Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sega Master System Cheats - Spellcaster

Status --- Password
Izumo --- UUd99ddFGIKOijHK+QasssmC
Attaro --- 0INxxUVWWWY8QT341FNfjlqC
Mt. Miwa --- l5GrDklGKKMsACHIl19TGN7B
Kashima --- h15umXoossuPfhnMNddxkrZD
Shimono --- p9C3PyDEJJLLb9B2WozHm40C
Shimono Sea --- jnrk0WnSXZr-PQwXu0+c7NgD
UnderWater Shrine --- uywJ5Zy9gs8m3f-8c+IjuIUD
Izumo 2 --- DDD7rdt233JNepN28yyZ4I2C
Kumano Shrine --- qqrTzTklJLd9OY-6YoyVfxFD
Kakogen --- CCCqL9NuPZrL8GnQ9DLu8A-C
Mt. Hinokami --- GKUM9fzT22Io5jJ0SIKt8IcC
Pyramid --- uuwoZJemJKdhSV1QGYYDOc6C
UnderWorld --- PPXPwSGS78vj29d4EOeVz3eC

End battle --- mqurMsh2+fSyDJqZ1NmhrxND

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