Thursday, January 12, 2017

Xbox One Cheats - ScreamRide

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
3, 2, 1 (10 GP) --- Demo Expert: Launch 500 cabins
AAAAARRRRGGGHHH! (35 GP) --- Generate a total Scream Rating of over 250,000,000 in the campaign
All Day, 'Ery Day (100 GP) --- 100% all Campaign levels
Boomshakalaka (20 GP) --- Demo Expert: Cause 20+ explosions in a campaign level.
Bulk, Smash! (35 GP) --- Demo Expert: Gain a Scream Rating total of 100,000,000
Crushed It (20 GP) --- Demo Expert: Launch a cabin over 500m
Dayum Dayum Dayum (10 GP) --- Demo Expert: Cause over 1,800,000 damage in a campaign level
Demolition Wo/Man (35 GP) --- Complete all Demolition Expert levels
Demolitions Graduate (5 GP) --- Complete the First Demolitions Expert level
Don't, Look, Down (15 GP) --- Engineer: Build a coaster with a drop height of 190m
Engineer (35 GP) --- Complete all Engineer levels
Engineer Graduate (5 GP) --- Complete the First Engineer level
Get Outta Here! (20 GP) --- Engineer: Eject 500 riders
He's On Fire (20 GP) --- Demo Expert: Pass through 100 hoops
I Hope You Have Insurance (5 GP) --- ScreamRider: Crash a coaster
It's GOOD (5 GP) --- Demo Expert: Send a car or cabin through a goal post.
Laying Track (15 GP) --- Engineer: Place down 10km of track
Manual Labor (25 GP) --- ScreamRider: Spend 20 consecutive seconds on two wheels
Nothing but Net (5 GP) --- Demo Expert: Launch a coaster car more than 300m
Perfecto (25 GP) --- ScreamRider: Get 1,000 Perfects
Ready, Eddy, Go (5 GP) --- ScreamRider: Get a Perfect start
Rodney! (25 GP) --- ScreamRider: Spend a total of 30 minutes on two wheels
Safe Landing (15 GP) --- ScreamRider: Get 25 Perfect landings
Screamer (35 GP) --- Complete all ScreamRider levels
ScreamRider Graduate (5 GP) --- Complete the First ScreamRider level
Series 1 Complete (30 GP) --- Complete Series 1
Series 2 Complete (30 GP) --- Complete Series 2
Series 3 Complete (30 GP) --- Complete Series 3
Series 4 Complete (30 GP) --- Complete Series 4
Series 5 Complete (30 GP) --- Complete Series 5

Series 6 Complete (30 GP) --- Complete Series 6

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