Tuesday, April 25, 2017

SNK Neo Geo Cheats - Magical Drop III (Also Known As “Magical Drop 3”)

Alt Colours:
Hit B on any character to get their alternate colors.

Hidden Characters:
There are six hidden characters that can be unlocked to be used in challenge mode and against another player. What you need to do is highlight a certain character and press the C button three times within a second. It isn't as bad as you think though, since you can choose which second in the countdown to press the C button three times.
- 20 - Judgment
- 19 - Sun
- 17 - Star
- 15 - Devil
- 13 - Death
- 11 - Justice
- 8 - Strength
- 7 - Chariot
- 6 - Lovers
- 5 - Hierophant
- 4 - Emperor
- 3 - Empress
- 2 - High Priestess
- 1 - Magician
- 0 - Fool

If done correctly you will see the hidden characters appear about a second later. The characters unlocked this way are: Moon, Hanged Man, Hermit, Temperance, Tower, and Fortune. You will also gain 10 seconds to the countdown, which can go up to the max of 20.


Play as Father Strength:

Highlight Strength at the character selection screen, then hold C and press A or B. Note: Two different costumes are available, depending on which button was pressed.

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