as any character.
Vault Raider (Silver Trophy) --- Unlock all Crowns as one character.
Verified (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock a Golden Weapon for every character.
Y.V. Unlocked (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach 3-?.

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
6e 69 63 65 (Bronze Trophy) --- Eat a Hyper Weapon as Robot.
Advanced Sitter (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat Throne II.
Crystal Smasher (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat Hyper Crystal.
Forget The Old Days (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Mom as Rebel.
Frog Slayer (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat Mom.
Frog Zone (Bronze Trophy) --- Play as Frog.
Go Hard (Silver Trophy) --- Unlock Hard Mode.
Good Riddance (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock a Golden Disc Gun or Golden Nuke Launcher.
Horror Unlocked (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Horror.
Impossible (Bronze Trophy) --- Sit on the Nuclear Throne as headless Chicken.
Never Look Back (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Captain as Rogue.
Rebel Unlocked (Bronze Trophy) --- Loop past the Nuclear Throne.
Science (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat the Technomancer as Steroids
Sincere Apologies (Bronze Trophy) --- We hereby sincerely apologize.
Techno Killer (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat the Technomancer.
The Struggle Is Over (Gold Trophy) --- Defeat Captain.
Thriller (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Hyper Crystal as Horror.
Throne Sitter (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat the Nuclear Throne.
Unstoppable (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach Level Ultra as Skeleton
Way Of The Chicken (Bronze Trophy) --- Reach 2-1 on Hard Mode as Chicken.

Good Find - Achievement Guide
Enter the golden car with a "screwdriver" in level 3-1 to advance to level 3-?. Find the chest containing the golden weapon. Collect it, then complete the level.

Sincere Apologies. - Achievement Guide
Find the Disc Gun then shoot it against a wall to kill yourself.

Y.V. Unlocked - Achievement Guide
One of the red cars in level 3-1 is golden. Hit it with a "screwdriver", then enter the car.

Horror Unlocked - Achievement or Trophy Guide

Skip a large radiation canister and Horror should appear in the following level. A Large radiation canister will only appear in the level after a regular radiation canister is skipped.

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