Monday, January 30, 2017

Xbox One Cheats - Spectra: 8bit Racing

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Arithmomania (5 GP) --- Check out your stats.
Aurora Borealis (10 GP) --- Complete track 05 on any difficulty.
Beyond The Cosmos (10 GP) --- Complete track 07 on any difficulty.
Completionist (100 GP) --- Complete all tracks on both difficulty settings.
Evolution (10 GP) --- Complete track 06 on any difficulty.
Forged In Stars (10 GP) --- Complete track 03 on any difficulty.
Greedy (50 GP) --- Collect a total of 10 000 Pickups.
Hardcore! (50 GP) --- Complete any track on Hardcore difficulity.
I Can Fly (30 GP) --- Cash in an Air bonus while maintaining a Score Multiplier of 10 or more.
It's Over 9000! (50 GP) --- Get a final score of 9000 or more in a single track.
Just A Scratch (50 GP) --- Complete any track with 100 collisions or more.
K'tching (30 GP) --- Cash in a score buffer of 3000 points or more.
Not Bad (75 GP) --- Get a combined best score of 100 000 or more across all tracks.
Only Human (10 GP) --- Complete track 04 on any difficulty.
Ouch (30 GP) --- Lose a score buffer of 3000 points or more.
Party Time (50 GP) --- Unlock all tracks.
Pedal To The Metal (30 GP) --- Get a score multiplier of 15 or more.
Runner Up (50 GP) --- You will get there one day.
Show-Off (50 GP) --- Complete a track with 50 successful "Nice!" bonuses.
Smooth Sailing (50 GP) --- Complete any track without collisions.
Sonnet (10 GP) --- Complete track 09 on any difficulty.
Spectra (10 GP) --- Complete track 01 on any difficulty.
Spectracular (150 GP) --- Complete all Achievements.
Sunday (10 GP) --- Complete track 10 on any difficulty.
Tokyo Skies (10 GP) --- Complete track 02 on any difficulty.
Veteran (10 GP) --- Complete track 08 on any difficulty.

Waka Waka Waka (50 GP) --- Collect 100 or more Pickups whilst maintaining a score buffer.

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