Saturday, April 15, 2017

SNK Neo Geo Cheats - King of Fighters 2000

Alt Colours:
Press C+D while selecting Benimaru, Choi, K', Kensuu, Kyo, Mai, Mary, Terry, or Whip

Unlock Kula:
Highlight Whip followed by, Vanessa, Seth, Maxima, K' then highlight the roulette icon (?) and press START, press UP then DOWN

Win Pose:
After winning a match, hit any button to pick win poses

Kyo and Iori team ending:
Beat the game with Kyo, Iori, and 2 other characters besides Kula (no roulette)


Fight as Kula Diamond:
Highlight Whip at the character selection screen and press Start. Highlight Vanessa and press Start. Highlight Seth and press Start. Highlight Maxima and press Start. Highlight K' and press Start. Highlight the "?" icon and press Start. Then, press Up, Down. Kula Diamond will appear below the "?" icon.

Maniac Strikers:
Select Chang, Choi, Iori, Kula, Ryo, Ramon, or Kyo as a character. Highlight the "Another Striker" option at the Striker selection screen, then press Up, Left(3), Right(3), Down. "Another Striker" will change to "Maniac Striker" to confirm correct code entry.

Alternate costumes:
Highlight Benimaru, Choi, K', Kensuu, Kyo, Mai, Mary, Terry, or Whip at the character selection screen, then press C + D.

Select winning pose:

Press A, B, or C after the last attack, before the pose sequence begins. If your character is the losing fighter, press A, B, or C on controller two at this time.

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