Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Playstation Vita Cheats - OZMAFIA!! -vivace-

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Get All Trophies (Platinum) --- Get All Trophies.

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Amazing Grace (Silver) --- After Episode "Amazing Grace" watched.
Andantino (Bronze) --- Robin Hood's Andantino route cleared.
Andersen (Bronze) --- Andersen's route cleared.
Beast (Bronze) --- Caramia's Beast route cleared.
Beautiful lady (Bronze) --- Oscar Wilde's Beautiful lady route cleared.
Berserker (Bronze) --- Caramia's Berserker route cleared.
Black (Bronze) --- Caesar's Black route cleared.
Boss (Bronze) --- Caramia's Boss route cleared.
Brain (Bronze) --- Kyrie's Brain route cleared.
BRAIN-less (Silver) --- After Episode "BRAIN-less" watched.
Brave (Bronze) --- Caramia's Brave route cleared.
BRAVE-less (Silver) --- After Episode "BRAVE-less" watched.
Caporegime (Bronze) --- Axel's Caporegime route cleared.
Chivalry (Bronze) --- Pashet's Chivalry route cleared.
Clear Grand Finale (Gold) --- Cleared Grand Finale.
Clear Oz Family (Bronze) --- Oz Family cleared.
Confectionery (Bronze) --- Pashet's Confectionery route cleared.
Consigliere (Bronze) --- Kyrie's Consigliere route cleared.
Cosmos (Silver) --- After Episode "Cosmos" watched.
Crotchet Rest (Silver) --- After Episode "Crotchet Rest" watched.
Crush (Bronze) --- Axel's Crush route cleared.
Dreaming Being with You (Silver) --- After Episode "Dreaming Being with You" watched.
Faith (Bronze) --- Scarlet's Faith route cleared.
Fermata (Bronze) --- Robin Hood's Fermata route cleared.
Guilt (Bronze) --- Hameln's Guilt route cleared.
Hansel & Gretel (Bronze) --- Hansel's & Gretel route cleared.
Headway (Bronze) --- Kyrie's Headway route cleared.
Heart (Bronze) --- Axel's Heart route cleared.
HEART-less (Silver) --- After Episode "HEART-less" watched.
Heidi (Bronze) --- Heidi's route cleared.
Hermit (Silver) --- After Episode "Hermit" watched.
Innocence (Bronze) --- Hameln's Innocence route cleared.
Khronos (Silver) --- After Episode "Khronos" watched.
March Heroic (Silver) --- After Episode "March Heroic" watched.
Meteor (Bronze) --- Axel's Meteor route cleared.
Obtain All CGs (Gold) --- Saw all the illustrations.
Path (Bronze) --- Scarlet's Path route cleared.
Phantom (Bronze) --- So's Phantom route cleared.
Pride (Bronze) --- Kyrie's Pride route cleared.
Protection (Bronze) --- So's Protection route cleared.
Queen (Bronze) --- Oscar Wilde's Queen route cleared.
Regulus (Silver) --- After Episode "Regulus" watched.
White (Bronze) --- Caesar's White route cleared.
White Clover (Silver) --- After Episode "White Clover" watched.
White Wolf (Silver) --- After Episode "White Wolf" watched.
Words are Worth (Silver) --- After Episode "Words are Worth" watched.

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