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Playstation 4 Cheats - Styx: Master Of Shadows

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Akenash's Atrium (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish Mission 1
All the trophies (Platinum Trophy) --- Unlock all trophies
Army of clones (Bronze Trophy) --- Create 30 clones
Born in the shadow (Bronze Trophy) --- Extinguish 30 torches
Conflagration (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish Mission 6
Deliverance (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish Mission 3
Dodge this (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill an enemy who was bound by a clone
Expendable (Bronze Trophy) --- Let 15 clones die
Goblin snack (Bronze Trophy) --- Give an orc one of your clones to eat
Goblin-tossing (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill an enemy with an aerial kill
Great power... (Gold Trophy) --- Unlock all skills
Indigestion (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill an enemy by poisoning the food
Like looking through a wall (Silver Trophy) --- Manage to disable three guards, or more, inside a clone's smoke bomb
Master key (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish Mission 2
My precious (Gold Trophy) --- Gather all the treasures
Passkey (Bronze Trophy) --- Unlock 20 doors
Pretentious (Silver Trophy) --- Do not use any item during a mission
Reminiscences (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish the introduction
Sticky-fingered (Gold Trophy) --- Pick pocket 15 guards
Suicide mission (Silver Trophy) --- Eliminate a guard with a booby trapped clone
The architect (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish Mission 5
The creator (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish Mission 4
Tidy up your room! (Bronze Trophy) --- No body found during a mission
Unquenched thirst (Bronze Trophy) --- Drink 20 vials of amber
Unseen, unknown (Gold Trophy) --- Unlock the Insignia of the Shadow for each mission
Watch out below! (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill two or more enemies by making a chandelier drop on them
Wrong turn (Bronze Trophy) --- Kill an enemy with a covered kill

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Dose of his own medicine (Silver Trophy) --- Kill a torturer in a duel
Music Lover (Bronze Trophy) --- You looked at the World Tree a bit too long ...
Outstanding duelist (Silver Trophy) --- Kill 20 enemies in duel
Renaissance (Gold Trophy) --- Finish Mission 7
Serial killer (Silver Trophy) --- Eliminate 200 enemies
Sharpshooter (Silver Trophy) --- Kill more than 40 guards with throwing knives
Sudden silence... (Silver Trophy) --- Kill 50 enemies without making noise

Dose of his own medicine - Achievement / Trophy Guide
The first torturer is encountered in the first part of "Deliverance". Find the wooden well. The torturer will be on the stairs next to it, wearing a black robe and wielding a large knife. Duel him and win.

Great power... - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Regardless of difficulty setting, every secondary objectives must be completed and all insignias must be unlocked in order to gain enough experience points to unlock all skills.

Music Lover - Achievement / Trophy Guide
At the beginning of the game, during the intro "Reminiscences" 1/3, get your dagger, then pass the door. Climb onto the second platform, then look at the world tree and wait for two minutes for the song.

Unseen, unknown - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Save very often as you progress through the game undetected. If you get spotted, reload the last saved game. Note: If you do not have the Insignia of the Shadow after a few missions, return to them later through the "Replay Mission" menu at your hideout. Note: If attempting a 100% completion, consider doing all the Insignia attempts (stealth, no kill, no alert, speedrun) at the same time. You will need all insignia skill points as well as every objective to get enough points to purchase all the skills. It is easier to kill everything and collect all the tokens during your first run, then complete a full insignia run on the same level immediately following.

Like looking through a wall - Achievement / Trophy Guide
In order to do this achievement, you need to do the following: spawn a copy, make sure you have enough ember to use it's smoke bomb power, run into a group of 3 or more guards, use the clone's smoke bomb power. And the achievement is yours!

My precious - Achievement / Trophy Guide

You actually get this for collecting all 8 RELICS, not the 100+ "treasures" of the game. A little confusing.

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