Monday, May 1, 2017

Playstation Vita Cheats - Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
100% Pure Cooper (Gold Trophy) --- Complete 100% of the game
Beat Down (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat Octavio
Bentley Plumbing (Bronze Trophy) --- Destroy pumps
Coin Collector (Bronze Trophy) --- Collect 1,000 coins
Digging Up A Bone (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat Muggshot
Dragon Punch (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat Chinese Dragon
Earn Your Stripes (Silver Trophy) --- Complete 50% of the game
Everyone Needs A Foxy Lady (Bronze Trophy) --- Carmelita to the rescue again
Hug It Out (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete Dynamic Duo
I Think She Likes You (Bronze Trophy) --- Ask Penelope for help
Intimate Moments (Bronze Trophy) --- Get close to Carmelita
It's Halloween (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat mask-powered Carmelita
Jump Kick Like A Plumber (Bronze Trophy) --- Purchase Sly Jump Attack 3
Last Call (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish the bar room brawl
Late Sleeper (Bronze Trophy) --- Purchase the Alarm Clock
Loot! (Gold Trophy) --- Collect 2,500 coins
Master Thief (Platinum Trophy) --- Unlock all trophies in Sly Cooper's final outing. . .final? Really?
Mayday, Mayday (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat the Black Baron
Obsessive Raccoon (Gold Trophy) --- Complete 75% of the game
OMG A Flying Turtle! (Gold Trophy) --- Purchase Hover Pack
Penny Pincher (Bronze Trophy) --- Collect 500 coins
Pink Power Murray Fighter (Silver Trophy) --- Purchase Diablo Fire Slam
Raccoon Paraglider (Bronze Trophy) --- Obtain the Paraglider
Romantic Boat Ride (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete the canal boat chase in Venice
Scorpion Cleaner (Bronze Trophy) --- Dump off the truckload of scorpions
Slytankhamen Approved (Bronze Trophy) --- Purchase Shadow Power 2
So Gang What's Next? (Gold Trophy) --- Defeat Dr. M
Taking Out The Trash (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat LeFwee
Tentacle Terror (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat Crusher
The Bends (Bronze Trophy) --- Collect Dimitri's diving gear
The Vault (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete Prologue
True Friendship (Bronze Trophy) --- Slow down Dr. M as Bentley and Murray
Undercover Raccoon (Bronze Trophy) --- Use a Sly disguise in Venice
Unleash The Guru (Bronze Trophy) --- Meet the Guru
Vampire Exterminator (Bronze Trophy) --- Stop the vampires

Whirlwind Of Awsome! (Bronze Trophy) --- Purchase Sly Spin Attack 3

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