Sunday, January 29, 2017

Playstation Vita Cheats - Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
:Clean Sweep --- Platinum
200 Demons Down (Silver) --- Discover 200 types of demons.
500 Types of Treasure (Silver) --- Discover 500 types of treasure.
A Festival First (Bronze) --- Unlock your first festival.
Ace of Arts (Bronze) --- Discover your first secret art.
All Work and No Play (Bronze) --- Take 20 months of holiday in total.
Best in Show (Silver) --- Win your first festival contest.
Bred in the Bone (Bronze) --- Pass on the same secret art 10 times.
Bustling Metropolis (Bronze) --- Increase town population to 10,000 people.
Double the Fun (Bronze) --- Unlock your second festival.
Dungeon Master (Silver) --- Visit every labyrinth.
Easy Target (Bronze) --- Have the enemy ambush you 10 times.
Exorcist (Bronze) --- Defeat ten restless spirits.
Five Times the Fun (Bronze) --- Unlock your fifth festival.
Foreign Investor (Bronze) --- Spend ten million ryo in foreign lands.
Four Times the Fun (Bronze) --- Unlock your fourth festival.
Four-Part Harmony (Bronze) --- Have all four party members join forces in a single attack.
Good Listener (Bronze) --- Fight 100 battles following your clan members' counsel.
Grim Determination (Bronze) --- Win a battle lasting 200 turns or more.
High Achiever (Bronze) --- Develop a clan member to the maximum level.
Hire Purpose (Bronze) --- Hire ten mercenaries.
Home-Maker (Bronze) --- Extend clan residence to maximum size.
I Know My Rites (Bronze) --- Perform the Rite of Divine Union 100 times.
Influence Peddler (Bronze) --- Make 5 clan members into ujigami.
Millenniwham! (Silver) --- Inflict 1000 or more damage in a single blow.
Money Money Money (Bronze) --- Save up more than 2 million ryo.
Near-Death Experience (Bronze) --- Survive a combined secret art strike from an enemy.
On the Ball (Bronze) --- Use a summoning ball 100 times.
Oni the Strong Survive (Bronze) --- Defeat 10,000 demons.
Open-Door Policy (Bronze) --- Adopt ten new clan members.
Passing the Torch (Bronze) --- Change clan leaders for the first time.
Pride and Joy (Bronze) --- Pass on the same heirloom 10 times.
Property Developer (Bronze) --- Develop a single establishment type to its maximum size.
Seasoned Traveler (Bronze) --- Embark on 50 expeditions.
Seasoned Veteran (Bronze) --- Fight 1000 battles.
Spoilsport (Bronze) --- Stop enemies from joining forces 50 times.
Spread the Love (Bronze) --- Perform ten betrothals.
Springle-Minded (Bronze) --- Bathe in the hot springs 50 times.
Stoatal Eclipse (Bronze) --- Have Kochin jump in to protect your captain.
Surpriise! (Bronze) --- Ambush the enemy 200 times.
Three's a Crowd (Bronze) --- Perform a secret art with three party members joining forces.
Tournamentalist (Bronze) --- Win ten tourneys.
Triple the Fun (Bronze) --- Unlock your third festival.
Turn of the Century (Gold) --- Play for 100 years after the clan's resurrection.
Weaselly Swayed (Bronze) --- Follow Kochin's plan 24 times.

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Happy, Happy Hiruko (secret) (Gold) --- Make Taishoten Hiruko's dream come true by having her transmigrate.
The Clan that Can (secret) (Silver) --- Make the clan's greatest wishes come true.
Unhappy Ending (secret) (Gold) --- Attempt Nueko's End for the first time.

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