Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua

For computer controlled matches, hold L + R on controller one and select Vs. Mode.

Play as Hyper 1 or 2
After beating Hyper 1 or 2 in Arcade mode, select Giant Baba while holding L-shift button to play as Hyper 1 or hold R-shift to play as hyper 2. You can only us Hyper1 or 2 in VS. mode.


Sound test:
Hold L + R on controller two and select single player mode with controller one. Controller two may now be used to start various sounds during game play.

CPU vs. CPU mode:
Hold L + R and select versus mode. Use the buttons on controller one during the match to play sound effects and allow clipping.

Play as Hiroshi Hase:
Begin game play in feature mode and defeat Hiroshi Hase when he appears. His character will now be available in versus mode.

Play as Hyper:
Begin game play under the hard difficulty level and earn 200 points during the first two matches. Alternatively, defeat Hyper 1 or Hyper 2 in arcade mode. Then, hold L and choose Giant Baba at the character selection screen to play as Hyper 1. Hold R and choose Giant Baba at the character selection screen to play as Hyper 2 in versus mode.

Play as Tornado:
Enter the following password in versus mode:


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